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Top 10 Cutest Cat Breeds

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They like to play with balls, lick their fur, keep their nose clean, love to have fish, be lazy and sleep for almost twelve hours a day and of course hate to take a bath! Yes it’s your favorite ,just as lazy as you, pet! Your kitty! The soft ball…

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Top 10 Weirdest Creatures on Earth

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Nature is full of marvels. In many ways it is just miraculous. Be it the vibrant colors we see around or be it the vast flowing oceans; nature seems to leave us speechless every time. There are so many living creatures around us. Scientist and researchers have found over millions…

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Birth Giving

10 Things that Women Can Do but Men Can’t


Humans originally belong to Animal Kingdom but we are different from all other animals because we have mind, we can think. Among humans also, like in all other animal species there are two sexes male and female, with various biological differences. Being a social animal the sexual differences among humans…

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