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Top 10 Advantages of having More Sleep

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Sleep is a biological activity and physical activity that is essential for our health and well-being and is affected by both physical and psychological factors A quality sleep is very important for every human being. Without resting or taking proper sleep affects your body and mind in different ways ….

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10 Drugs you take without Prescriptions

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A Doctor ‘practices’ there is a reason behind calling it a practice because absolute perfection is almost unachievable in this profession and we certainly need to respect that fact.  May be it seem like an easy task to scrawl a few prescriptions in the most illegible script possible. Sure there…

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Aileen Wuornos

Top 10 Female Serial Killers List


Many people genuinely believe that women cannot commit crimes which are as violent and heinous as some committed by their male counterparts, because of all that females are natural nurturers bullshit theory. Women are capable of being violent, vicious and cruel. There were several female Nazi officers involved in torturing…

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