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Top 10 World’s Greatest Unsolved Mysteries

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There is nothing that the rational mind cannot understand, or so believes mankind. Challenging the finest of scientific developments and the logical minds, stand there few mysteries of the world that remain unsolved. Thousands of generations have lost sleep, trying to decipher them, but they stand adamant and promise to…

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UFO and Aliens

Top 10 Weird Bermuda Triangle Theories


The ‘Triangle of Satan’ or ‘Devil’s Island’ or the more commonly known Bermuda triangle has given the scientists a run for their money. Dumbfounded on the questions about this mystical patch of water, human being has so far failed to reach any conclusive answer. The annals of experiment confirms that…

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hindi serials

Top 10 Best Hindi TV Serials 2013


The Indian television industry is heavily dependent on daily soaps, also known as serials. The serials generally deal with stock characters of the obedient daughter in law alias “bahu” and the stern, sadist mother-in-law alias “saasu maa”. The plot of most of the serials is similar, dealing with domestic affairs…

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