Hookah and its Dangerous Effects on Health & Body

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Hookah as we all know is very harmful for everybody’s health. In ancient times hookah were only used by old people for smoking but nowadays it has become a modern recreational and activity which is practiced by today’s youth. This has become almost a trend in today’s  life. Hookah in fact is more dangerous than cigarette smoking .Almost every urban area has a hookah lounge in the premises. A hookah is a smoke chamber with a water pipe included in it which is used to cool down the heated tobacco smoke which passes through the a pipe close to the mouthpiece. Hookahs are now available in various flavors which tend to attract the youth and leads to bad consequences.

10. Oral cancer

oral cancer

Hookahs mainly consist of heated tobacco which generates a lot of smoke containing many types of neurotics and carcinogens and harmful elements like nicotine. The risk of oral cancer increases more as the inhalation of smoke from hookah is prolonged and comparatively for a longer period of time than inhalation from cigarettes.  It contains other toxic compounds also like carbon monoxide, metals of higher atomic weight. The water present inside the hookah even does not filter the toxic contents of the heated smoke. A hookah smoker inhales hundred times more smoke then a cigar smoker and becomes more prone to mouth cancer.

9. Heart diseases

heart diseases

We all know smoking is the major reason for the heart diseases .The coronary artery of heart is greatly affected by tobacco and hookah smoking. By this tobacco smoke there are great chances of artery blockage and once this coronary artery is blocked then the risk of heart attack and other heart diseases increases. The heart rate and anxiety increases due to hookah smoking. So it is better to remain away and never let this habit dominate your life.

8. Infectious diseases

infectious diseases

In hookah lounges the hookahs are shared by many people one after the other which may result in spread of infection from one person to another. If one person is suffering from a disease and he uses a hookah which is further used by any other individual then the infection is carried forward easily. The hookahs and their pipes in the lounges are also not cleaned from time to time therefore the use of such pipes can pose a serious threat to health and body of people risking them  to different types of fatal infectious diseases. Even the diseases can be transferred by secondhand smoke from the hookah as well as from its heating source to the nonsmokers and can damage their body. Infectious disease like tuberculosis, asthma may hit the person.

7. Low weight babies.

lowweight babies

There are many cases coming up in which the signs of tobacco are found in pregnant women through the use of modern hookahs. Every young and modern man or woman is involved in such activity as they think this is one of the recreational activities. They keep on neglecting the side effects and dangerous effects of the activity and due to which the present as well the future generation is adversely affected. If tobacco reaches in any form in a mother’s womb then the fetus .The oxygen concentration decreases in mother’s body which can cause future breathing problems for the unborn baby .It can also retard the mental and physical growth of child and results in  comparatively low-weight baby than a normal healthy child

6 .Respiratory diseases

respiratory diseases

Our respiratory system consists of lungs and other filtering mechanisms. Our lungs contain special pores which filter the air we breathe. And if we expose our lungs to the poisonous smoke of the heated tobacco in hookah then the pores called alveoli in the respiratory system of human beings start clogging and the heavy metals start depositing their and the filtering mechanism is thus prohibited . The air breathed in enter our body in the impure form can cause problems in the body. The person can develop other respiratory diseases like asthma also.

5 .Kidney and bladder damage

kidney and bladder damage

According to the various cancer research reports presented by US has shown that most of the chemicals used in hookah smoking are highly toxic and the heavy metals present in them can cause a severe renal damage. This causes an acute fall in the oxygen levels in the body. Due to lack of oxygen in the human body the excretory system in the body involving kidneys and urethra cells which help in filtering body fluids start getting damaged and keep on disappearing and the filtering of the body water is not done properly. The kidney loses its function in the end. And further cancer causing cells start increasing in number rapidly in the kidney and kidney cancer is developed.

4. Decreased fertility

decreased fertility

The intake of hookah smoke has resulted in the decreased fertility in human beings. The smoke containing heavy metals like chromium, cobalt lead etc restrain the growth of enzymes in the human body resulting in further lower rate production of reproductive cells in human body. For instance, in men the sperm production rate is decreased and even the mobility of sperms is decreased. The life span of the reproductive enzymes is reduced which further result in the underdeveloped offspring and they can further have genetic complications. These complications may badly affect the child and he may not be able to lead a normal and healthy life.

3 .Physical and psychological upset

physical and psychological upset

As we all know smoking can’t let a person remain happy in any way. Because of hookah smoking many changes physical as well as psychological changes occur like the people increased ageing and their strength and energy level gets decreased and consequently they lose their interest in work and do not try to do things with new hope and vigor. Blood pressure is also said to get affected by such practice. Blood pressure becomes high increasing the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Hookah smokers tend to have other diseases also like cataract because large amount of smoke intake causes degeneration and loss of eyesight. The skin also gets heavily affected as it starts losing vitamin A and getting more and paler and wrinkles appear on the face and body skin.

2. Arteries blockages

arteries blockage

Arteries are a very important part of our human body. These are the blood vessels of our body which carry oxygenated from the heart to the different parts of the body. Because of these arteries every  part of our body is able to get filtered blood. But when any person gets addicted to hookah then the lining of the arteries start getting damaged. This phenomenon starts attracting diseases, especially affecting cells and arteries which get prone to a disease named arteriosclerosis which affects the volume of blood supplied to kidneys and other parts of the body causing cardiovascular diseases resulting in more artery damage. When the body cells do not get enough oxygen through insufficient volume of blood, the cells of the body start getting subjected to other chronic diseases.

1. Addiction


 We are our own masters .We can control everything that is going in our lives. People sometimes opt for wrong habits like hookah smoking. Once people start practicing this, they badly get used to this and they cannot get easily rid of this routine. Nicotine in tobacco smoke reaches the brain in very less time making this addiction more acute. After this people start feeling depressed, uncomfortable and experience more headaches and body pain, loss of interest in work and other symptoms such as fatigue and tiredness. And the main concern is even after facing so much difficulty, they find themselves helpless when it comes to leave this habit which further tends to damage their health and body. So today’s youth should understand the risks of the intake of such poisonous things and instead of wasting their time , money, strength on such futile things they should do good things in life which will benefit all.So give up hookah smoking and contribute towards the nation’s good.



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