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east st louis

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in USA

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The Land of the Blessed, the land of dreams and hopes, the land of golden opportunities is just some attributes that we people have given to a country which holds almost the rest of the world by leash. Yes, this country is none other than the United States of America….

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Venezuela Election

Top 10 Most Lawless Countries in World


It is because of the law that a man would think thrice before committing a murder, it is because of the law that he would think before he robs a bank or assault anyone. Basically it is the religion which tells us the difference between good and bad but technically…

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10 Countries in the World that have No Military

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The military is a government funded organization that consists of primarily the Navy, Army and Air-force. The role of this group is to ensure national security of the country from perceived or actual internal or external threats. They are also a vital part of establishing control. This is however technically…

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