The Different Types of Hong Kong Apartments and How to Rent One

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The Hong Kong property market has a variety of options to offer to the buyer- no matter what your budget may be, the size of your family, or which area you prefer to live in, the property market in Hong Kong is extensive enough to be able to adhere to your specific needs and requirements. Hong Kong apartments are priced a little differently, however. The owners will tend to quote a price in dollars per square foot – which is different from other places, where the price is based on other factor, like the buyer’s and seller’s opinions on the location and aesthetic of the home. One reason this occurs is because Hong Kong becomes more popular day by day, and space is increasingly becoming highly valuable – especially within the city.

One kind of apartment that is available in Hong Kong is the apartment that is situated in old blocks – and often come with larger balconies, and larger rooms – along with added facilities like pools and clubhouses. Apartments in old blocks tend to have character, and are preferred by those with a specific aesthetic in mind.
New apartment blocks are quickly becoming very popular, by having modern bathrooms and kitchen fittings, and by offering a wider variety of amenities and facilities to the residents. Larger complexes tend to have even more, and may even have their own supermarkets, restaurants, schools, play areas, etc.
Duplexes are two-floored apartments in a high rise apartment block – and on the lower flow is often a study, guest bathroom, living room, dining room, etc. The bedrooms are located upstairs, and many penthouses will have terrace gardens on the roof. Duplexes or penthouses are more expensive than single apartments.
Studio flats are flats with just one room – these are apartments that are suitable if you have a small budget and are living on your own, and can be a transition – to your new home. Because studio flats are much cheaper than apartments, it is a lot easier for those with low-income jobs to rent a studio flat for themselves, as a temporary living situation.

Should you ever choose to rent an apartment in Hong Kong, the first step is to make an appointment with an agent, who’ll then ask you to sign a commission form. Once you’ve found a desirable apartment, make sure that you have the required documents – like a passport or local ID, salary slip, potential reference, and a security deposit – before you sign the lease; make sure that you read the lease carefully and understand the terms of the contract. While looking for an apartment, keep an eye out on local interest rates – if you feel that the interest rates might get cut, it may be preferable to look for a short term rental lease in Hong Kong.

JLL Residential is one such company that will be able to provide an excellent agent at your disposal, and one who is willing to help find the perfect apartment that is best suited to your needs, and to your budget. By providing top-quality service, and by partnering with investors to have residential opportunities in Hong Kong, you can be assured that the future of your home rests in capable, experienced, professional hands.

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