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Top 10 Sports America Loves to Play

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A sport is an activity that keeps us physically engrossed along with nurturing ones physical skills while deriving a source of recreation for both the players and the spectators back in the gallery. If you ever happen to look at the medal tally of the Olympics, then one country that undoubtedly…

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Top 10 Most Loved Sports in the World


Sports play a very important role in one’s life. Not only it helps us to stay fit and healthy but it also provides an opportunity to an individual of living his dream and being successful. With the growing technology, love for sports and viewership, popularity of sports has been increasing…

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Top 10 Amazing Game of Thrones Facts

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Game of Thrones is an epic fantasy drama series. It is the adaptation of the novel series ‘A song of Fire and Ice’ by George Raymond Richard Martin. it is to date one of the most ardently watched T.V series of all time with a recorded viewership of more than 20…

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