Top 10 Advantages for Playing Sports for Your Health

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Even though it’s been drilled into our heads playing sports its necessary for your health, it’s unfortunate that certain schools in India disallow and discontinue the practice of sports on a regular basis in academic curriculum.

What educators don’t realize is that academic success and sportsmanship come with several desirable outcomes. Apart from learning lessons about sportsmanship, humble victories and sporting defeats, playing sports has an innumerable number of advantages.

Here are top 10 benefits of playing sports for your health:


#10: Regularly playing sports ensures a healthy heart 

A buildup of LDL cholesterol from a lack of exercise can block arteries that prevents blood flow.Playing sports prevents that clog from happening and reduces blood pressure. It improves the functioning of heart muscles and improves insulin sensitivity.

It can prevent the onset of morbid diseases like strokes, heart attacks, diabetes and cancer.

A 30-minute run or just throwing the ball around for some time everyday can ensure a healthy, happy, cholestrol-free heart.


#9: Playing sports has anti-aging effects 

And why not use a non-chemical, completely healthy way to look young always? Regular sports slows down degeneration of the central nervous system, which means your reflexes and hand-eye coordination do not slow down.

It improves and enhances the functioning of the lungs and keeps your muscle size and strength. It reduces the onset of chronic illnesses in old age and reduces body fat. In fact, the greatest threat to unhealthy aging is inactivity and the lack of exercise and sports.


#8: Playing sports regularly prevents cancer

Most of the common cancer types are related to the lack of exercise and major inactivity, which indicates it could be prevented. Exercise promotes digestion and that removes any toxins that are harmful to the body.

Overweight people have more insulin, and that promotes the growth of tumors and breast cancer in women can be greatly reduced by lowering the level of estrogen, the hormone linked to breast cancer.


#7: An increase in sports habits improves your sex life

The fitter you are, the more stamina you have. Body confidence and self-image are also important factors in how you conduct yourself sexually.

Sports whip you into a shape you consider appropriate and you have the physical stamina and improved libido. The brian is the organ that can make or break your sex life because anxiety, stress and depression can ward off your sexual success. However, sports and exercise can fix that and increase endorphins or “happy hormones” that will multiply your pleasure.

In men, being physically active is a natural “viagra boost” and have enhanced confidence in being able to achieve an orgasm.


#6: Partaking in sports improves sleeping habits

Exercise and sports can tire you out, help you relax more and relieves backaches, headaches. It releases endorphins which helps emotionally stabilize your mind.

Since exercise leads to a hike in energy levels, you are drained after playing sports at the end of the day.


#5: Playing sports regularly prevents colds 

Researchers from the University of Carolina found that people who exercised regularly were 23% less likely to get colds than those who exercised less.

This is correlated to how immunity boosts are accompanied by regular sports. Health experts believe that playing sports and an increase in immunity have a positive correlation.


#4: Regular sports lowers blood pressure

Exercise benefits people of all genders and ages. Everybody benefits from even minimal exercise: whether it’s a brisk walk daily, a little yoga or pilates and even going to the gym, swimming or even playing a rough sport like rugby or lacrosse.

“The studies on which these findings were based used “aerobic” exercise – activities that increase heart rate and improve the body’s ability to use oxygen. Most of the studies involved participating in one or more aerobic activity for 20 – 30 minutes per session, several times a week.”


#3: Sports and exercise can reduce the severity and incidence of asthma

People with severe, regular bouts of asthma avoid playing sports because they are afraid to strain themselves, leading to another attack.  But sports medicine specialists say it’s possible for asthmatics to continue exercising if they use preventive medications wisely and avoid certain triggers that exacerbate attacks.

However, taking the right medication and playing mild, but effective sports for health in clean, safe air for asthma patients can ensure an improve in their conditions in the long-run.


#2: It promotes weight loss

Important for people that are self-conscious about their body image and battle obesity problems. Being obese comes with its own range of health problems but one of the largest, most recognized and valid reasons to give your body that little push to exercise is to combat weight problems.

Regular, persistent exercise over time will lead to satisfying results in weight loss you expected.


#1: It is important for your mental health

last but not the least, physical factors aren’t the only factors promoting your health. To keep an appropriate mind-body balance is important for your emotional stability.

Playing sports can distract you and even help battle anxiety problems and help fight depression. Hormones can affect your mood, and your happy hormones are secreted during exercise. So keep smiling and keep at that rigorous sport playing!


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