Top 10 Advantages of going Vegetarian

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Food habits are no more mere means of survival but have moved their status to healthy living. With options ranging from Veganism, Vegetarianism, lacto- vegetarianism, ovo- vegetarianism, Ovo- lacto- vegetarianism, pescetarianism, semi- vegetarianism, non- vegetarianism, people often end up being confused about which eating habits should be adopted so that they turn out to be healthiest and most beneficial for them. The recent researches in this field show that Veganism or Vegetarianism is the most reliable food habit. There is a positive link between vegetarian eating and health. Unless a person is consuming balanced diet, vegetarians are estimated to be healthier than fellow meat eaters. People are vegetarians because of different reasons, it may be concern over personal health or religious issues, but it turns out to be beneficial to them in more than one way. If you too are bored of eating that flesh and are planning to have a different dish, something new, for your next meal then you can think about vegetarian food. It’s not just healthy and tasty to make you forget your daily food but comes with a lot of benefits. The top 10 benefits of going vegetarian are listed below:

10. Extra bucks saved today

extra bucks saved today                         

Everybody needs it; you too can make an attempt in saving it. What if you can save money by switching to healthier and tastier food stuff? It should be like Go Vegetarian, Be Rich! Sounds unusual? Well, dear friends the explanation for this least heard yet most obvious advantage of going vegetarian is that since vegetarian food is far more inexpensive than meat or poultry and requires two times less fuel (and time) for cooking, so being a vegetarian will definitely help you in saving a little more money at the end of the day. If you say that non- vegetarian food is tastier and options to your menu, then you will be glad to know that there are vegetarian versions available for every non- vegetarian dish which is equally delicious.

9. Do a good deed today

do a good deed today

Many of us must have seen animals being butchered and almost all of us must have passed that shop where animals are hung dead, I mean the skins and flesh. At one point of time or the other that poor dead soul must have gained your sympathy. So guys what are you waiting for? Don’t let that feeling go away just like that. React. By stepping into the boots of a vegetarian you will save those helpless creatures from being tortured who can’t even speak for themselves. This will lift you spiritually; you will be a hero, at least in your own eyes.

8. Ecological benefits

ecological benefits

By keeping a distance from eating animals you will be a great help in maintaining biological diversity and ecological balance which is dramatically disturbed by ruthless killing of innumerous creatures. Moreover, it is estimated that rearing cattle and poultry produces large amount of waste which is polluting land and water resources. Therefore, if each non- vegetarian begin intake of plant products instead of meat, more than half of pollution and waste management problems will be solved.

7. Reduce global food shortages

reduce global food shortages

This one is an eye opener. It will be a little difficult to digest but meat eating can lead to problem of global famine. The fact is that it takes 10 kg of plant proteins to produce 1 kg of animal protein. So it means a lot of plant products which can be used to feed a huge population of vegetarians end up being consumed by few non- vegetarians. This implies if people opt for vegetarian food habits then it may help in restoring the green covers which were used up in the growth of animals for slaughter.

6. To shed those extra kilos

to shed those extra kilos

Since a non-  vegetarian diet contains larger quantities of saturated fats as compared to a vegetarian diet therefore chances of being attacked by weight related ailments are higher for non-  vegetarians. It was found that meat eaters had the greatest BMI (Body Mass Index) as compared to vegans, vegetarians, lacto- vegetarians, ovo- vegetarians, ovo- lacto- vegetarians and pescetarians. As we know vegetarian meal contains less cholesterol, so having milk, fruits and vegetables in place of meat or fish is a good option to have that slim trimmed look, which you were dying for, that too without any vigorous exercise or depriving yourself of stomach-full food, isn’t it? This point must have added weight on the side of being a vegetarian.

5. For that flawless beauty

for that flawless beauty

Now that’s an eye-ball grabber, right girls? Well losing weight can make you look beautiful than your friends, how about adding something more to it. Vegetarian food habit can improve the look and texture of your hair, nails and skin. Go through as many articles as you like, when you will start looking for natural methods to improve your beauty, you must have noticed this before, the major options there will be a part of vegetarian diet. Have you already begun munching fruits? Do you know girls that you have one more reason over boys to take up vegetarian diet?  Bring your ear near. A vegetarian diet also causes less menstrual bleeding. So get going.

4. Longer life expectancy

longer life expectancy

With your body consuming natural food which is free from hormones (used for artificial growth and development of the animals) and toxins and chemicals (like preservatives or taste enhancers etc.) and with your body less prone to multiple diseases and a happier lifestyle (didn’t get it? Read further), there are chances that you will have a longer lifespan than a fellow meat eater, around five to ten years. Since non- vegetarian diet is deficient in phytochemicals, fiber and certain vitamins obviously there are chances that carnivores are prone to more health problem, and may live shorter.

3. Increased energy levels

increased energy levels

The benefits of being a vegetarian are innumerable. The non- vegetarian food contains a lot of unsaturated fat. Now you must be thinking that I m rambling same thing over and over again. But to elaborate further, too much of fat in the blood stream can inhibit proper relaxation and contraction of nerves and can lead to insufficient supply of oxygen to muscles due to this extra fat deposition which can causing fatigue and make you lethargic. In addition to the natural energizing agents present in plant food, our body requires less energy and time to digest vegetarian food as compared to non- -vegetarian, that means more energy is spared for activities other than digestion.

2. Disease free is the way to be

disease free is the way to be

This must have ringed the bell, enough hint has been dropped. By this time you must have heard it from many people or must have gone through considerable number of reports yourself which say it loud that vegetarian diets reduce the risk of cancer, stroke, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cognitive and sexual dysfunction. This is because vegetarian food is rich in fiber and antioxidants, which also reduce chances of gastric ailments like hemorrhoids or diverticulitis or constipation. Since vegetarian food is cholesterol- free it rules out many possibilities of blood pressure. Our daily requirement of proteins is lower than what is told and non- vegetarian food contains much higher protein which can cause kidney damage. Vegetarian food also ensures stronger bones due to presence of natural calcium in rich quantity along with occurrence of phosphorous, vitamin D and magnesium which helps in absorption of calcium. If the costs of vegetarian food haven’t saved you much, your hospital bills definitely will. So should we say, Being a vegetarian is the healthy- wealthy way!

1. To stay happy

to stay happy

This one must have compelled you to call me mad. But honestly, vegetarian food can be a reason to stay happy. At the first place, look at the above advantages of going vegetarian- it will save your money, keep you away from a lot of diseases, increases longevity, will help you shed extra weight, can make you look better, you can contribute to ecological welfare and will uplift you spiritually for preventing death of animals. Aren’t these reasons enough to make you happy? At least psychologically, they can create an aura of happiness around you. If you are not satisfied let’s talk scientifically. If you prefer to quit non- vegetarianism, you will be avoiding the direct intake of fatty acids which in turn will bless you with lower incidence of depression and anxiety. So don’t you think that being a vegetarian is a win-win situation?


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