Top 10 – 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

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9/11 attacks is a sad occurrence in the history of the world that brought sadness in lives of thousands of people.  It left thousands of people feeling vulnerable and sad.  People who survived this devastating attack will never be able to forget the feeling of deep sorrow after losing their loved ones. People will never be able to forget the smell of the smoke out of twin towers which delivered a deep feeling of doom in the heart of thousands of people around the world. This attack on the World Trade Center was like an attack on the heart of thousands of Americans.

Twelve years back on 11th September 2001, terrorist group AL-quida hijacked airplane and crashed it into World Trade Center which was once the tallest twin towers in the world. This incident left millions around the World in shock and in deep sorrow. Over 3000 people lost their lives in this devastating and biggest terrorist attack of all time. However soon after 9/11 attack several theories surfaced sighting conspiracy behind this mishap. Conspiracy theorists sustain a firm belief that the World Trade Center were demolished following the orders of former president George W. Bush which ultimately profited him, some believe it was demolished by bombs and some theorists sense conspiracy behind the  phone calls made from the plane.

Here, I have compiled a list of 10 most shocking 9/11 conspiracy theories that exist.


10)  Inside traders were aware of the Attacks well before it happened.

Right before 9/11 attacks strike America, several fishy business exchanges took place at Wall Street and other insurance firms. Huge amount of put options were placed on American Airlines and United Airlines stocks, which happens to be the same airlines that were hijacked during the attack. Several theorists suggest that traders at Wall Street were tipped about the attacks and hence they profited from the tragedy. Following the theory, The Securities and Exchange Commission initiated an insider trading investigation in which Osama Bin Laden was the main suspect after receiving information from one of the Wall Street Firm.


9) Planes did not collapsed the twin tower, Bombs did.

To several theorists, The World Trade Center collapse seemed similar to controlled demolition. Many speculate that the twin towers were in reality blown with explosives that were strategically placed. Apart from this, several witnesses accounted hearing explosion inside the building while they were attempting to escape. In support of this claim, several scientists and architects suggests that an airplane’s fuel does not produce enough heat to melt the steel frame of buildings that collapsed.


8)  Scientifically, The Pentagon attack fails to hold up.

The Pentagon crash remains the most puzzled event of the doom day. Theorists suggest that the impact holes with in the pentagon were much smaller in size as compared to the size of commercial American Airplane. They also question why the plane was not shot down before it hit the Pentagon. Apart from this, the reason why plane strategically impacted in the section that was vacant because of renovation was questioned. Several videos Surfaced over the years supporting this claim.


7) Fourth hijacked plane was completely staged.

Flight 93, the fourth airplane said to be hijacked by the terrorist crashed in Shankville, Penn. It is said that the passengers bowing the plane fought back with terrorists and crashed the plane in to a field. However theorists believe that Flight 93 landed safely and a substitute plane was shot In the sky. Other set of theorists believe that passengers were either relocated or murdered and will never be found again.


6) Hijackers are Alive in other countries and how their passports survived explosions that demolished buildings.

After the 9/11 attacks a documentary made on the attacks stated that the hijackers were alive in other countries. This can rather be an assumption as it is possible for two people to have similar name, But the good point to notice here is; how did the passports which belonged to terrorists survived the massive explosion which destroyed buildings? After the attacks, passport and other identification made out of paper were presented as evidence. Hence the question here arises how did those documents made out of paper survived the explosion big enough to destroy buildings.


5)  Phone calls made from the hijacked plane were faked.

Calls were made using cell phones from the hijacked airplane. Scientists insist that cell phones cannot receive signal at the altitude at which the planes typically fly. Others also questioned the phone call from a son to his mother in which he referred to himself again n again using his first and last name as referring one self with first as well as last name raises questions.


4)  Jews knew about the attacks and took a day off on September 11th

After the attacks it was noticed that over 4000 Jewish employees took a day off from work on 9/11/2001. Apart from this one of the first to record the incident live on camera was also a Jew. Because of this many theorists suspect Jews of known about the attacks well before it happened and signals conspiracy behind it.


3) Black Box of the planes found by search crew kept secret.

Weeks after the attacks, the black boxes found from the crashed airplanes were considered to be one of the most important items to be found as evidence behind the attacks. Only three out of four black boxes were found and only one out of those three black boxes was in a condition to listen. The tapes was not initially released however, later in 2002 it was shared with the families of the passengers. Theorists believe that the tapes were not disclosed initially in the support of secret scheme.


2) Osama Bin Laden tapes are fake.

Osama Bin Laden initially refrained from taking any responsibility with the attacks. However, soon several tapes surfaced in which Osama bin laden is showed taking full responsibility on the attacks. Many theorists believed that Bin laden was targeted only because of his heavy stake in the stocks and former president George Bush’s personal business in Middle East.


1)   Aluminum used to build planes cannot penetrate steel structure of the World Trade Center.

Commercial air planes are usually built with light aluminum material as light aluminum makes it easier to fly. According to theorists there is no possible way a plane can do so much damage to the twin towers. Theorists believe that explosives and missiles were used to bring down the building.



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