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Top 10 Must Visit Cities in the World

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This planet of ours is indeed very beautiful. It shines in our solar system as a gigantic blue pearl whose beauty is beyond comparison. This planet has sustained life for millions of years with ease. Nature has blessed this planet with amazing landscapes and vast oceans. With each latitude the landscape changes incredibly, …

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Top 10 Holy South Indian Temples


The Southern states of India, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, are primarily known for two things, logic-defying movie stunts and breathtaking temples. For those of you who do not know, temples are the holy places where you can worship God and see him in all his beauty and feel…

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Taj Mahal

Top 10 Taj Mahal Facts and Secrets Uncovered

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The Taj Mahal is supreme, most recognizable and iconic images of incredible India. Its subtle minarets, elegantly curved archways and vanilla scoop domes have forced every visitor to stand at its doorway and wonder at its magnificence. The wonder does not lie only in its constructions. It has earned itself…

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