Top 10 Advantages of Yogurt for Health

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Yogurt is fermented milk that was originated in Eastern Europe but is now being produced and consumed by every part of the world. It is believed that it contains therapeutic powers that gave long life to the people who consumed it. Dahi is also a kind of yogurt which is being produced in Indian subcontinent but with different forms of name. Sour yogurt and Sweet yogurt are the two common flavor forms of yogurt which are often used by women as a part of cosmetics in India and Pakistan. Many people prepare yogurt by themselves at home which is more beneficial for health. It is known as a probiotic which means for life i.e it results in health benefit if eaten in adequate amount. Consumption of yogurt is proven to be advantageous as well as impressive for health be it either young or old in many ways.



Yogurt provides nutrients like calcium, protein, riboflavin, B group vitamins,folic acid, etc.
Calcium absorption in the body is increased due to the live active ingredients present in the yogurt and around 8 serves of yogurt gets more calcium in the body than the same volume of milk can.
Yogurt is a rich source of protein because it contains 20 per cent more of protein than the volume of milk. Proteins in the yogurt is often called “pre-digested” because during fermentation these proteins of the milk become easy to digest.
The lactic acid in yogurt helps in digestion of milk calcium to make it easier in absorbing.
Since yogurt supplies many vitamins, the mineral absorption is enhanced.



Few researches have proven that consuming 2 cups of yogurt daily decreases the cholesterol which is said to be because of the live nutrients present in the yogurt that assimilate the cholesterol formation and fights infections in the bloodstream.
The reports even explored that those people who took yogurt pro-biotic, their cholesterol level had reduced by 6.3 per cent as compared to those who took medications.



Antibiotics in the yogurt not only kill the bad harmful bacteria but even kill the good heavy bacteria present right in the intestines before reaching the kidneys and urogenital system which means they are being killed at the very beginning. The live active bacterial nutrients in the yogurt help to restore the intestine with helpful bacteria before the harmful ones forms in it. Thus, it is prescribed to take at least 2 cups of yogurt to a person who is seeking antibiotic treatment.
In a 1999 research study of Pediatrics showed that the lacto bacillus organisms present in the yogurt help to cure the antibiotic associated diarrhea.



Many viral and allergic gastrointestinal problems affect the lining of the intestines specially the cells producing the lactase that are enzymes which digest lactose or milk thus, causing temporary lactose absorption difficulty. Thus, if this happens with children then they are not able to consume milk after a month or 2. Here, yogurt is considered to be less lactose and more lactase which is consumed well by healing the intestines and contains the essential nutrients for the healing of diarrhea. Even studies conducted by researches has shown that consuming yogurt by the children help them to recover from diarrhea faster. It minimizes the formation of antibiotic friendly bacteria in the intestines. Many pediatricians recommend eating yogurt to those children and people who suffer from any kind of indigestion and even those people who cannot have lactose can have yogurt as it’s in a pre-digested form.



The live active bacterial nutrients in the yogurt are proven to fight off the infections which are present in the bloodstream of white cells. Thus, consuming yogurt helps in killing the harmful bacteria as along with the fungi so that it could not get absorbed through the bloodstream.
According to researched studies, people who consume 2 cups of yogurt for 3 months they produce higher levels of immunity boosting cells and even the yogurt contains a factor that has got some anti-tumor effects in the experimental animals.
The lacto bacillus in yogurt strengthens the intestine; maximize the nutrients that are needed by the body to absorb ensuring the digestive system to be healthy which in turn boosts the immune system.



An individual often takes more amount of salt than recommended which may lead to hypertension, kidney or heart disease. Thus the potassium present in the yogurt helps to absorb and flush out some amount of sodium from the body. According to the analysis’s, people who consumed at least one cup of yogurt every three day were less likely to develop high blood pressure than the ones who didn’t ate at all.
But it has been shown that the people who consume yogurt without any blood pressure medication have benefited more than the ones who took medication and yogurt together.
So if the people take yogurt as a part of the healthy diet it will help them to stay away from the haunting of high blood pressure because higher the intake of yogurt lower the case of blood pressure and hypertension.



People facing problem in consuming milk either due to lactase intake can replace it with the intake of yogurt due to its fermenting process which makes it more digestible than milk. The live active nutrients forms lactase which the lactose intolerant people lack helping them to absorb it easily. Other enzyme like the beta galactoside present in some yogurts makes it easier to absorb lactose in the lactose deficient persons.
According to pediatrics, children who are not able to consume milk can consume yogurt without any intestinal disturbance. And yogurt contains less lactose and more lactase than milk.



Eating 18 doses of yogurt can help to reduce weight and give flat abs. According to University of Knoxville studies have shown that people who ate this much of yogurt along with burning their total calories of yogurt have lost 22 per cent more weight and 81 per cent of more tummy fat than the people who did diet skipping their snack. They have even loosed one third more calorie torching lean muscle mass that helps an individual to maintain weight loss.
Eating yogurt on a daily basis makes the calcium help the belly to pump out less cortisol and the amino acids burn the fat making it easier for us to lose weight.
Thus, along with reducing obesity problems it even helps in boosting the overall metabolism.



Women can get yeast or candida overgrowth in the vagina’s specially the women suffering from diabetes. Antibiotics only balance the good or bad yeast in the body. Thus, it is important to maintain a healthy diet of a wide variety of foods that contain natural bacteria and yeasts and for which yogurt is considered to be the best form of yeast replace for the vaginal as well as intestinal infections.
Various studies and researches have been conducted regarding the health benefit of yogurt for the vaginal infection where some studies showed that seven diabetic women with chronicle candida vaginitis consumed 6 ounces of frozen sweet yogurt per day that reduced their yeast infections.
Another study took place in Jewish Medical Center where it was found that women suffering from yeast vaginal infections after consuming Lacto bacillus acidophilus yogurt daily for six months experienced a threefold decrease in the infections and continued it even after.
Some research even said that eating at least 8 ounces of yogurt with live active nutrients reduces the formation of yeast organisms in the vagina and decrease the incident of yeast vaginal infection.



Yogurt contains lacto bacteria that helps in fostering a healthy colon and prevent from colon cancer. Lacto bacteria are a kind of intestine friendly bacteria which promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the colon reducing the chances of colon diseases. These intestine friendly bacteria destroy the harmful microorganisms in the colon before they become carcinogenic. Calcium present in the yogurt binds cancer producing bile acids which keep them away from irritating the colon walls and prevents excess growth of cells lining in the colon.
People consuming high rate of calcium diets suffer from low rate of colorectal cancer. For senior citizens who have run out of lactase and have more sensitive colons, for them yogurt is considered to be a valuable and best form of food as it makes it easy for them to digest.


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