Inferiority Complex and 10 Ways to Deal with it

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We live in a society today, where suicide rates due to depression have been increasing at an alarming rate and many of the hapless victims are youngsters. What is it that drives them to end their lives? Why are they so disgusted with life? It is because they see no hope. They are extremely dissatisfied and suffer from very poor self-esteem.  All of this stems from an ‘Inferiority Complex’. It is a psychoanalytical concept and is a lack of self-worth, coupled with uncertainty. It is the feeling of depression you get when you think that you don’t match up to the society’s standards. It is often deep-rooted and subconscious.

When it was first studied and analyzed by psychiatrists, it was pervasive in many adults, because of the various situations life puts them through. But nowadays, it is quite common in children too. Inferiority complex may be developed due to genetic factors, as well as due to personal experiences. With inferiority complex, there is always a feeling of inadequacy.  The most common causes are failure, being a victim of bullying, physical appearance etc. A person having inferiority complex is prone to depression, and in severe cases, even has suicidal tendencies.  When an inferiority complex is in full effect, it may impact the performance of the individual. Unconscious psychological and emotional processes can disrupt students’ cognitive learning.

To combat this dark demon, we need to adopt several confidence-boosting techniques. The methods take very long to show results, but yet, they are tried and tested, and are affirmative. The following ten methods may be adopted to get that stubborn complex out of you!

10. Stay away from negative people for a while

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There are many people who feel insecure and they in turn get sadistic and point out the flaws in you. This should not bog you down. You must not even pay heed to it. But if it is too much to handle, try and stay away from all the negative elements that upset you. It will stop those negative thoughts and feelings to creep up inside your devil’s workshop. When you are surrounded by people who can only tell you of your shortcomings, it is bad for you to stay put in such company. When you delete the virus from your system, it becomes easier to function and becomes more efficient!

9. Talk to people and spend more time with your loved ones


Come out of that shell you have created around yourself! Jump out of that well you have mistakenly fallen into! Talk to people. You will see a different side to your story. You will learn that life is how we take it! Mingle with people because it will lessen the mental burden you feel.  Seek a psychiatrist’s counsel if the need arises. It is definitely advisable to seek professional help.

Spend quality time with your loved ones. They love you and will not mock at you.  Being around them will make you happy and comfortable. After all, family comes first!

8. Help other people and get involved in activities


When you help other people, you will realize that you are in a better situation than many of them. Helping people, solving their problems and making them happy will give a special meaning to your life and fill you with happiness and satisfaction. Instead of feeling low and being a burden to yourself, stop worrying and get involved in volunteering activities or activities of any other similar kind. When you are a part of community activities, you will learn about teamwork and many other essential principles, which will wipe out your complex and anxiousness.

7. Do not make unnecessary assumptions!


Sometimes, we make unnecessary assumptions. We think too much and create a problem of our own, that wasn’t even present in the first place. Complete lack of confidence makes us skeptical of our own self and we start imagining wild things! People may not even look at us in an inferior way, but we think they do and make our lives miserable! Some people are too busy with their own lives that they fail to notice you. This doesn’t mean that you are not noticeable. It shouldn’t matter what other people think of you!

6. Look out for sources of motivation


Watch out for anything that can lift your spirits up! Any book that can change the way you think and inspire you to be bold, or any movie whose character ignites that fire in you, or any person whose story can motivate you. There have been several heroes who have got across difficult situations through their sheer motivation and will power. You can draw inspiration from them. If you find creative pursuits like arts and music engrossing, take them up seriously, for they are the best sources of self-satisfaction and fulfillment.

5.  Stop the comparison, now!


Stop comparing yourself to every other person. Your wants will form an endless list. Every person have their own assets and liabilities. To compare and come to a conclusion is a very unwise thing to do. You should focus on your betterment, regardless of how others seem. Besides, you don’t even know what their life is all about, the inside story. Every person is different, born with different abilities and differing interests. It’s like comparing apples and oranges at the end of the day. Both are equally sweet or equally sour. What is the whole point?

4. Focus on your strengths


No one is perfect. Everybody has few inherent flaws and few great strengths. Focus on your strengths. Don’t let your weaknesses define you. Don’t dwell on your past failures. They are done and you cannot do anything about it. It is time you got pragmatic. Identify your strong points and take them seriously. Your forte is the one which will take you to great heights. Focus on your mighty abilities and fine tune them, so that they make you shine like the Alpha Centauri!

3. Work towards your goal, focus!


Once you have found out your strength(s), the next thing you need to work on is your ambition. Everyone has a certain purpose in life, which gives the ultimate meaning to life. Instead of focusing on frivolous shortcomings, you have to focus on your aim. Then you are sure to achieve it. Find out your aptitude and interests. Work hard towards achieving them. All your fear and anxiety will vanish in no time. This is a great remedy to any mind related ailment like the inferiority complex. You should develop a vision and work towards it. Success lies in the ability to step from one failure to another, without the loss of enthusiasm.

2.  Identify the root cause and work on it


There may be several reasons why you start feeling inferior. It may be because of your physical appearance or failure to achieve anything you wanted to. Physical appearance does not decide what you achieve in your life. It is not something you should feel very bad about. Everyone has some nice feature in them. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is subjective and can be debated about. Do not let it to douse the spirit in you. If you have failed previously, it only means that you have tried and luck didn’t favour you! Never stop trying! Identify what exactly has caused inferiority complex and work on it, to eliminate it.

1.Love yourself and enjoy  yourself!

love you

I will tell you two magical words: “Love Yourself!” Your parents, friends and dear ones love you. But first, you must learn to accept yourself for who you are, enjoy yourself and love yourself! It will ward off all the unnecessary stress. I would like to quote Dr.Seuss:  “Be who you are, because the people who mind don’t matter and the people who matter don’t mind!” Be original!You are unique and special! Be happy always.


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