Things you need to know before removing wildlife from your residence

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Wildlife is needed for us to survive on this planet and to balance the ecosystem. Natural forests are decreasing in number due to the rise in residential developments; a havoc is caused to the residence of the wildlife. Having no place to go in this fast growing world, they choose to occupy their place even while we reside in them.

Wildlife can cause nuisance if not controlled in the locality as well as poses serious health risks and damage to the properties. But there are multiple things one should know before removing wildlife from the residential areas-


  1. Wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels, and snakes fall under the protection category. Special permits or licenses are required to remove the animals from your property. You can search for the regulations at a park, wildlife department.
  2. Few states remove the protection law from the wildlife that appear to be sick or are sick, and in need of immediate help, also possessing a threat to the human life or livestock, or causing damage to the property.
  3. There are rules for nuisance creating wildlife too. You can never put wildlife in the cagr or trap them. It is against the law. The wildlife can only be removed by a licensed personnel.
  4. Dealing with snakes needs to be taken seriously and with caution. You cannot say whether the snake is venomous or not unless you are an experienced personnel who deals with wildlife. Local authorities and the wildlife department have to be contacted prior to the removal of snakes.
  5. You cannot release trapped animals to someone else’s property or even in a federal, state or local government owned land. It is illegal to release them into ground which is owned by an individual or an authority.
  6. Multiple organizations claim the easy removal of wildlife when you use them; but none of us are actually aware of the fact how that works. Research shows the usage of plants or products do not trick the wildlife into removal rather the growing plants add to the greenery instead.
  7. There can be a chance of wildlife spreading disease. Studying the possibilities of wildlife that causes sickness is important before you deal with the issue. Maintaining your health while you wait for the authority to remove the wildlife from your place is necessary.
  8. Wildlife is definitely not for sale. The trapped animals should be disposed of safely.
  9. Do not trap the animals in case they have entered your residence, this can result in their death. Make amends to allow them to leave your residence instead. Exclusion should be done by licensed personnel, who expertise in removal of the wildlife and have sufficient knowledge to deal with the condition and the situation.

You can call for a wildlife removal if there is a bird, bat, raccoon, squirrel, shunk, rabbit, etc in your residence. The wildlife removal experts will inspect your house, trapping and removal of the wildlife will be carried by them, sealing up of all the possible entry points, including clean up and exclusion plan are done by the experts.


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