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10 Ways the British Rule Affected India


Whenever this topic shows itself in any debate, India is always condemned for giving a warm welcome to the British. People mostly air their view that if India had never agreed to trade with the foreigners, then we would have been economically very strong till now. It’s hard to argue…

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Sarv-e Abarkuh

Top 10 World’s Oldest Trees

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The flora of the environment plays an extensive role in our lives ranging from our housing to our medicine. One fourth of the medicines available today owe their existence from plants. We often research to know and study about the ancient civilizations and modernization of the world. But there are…

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Top 10 Myths about Islam and Muslim Religion


Let us begin with a very basic question. What is Islam all about? What does it preach? Islam means Muslims. That is all our understanding is confined to. Isn’t it? Well actually it signifies ‘submission to god’ and not brutality and violence. No deny it is a widely misunderstood religion…

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