Top 10 Advantages of Cycling for Health

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In the present era, where everyone is so busy that they don’t even have time to engage themselves in a proper meal, exercising comes nowhere in the list of priorities for them. But, then again it is an undeniable fact that without a sound mind and healthy body, coping up with this fast paced life is really tough. To everyone’s rescue, there is an option for exercising which does not demands much from us, yet it has lot to give.

No points for guessing but yes it is every child’s favorite pastime – Cycling. It is one of the easiest ways to fit in exercise in our daily routine. It being a healthy, low-impact exercise unlike running, can be taken up by people of all age groups, from young children to older adults. Since, for many people it is a mode of transport, we can see how cheap and easy it is, to incorporate cycling in our daily life either as a transport, recreational activity or sport.

Cycling provides for numerous advantages in comparison to the motor vehicles, including reduced consumption of fuels, less pollution, highly reduced traffic congestion, reduced financial cost to user and society, access to both roads and paths, etc. But, apart from all these, it has an umpteen number of benefits for health which is making bicycles, the trending machine in major cities and towns. In the gym’s and work out stations what one does is that they pay for the cycling as most of the exercises involve the same movements and that too when it can be done for free. So why not do it the other way round?  So let’s move ahead and learn what a few minutes on the cycle can do for our body and mind.

10. Improves Stamina

improves stamina

Cycling is way ahead than any other aerobic exercises, when it comes to building stamina. A good bi-cycle and pleasant weather is all you need to get going. It is a very effective way to build stamina, because once learnt, people don’t forget cycling. While enjoying the ride, they usually don’t notice the distance covered by them and how far it is from the previous one. It puts less strain on the body as compared to other endurance sports. Thus, the improved stamina reduces the usual tiredness and fatigue which one feels after work-out, while also promotes a sense of well-being. It regulates your breathing as well as your physical and mental movements, in-turn enhancing your stamina.

9. Reduces anxiety and depression

reduces anxiety and depression

Because of its uniform, cyclic movement, it has a prominent relaxing effect which helps in stabilizing the physical and emotional functions of the body. Quoting the words of chief executive of Mental Health Foundation, Andrew McCulloch, “Any mild-to-moderate exercise releases natural feel good endorphin that help counter stress and make you happy”. So, this clearly explains our point, that cycling helps reduce anxiety, depression and other psychological problems while making the rider happy. Exercising with cycle also controls hormonal balance. Naturally amidst the pleasing environment people tend to forget the previous happening which adds to a time free from depression.

8. Strengthens bones and muscles

strengthens bones and muscles

A usual problem faced by many people is a bone condition known as osteoporosis, which was earlier also regarded as a “woman’s disease”. This is basically a loss of bone density caused by changed lifestyle and food habits among the metros and can result in severe disabilities and other health problems in later life. But, studies have shown that like other exercises cycling helps in strengthening and building lower body bones and joints.

Apart from the bones, most of the body muscles are also activated while cycling, like leg muscles are utilized for the pedaling movement; the abdomen and back muscles help stabilize the body on the cycle, etc. This activity together tightens the muscular system, making it efficient.

7. Improves blood circulation

improves blood circulation

The work which we do nowadays involves prolong hourse sitting at our desks and staring at our computers while playing with various facts and figures which leaves us, fatigued to exercise regularly and in turn slows down the blood circulation. A poor blood circulation affects one’s memory and concentration, allows for toxic formation in the body and makes the joints week. Cycling helps in strengthening the respiratory muscles leading to improved ventilation of lungs and thus provides for an improved oxygen exchange and blood circulation.

6. Promotes fat burning

promotes fat burning


There is yet another fact related to cycling which is sure to amaze you all, unlike any other exercise, cycling raises the body’s metabolic rate (the efficiency with which it burns calories and fats), not only during the ride but also for several after hours. And, not only this but once you get used to it and incorporate fast intervals in the ride, you are likely to burn three-and-a-half times more body fat than the people, cycling at a slower pace.

5. Helps in losing weight

helps in losing weight

Being a nonimpact exercise which means there is no clashing on joints, it allows even the heaviest of rider to reap its benefits. Problems like high body weight, adiposity and obesity are the main target areas of cycling as 70% of the body weight is accumulated at the saddle. It also trains the body in a manner that it uses up the fat reserves while changing the cholesterol balance. This complete cycle reduces body weight and optimizes cholesterol, enabling a protective mechanism. And as previously mentioned cycling is far ahead as any other such kind of exercises, when it comes to burning calories, thereby making it one of those easiest exercises which help you reduce weight. So, when the calories are burnt on a regular basis, the reduced weight can be easily maintained.

4. Enhances beauty

enhances beauty

It is usually said that, beauty is in one’s heart. That surely is true but one cannot even deny the role of skin and body in making one look attractive. Cycling not only makes you feel good which certainly reflects on your skin, but as studies have found out, the increase in circulation due to cycling delivers higher level of oxygen and nutrients to the cells and also flushes out harmful toxins. The optimized collagen production within the body also reduces the visible wrinkles while speeding up the heeling procedure.

3. Strengthens heart

strengthens heart

One cannot think of any replacement of a human heart, which tells us its unmatched importance. The organ can certainly be damaged by prolonged inactivity. To the rescue is cycling, which is an ideal exercise for training the heart to be stronger and taking off its stress. Cardiovascular diseases like stroke, high blood pressure and heart attack can be avoided by regular cycling which stimulates and improves the heart, lungs and circulation. It not only strengthens the heart muscles but also lowers down the resting pulse and reduces blood fat levels, which together contribute to the well being of human heart.

2. Improves immune system

improves immune system


Everyone today is familiar with how hard our immune system works, to protect our body from infections and diverse systemic diseases. But, we also know that out low on nutrition food and poor eating habits, does not allow the system to work properly. Moderate activity like cycling helps in improving our immune system while contributing to a healthy life. It is also assumed that cycling has the ability to increase activity against tumor cells, preventing our bodies from all the not favorable things, related to it.

1. Longer life

longer life

It surely did not require any guessing but then it is also worth mentioning that the most important advantage of cycling is a longer and healthier life. After all the details provided earlier regarding its other benefits, it takes no time to get to this conclusion. Cycling strengthens the skeletal system and also increases its mobility, improves immunity, protects joints, manages blood pressure, reduces the risk of various cancers, increases brain power and it does a lot more. Many researches have shown that incorporating fact paced cycling in your daily regime, very easily adds up to 5 years of healthy life when compared to a slow paced rider. But, one needs to start it slow only.

So, reading so many benefits of giving just 15 minutes to a bi-cycle daily while enjoying the scenic beauty around,  surely have motivated you to take out your old cycles from the garage and get going for a healthier life.



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