Top 10 Adventurous Sports One must Try

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If you are in search of a little more thrill, little more excitement and little more adventure in your life then there is nothing better than trying some of the adventures sports in the world. These sports will spike up your adrenaline and give stimulation in your life. If you are an adventure seeking person then these are the sports you really have to try once.

10. Hiking

If you are the one who does not like to travel the beaten path and is in love with doing something adventurous and fun hiking is for you. If you love to walk for long miles and enjoy the scenery around why not go on hiking. Alone or with friends it is certainly a fun thing to do in our life at least ones. The climbing, the elevation, it will all offer you a release from the boredom. Pack your bag with the minimum requirements to go on hiking.

9. Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping can be the best way to get the adrenaline rush you might be missing in other sports activities. Jumping from a high cliff or a high building or even from a moving plane with a elastic rope tied on your body is such a cool idea of something adventurous. If you are the daring one then bungee jumping from “The Royal Gorge Bridge” is what you have to do!

8. Hand- Gliding

One of the most adventurous aerial sport is hand gliding. if you dream of flying in the endless sky this sport is for you. You will be harnessed to the wing foot and then you just have to jump of a cliff and feel like a bird. To move in different directions you need to control your body weight. The rousing part is that there is no one controlling it, no motor, no other human being but you!

7. Sky diving

Something you will surely love if you are adventurous. Also called as parachuting it is an action sport where you jump of a moving air plane and return back to the earth (of course with the help of gravity) with the help of a parachute during the last period of your downward fall. It sounds so exciting and it sure is very thrilling. It’s a little dangerous though as alone in US 21 skydivers die each year. Don’t you chicken out reading this because it is so awesome and one must try this at least once in their lifetime.


6. Dirt biking

Only if you know cycling, dirt biking is one of he most exhilarating sport you can do. If you are tired of mountain biking and cycling races your next step to do something gripping is dirt biking. Surely there are no pedals that will make your bike run on the uneven, treacherous path but you need a good amount of upper body strength to ensure you remain on the track. Until you do not have a full control of your bike doesn’t think of flipping it around or showing some of your cool bike moves.

5. Scuba Diving

If you are water lovers and just small dips and swimming is not enough for you to let your love out for water, then scuba diving will help you. Even if you are not a great swimmer you still will love this adventurous activity. Exploring the deep oceans, swimming besides fishes and the underwater caves will leave you mesmerized. A few lessons and you are good to go to explore the oceans.

4. Kayaking

Kayaking is a water adventure sport where you use a kayak to move across the waters. If you are looking for some water and some adventure with a little workout, rent a kayak for yourself, got to the river and just paddle away to find the peace.

3. Skiing

Skiing is not only a recreational game but it is also a competitive sport in which one attaches his boots to the skis and moves on the snow. This sport was initially a way for people to move in areas with rich snow, later it became a recreational activity and a competitive game. Travelling in chilling cold on the long runners will delight you.

2. Rock climbing

This is the only sport on the list which you can enjoy both indoors and outdoors. Today many gyms offer you rock climbing and it help to build the upper body strength. You need not worry if you are not living near a mountain to try it. This is not for the people who are afraid of heights and they might find it too scary to even try. A real rush this activity can be if you follow the proper safety precautions.

1. Surfing

Another water adventure sport which is quite a tough job to learn and to master is surfing. But once you learn it, no other sport will seem to be thrilling to you. It is a surface water sport in which the surfer rides on the high waves which moves towards the shore. If you do not work out much then initially this sport can be a shock to your muscles, it will rock your body from the head to the toe.


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