Top 10 Advantages of Being in a Relationship

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The debate on relationships and their pros and cons has been going on for too long. With the generation today becoming more and more fickle in terms of relationships and matters of the heart, more people today are alienating themselves from the idea of having a serious relationship and are looking for flings that will just give them momentary pleasure. Whether a relationship is good for you or not, that depends on you only and no one can help you decide what you want in life. We bring you a list that tells you about few of the many benefits that being in a relationship gives you.

10. Always have company

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Remember that time when your best friend cancelled the once-in-a-blue-moon outing? How much you fumed and cursed them! It can lead to binge drinking in a random place alone if you’re single. But if you’re in a relationship, you know you have someone who will be more than happy to cover up. Even if they don’t take you out, a simple home cooked dinner made special can do the trick and make you happy. Better yet, they will listen to you whine and make sure you get over it especially if it was something you had been waiting for a while. They are not obliged to do it. Whatever the conditions are in your relationship, that person will always want to see you happy and normal.

9. The one person who’s always there

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Office politics, meddling mother, that friend always in need – your partner knows it all. Everyone has best friends but sometimes you just need to vent. There are some things you can’t even tell your best-est of friends! As you become busier in your lives, friends grow apart for obvious and practical reasons. But when you come back after a busy day and you need to just blabber, they’re there! And it’s never one way; both of you can share your problems, discuss them and even find a solution then and there. Your partner often enables you to think clearly amidst the chaos in your head by calming you down. They have all the qualities you want in your best friend even if they’re not your best friend. And you always have the privilege of the 3 am friend with a partner!

8. Good for self-esteem


With constant love and support from someone, you will have another reason to believe in yourself. That is not to say that you need someone to help you build self-esteem. Of course you can do it on your own and do it well. But just like an ego booster helps you move on with everything, a partner is like. If someone makes you feel good about yourself in little things, you have a more chances of surviving and doing well.

7. Intimacy


Intimacy doesn’t automatically translate to sex here. Intimacy is more deeply related to having a bond that goes beyond the physical. Something like sleeping beside someone after a terrible day or holding hands amidst a crisis really helps you get through. You may argue that friends can offer that too but when in the middle of the night you wake up from a nightmare; you will have comforting arms in your partner. Touch is a powerful thing and can be a real healer of any wound.

6. Help around


Your partner might be more understanding than your roommate. Imagine, if you have divided work and someday, you’re too tired to carry it out yourself. A roommate will ignore it until you do it but a partner will make sure you get rest and do the work assigned to you on their own. This understanding simply springs from love and care. Worse, if you’re living alone, having a partner means you’ll have someone to share all the household work with. People may say that all this will vanish a few years into the relationship but you must believe and carry it on because it is you who matters and not the surveys.

5. You understand yourself better


When in a relationship, you assess yourself, your responses, and your behavior for at least the first few months. This allows you to understand yourself better in every term and you strive to make yourself a better person. This is not in order to impress your partner but to become a good human being altogether. When a person loves you, they love you for who you are and they don’t try to change you. So you evolve into a better person and are mindful of that. Even if that relationship fails, you not only know what you don’t want in your partner, you also know what mistakes you are not going to repeat.

4. You see things differently


When you’re in love, whether you’re male or female, a soft side is aroused in you. You tend to see things with tenderness and warmth. You find good in everything and even if for a little amount of time, it makes you a positive person. No, violins don’t play in your head all the time but the world generally becomes a good place to live in when love is all around you. Things don’t move in slow motion but a silly smile keeps you happy all day. These little perks and joys you wouldn’t get when you’re single.

3. You don’t have to be dressy all the time

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Being single means you are in fact ready to mingle, whether you like it or not. So you have to get dressed impeccably on every occasion, be nice at home, attend every social gathering and over all maintain a high profile. Things are different and much better in a relationship. Once you’re in a comfortable relationship, you don’t have to keep yourself up to the mark all the time. You get to roam around in your track pants and live a lazy and easy life, something you can do only when you’re living alone. Remember, a roommate will be very nice to you if you are careless and lazy but will be prone to judge you and your habits. A partner will reprimand you for being careless and lazy but more often than not be your partner in crime. You get to maintain that low profile, live free and easy!

2. Less stress


Some studies conducted empirically prove that people in relationships are less stressed out than those who are single. There can be numerous reasons for this, first one being you’re always surrounded by some love. Even after there is regularity and boredom in a relationship, a little love is always sweetening the air around you. Second, you get to keep fewer secrets. Things that you can’t discuss with all of your friends can have an out here. Third, you have personal jokes that can lighten up any moment of stress. Living with someone always leads to some fun and joy in life. Who knows if you find someone who is willing to play water fight with you!

1. Love and security


There are three basic needs for survival – air, water, food. But these quantitative things that help you live. The idea is to be alive! When you have constant love, support, security and care, you automatically become a good human being. Living becomes easier and you have someone to count on. When you are younger, your family gives you that support but there will be a time when you will be out there and alone. This is when your partner steps in. Your survival doesn’t depend on them but they help you live through the good and the bad. You feel secure in the presence of someone as you have a constant support system beside you. Seeing them every day brings joy in your life. Having love is a common but still a rare thing and is not easy to find. Once you begin to treasure this love and cherish it, you will live a joyful, loved life that will keep you alive and awesome!


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