The 10 Most Painful Piercings

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Most people never really understand what is it that could mentally prepare a person to pierce a part of their body, be it a bellybutton piercing or an eyebrow piercing. The older generations claim that the craze for piercing and tattooing is new and they even call it a form of rebellion among the youth. Now I am one of those teenagers who likes to have a lot of information about these types of topics as I know they come up very often. Throwing statistics and historical facts and watching them change the topic as quickly as they can be quite a lot of fun.
The earliest known mummified remains of a human that was pierced is over 5,000 years old. Only pharaoh himself could have his navel pierced. Anyone else who tried to get a belly button ring could be executed. (Tell that to Britney Spears!) Roman centurions pierced their nipples too not because they liked the way it looked or felt (though they are people who enjoy a good nipple piercing) but to signify their strength and virility. Even Julius Caesar pierced his nipples to show his strength and his identification with his men.
In the last hundred years or so, body piercings in the west have mostly been limited to the ears where as in the east even nose piercings were acceptable. The interest of body piercings of all kinds quickly caught on during the 1980’s and 1990’s. Ever since then the people in the United States of America have kept surprising us with the different body parts they are willing and able to pierce.
To keep stuff interesting I have chosen the top 10 MOST PAINFUL body piercings, so grab your teddy bear and brace yourself.

#10 Finger piercing.

Finger piercing is on the front lines of new piercing trends. A special ring, or even one of your own designs, is implanted under the skin of your finger. But while finger piercings may look interesting, they’re often more trouble than they’re worth. They get bumped, snagged or even torn by actions as simple as putting your hands in your pockets. So if you want to avoid getting more than your fair share of scar tissue, a less permanent ring choice may be in your future.

#9Trans-gum piercing

This particular piercing is called a trans-gum piercing. The stud goes right from one side of your gums to the other. The bar fits in the gap between the roots of your two front teeth. They can also be very dangerous. As it turns out, jamming a metal rod through your mouth can be bad for your teeth. The stud itself can lead to gum erosion.

#8The wolverine knuckle piercing

I’m sure each one of you like the X-men but this guy REALLY likes the X-men. However these piercings are more of the temporary kind as people normally just take out the metal and let them close up. Scratching his nose is quite the life threatening activity for this guy.

#7Extreme Nose piercing

Most people go for a simple stud in one nostril. This particular nose piercing may be one of a kind. And he didn’t stop there.. We won’t even bother trying to pick out the ones on his cheeks, lip and forehead. All in all, that’s a lot of metal. We certainly don’t see any hassle-free trips through the metal detector in his future.

#6Surface piercing

Corset piercings are a type of surface piercing and can be done by placing two columns of captive bead rings alongside each other nearly anywhere on the body and lacing ribbon or a string through them in a crisscross pattern.

#5 An Achilles piercing.

Humanity is really running out of body parts to pierce. Here is a guy who has a piercing which passes between the Achilles tendon and the ankle. Although extremely rare, it is real. I must say this piercing really keeps you on your toes (as every other part of your foot must be hurting once you get this piercing.)

#4 Nipple piercing

Ouch! I don’t think I have to give a very descriptive essay on the procedure of this piercing. As you can imagine it must be really painful and secures a no.4 on this list.

#3Genital piercing
Triangle Piercing – A piercing that passes through the base of the clitoral hood and under the clitoris (basically a deep piercing version of a horizontal clitoral hood piercing)

#2 Scalp Piercing .

When most of us are thinking of places to pierce, our scalps are the last things on our minds. But not everyone has such a limited list of places where a piercing might look great. These piercings start as studs pierced right into the scalp. Once that piercing is healed up, you simply screw the spikes on. This kind of piercing can take up to 2 years to heal. I wonder why!

#1 Eyelid piercing

I can’t normally stand a speck of dust in my eye , a ring rubbing up against my eyeball under my eyelid would probably be the end of me.
After being exposed to possibly the most painful piercings I would suggest you get started off with number 10 and then go down the list, or I could have scared you enough never to get a piercing ever. Happy choosing.


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