Five Tips to Enhance Your HVAC Performance

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Just like all other electrical appliances in the house, your HVAC (Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system wears off with time. It doesn’t remain as energy-efficient as it was the first day, and as a result, homeowners keep encountering increased energy loss and surging bills. The only way out of the situation is to inspect and give it the timely service it needs.

If you, too, are facing deteriorating HVAC performance and high energy expenditure, you might want to start following these tips to bring the much-needed improvement –

  1. Insulate Your Walls

It is quite possible that your HVAC is in a poor state of functioning due to heat loss from walls and windows. This means that the building materials aren’t doing much to maintain a cosy temperature within and letting the cold or hot air easily pour in.

So, the first thing to do to boost the performance of your HVAC is to seal the gaps around and insulating the entire house. A good insulation in your attic and walls has the potential to reduce your heating and cooling costs by approximately twenty percent.

  1. Install a Programmable Thermostat

If you adjust your home’s temperature by a few degrees, you can bring a significant reduction in your monthly heating and cooling bills. Modern thermostats are designed to monitor your household habits and automatically adjust the temperature when members are away or asleep.

However, you must not entirely rely on machine intelligence. Keep an eye to ensure that your thermostat is reading true and accurate. Put a thermometer a few inches away from your thermostat on the wall; that way, you can ensure no temperature difference.

  1. Clean Filters and Coils

HVAC units are typically placed on your roof, basement, or some corner of your yard. And, let us be realistic that these areas are rarely cleaned. As a result, dust and grime keeps accumulating, and the dirty parts inside work harder to achieve the desired level of cooling or heating.

So, to enjoy faster airflow and efficient output from your HVAC system, you must inspect the HVAC filters and vents every month. Clean them carefully (as per the manual guide) or replace them if the need arises.

  1. Call for Motor Repair

HVAC units use motors to move the air. In situations where there is unexpected overheating, inadequate maintenance, or wear out, these motors can break down and bring the entire system to a halt. That is where you need a professional HVAC motor repair profession in the picture.

They identify the actual cause of failure and fix the existing problems. They resort to best motor repair practices for your HVAC and suggest a systematic approach to improving the unit’s efficiency for years to come.

  1. Upgrade Your Equipment

When you decide to replace your HVAC system that is more than ten years old, you are indeed on the right path. Newer HVAC systems are built with modern and upgraded technology, which means you will experience a significant return on your investment.

So, if none of the service and maintenance practices work, you must look out for Energy-Star rated HVAC equipment and start a new journey towards making your home energy-efficient.




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