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Macau China

Top 10 Sin Cities in the World

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The seven deadly sins of the world are what we haves been told to stay away.  But the forbidden fruit was the doom of mankind. We tend to follow our history and magnify the acts which fall in grey area. This ‘area ‘are most visited most loved and most frowned…

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10 useful tips when babysitting

Top 10 Useful Tips when Babysitting


Ever flinched from hearing the words- “Dear, take care of your brother while we are away, won’t you?” Almost all of us have had that first unforgettable memory of attending to a kid-brother or a kid-sister (sometimes more than one!)… or being attended to by an elder sibling. Perhaps at…

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Top 10 Most Emotional Movie Endings

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What makes us sad-break-ups, failed relationships, mishaps, loss of one’s dearies, movies? Movies are a great way of entertainment, watching the heroes fight for their lives, kicking some bad-rear people, fulfilling duties, enjoying a quiet rendezvous with his love and many more. Then why do some movies leave the audience…

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Top 10 Common Reasons for Divorce


It is often said that marriages are made in heaven and performed on earth. True. People take in vows to be part till death. They hold on to their future plans and dwell on a good living whole life right from the start with equal obligations from both sides. But…

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Top 10 Indian Rock Bands 2013


How often does one associate rock music with Indian bands? Let me put it another way. When someone asks you about rock music, the few bands that come to your mind are Nickelback, Greenday, Guns n Roses etc. It is, but natural to associate rock music to some crazy, wild…

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