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World's top 10 festivals of light

Top 10 Best Festivals of Light

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Several different cultures and beliefs around the world have given birth to a variety of festivals to celebrate one’s heritage and bring families and societies closer. Some of these festivals are simply small peaceful processions while others are huge symbols of joy with colourful displays, fireworks and amazing rituals. With…

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Top 10 Best Famous Jazz Musicians

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There are many types of music, all types are equally adored and esteemed. Jazz being one of those types is known worldwide, not only known but it has become a very important part of the culture. Jazz music has its origin from the early 20th century and over the period…

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Birth Giving

10 Things that Women Can Do but Men Can’t


Humans originally belong to Animal Kingdom but we are different from all other animals because we have mind, we can think. Among humans also, like in all other animal species there are two sexes male and female, with various biological differences. Being a social animal the sexual differences among humans…

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