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Top 10 Most Loved Sports in the World


Sports play a very important role in one’s life. Not only it helps us to stay fit and healthy but it also provides an opportunity to an individual of living his dream and being successful. With the growing technology, love for sports and viewership, popularity of sports has been increasing…

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Top 10 Best Cricket Umpires of all Time

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The Decision Review System (DRS) has been the hot topic of late in international cricket. The prospect of keeping in place adequate technology to correct umpiring verdicts from time to time. But let’s not take everything from the umpire shall we? Cricket has given birth to some prolific umpires’ overtime….

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india vs pakistan

Top 10 Sporting Rivalries in the World

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Imagine a world without sport. Dull, boring and meaningless. Now imagine sport without major rivalries. It comes as a big hole in the eyes of many. Sport is best enjoyed when it is contested on a level that is entirely different. It’s all about liveliness, fierceness, competitiveness and what not….

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The way to own you

Top 10 India’s Most Powerful People 2013

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Power defines who you are and what you can control. Power exercised in the righteous way can tumultuously change the nation. But if used with a streak of diabolism, this authority can cause a catastrophe. Right from Politics to Sports to Media to Films, power has many morphs. These people…

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