Importance Of Shielding In An Electronic Device

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Electric devices are complex to understand. There are some technical terms and details that one cannot be grasped easily unless you are somehow related to the field of science. A good understanding of science or not, but no task is possible without any electronic device in today’s era. We look around ourselves and find how much we are dependent on these devices that use complicated parts and machinery. Smartphones, laptops, dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, heavy machinery, almost every device around is electronic, which makes our daily life tasks easy. All these devices that we use in our life run on electricity but using different power or voltage. For a clear understanding, a mobile phone charger uses less voltage than an air conditioner. This how voltages vary for different devices, but what if these electromagnetic waves interfere with other devices’ waves? This is where shielding comes in. Electromagnetic interference shielding or radiation shielding helps to prevent EMI of devices. The electronic waves are omnipresent and come in the following ways:

  • Radio waves
  • Microwaves
  • Infrared
  • Lights and lasers
  • Ultraviolet rays
  • X-rays
  • Gamma rays

When we talk about electromagnetic shielding, we are not blocking the magnetic field but only the waves that travel so that they cannot interfere with the waves of other devices.

With multiple electronic devices around us, it is possible that one device interferes with another if it is not properly shielded. Electromagnetic shield works two-fold. Not only it prevents the device’s energy from interfering with another one’s, but it also blocks the external energy from coming inside. Electronics won’t work properly if they are not shielded.

Below are the reasons why shielding is important:


Prevents blackout:

If the device interferes with the electronic waves of another device, you might face brownouts or even blackouts. Brownouts mean partial power outage, and blackouts are a full power outage. With no knowledge about this subject, it becomes impossible to figure out what is causing these brownouts or blackouts. Also, power fluctuations cause damages, so better prevent it in the first place. Uncertain brownouts and blackouts may also lead to a short circuit.


Phone lines:

If the devices are interfering with the waves of other devices, then you will face static on phone lines. You do not know which device is interfering and causing the disruption. Shielding in phone lines is done with a metallic foil or metallic plaited braid underneath the plastic jacket of the line. This foil prevents the phone lines from Electromagnetic Interference.


Power fault:

Power fault is an issue related to electrical current. When the current fluctuated, there is a chance of a short circuit which is an example of a power fault. The interference in the electronic waves caused by the devices results in short circuits. Shielding of the devices prevents the short circuits as now the devices will not interfere with the waves, and the outside energy is also prevented from coming inside.


The uncertain power outages or short circuits also posses a risk on life of the people living in the house. So better prevent all the risks beforehand and ensure the safety of your place by shielding the electronic devices.


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