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10 Very Interesting Facts about Tigers

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Tigers are voted as the most favorite animal by 50,000 people from over 73 countries during a poll conducted by the animal planet! Being the most admired and adored animal, their numbers keep going down drastically. Most people are not aware of many of the interesting facts about them. The…

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sense of responsiblity

Top 10 Signs of Being in Love

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Love is inexplicable. Love is the most beautiful feeling in this world. Love is a blessing from cupid. Love is the gift from god. Love is so much and yet not enough. that’s why  it has so many definitions. It has an inexpressible warmth, peace and bliss in it.  Every…

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Third eye of Shiva

Top 10 Hindu Religion Myths


The Hindu religion is based upon several beliefs and worshiping several gods, the supreme ones being Brahma – the creator, Vishnu – the preserver and Shiva – the destroyer. There are several stories that are believed by the people from a long time, related to the emergence and destruction of…

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