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Ever since America became the world’s major superpower it has emphasized a lot in making allies. In order to prove its dominance in the world, it needs the help of the allies who can be trusted to stand by them. Having a good relationship with so many nations has given an edge to the United States among others in the race of dominance. Allies are assets not the liabilities. This is very well clear in the mind of the United States government and so each year they take several steps to please their allies.

In the current scenario, there are some countries in every continentwhich are in a good relation with the United States. Although because of the recent events and the political decisions taken by the US government this list has shortened but still there are many nations that the United States can count on, to stay with them in the times of crisis. There are various advantages of having an ally as it helps the nations to work together in various fields such as military, intelligence, science and technology, trade and academics. Here we have prepared a list of the ten such countries who are America’s top most allies in the year 2013. Take a look.

10. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Right from the year 1933, United States have had a diplomatic relation with Saudi Arabia. In their relationship of eighty years there were many moments when the political decision of both these countries affected their relationships. When the United States was attacked by the terrorists in November 2001, the Saudi Arabian government extended its hand to join US in its war against terrorism. A number of US presidents have publicly stated their happiness with the Saudi Arabia – United States relationship. The Saudi Arabian Army gets most of their arms and ammunition from the US. In recent years they have extended their relationship beyond the war on terrorism and oil. Today 3.5% of the foreigners in America who are pursuing the higher educations are from Saudi Arabia.

9. Russia


Soon after the disintegration of the USSR, Russia and United States started the peace talks and as a result today they are helping each other in various filed which ranges from science and technology to the academics. Russia is now one of the major superpowers in the world and to assure the stability of the world’s economy, US wants their relationship to be in peaceful terms. The government of both this country recently signed the cybersecurity pact whose prime goal is to ensure the cyber security in the world. Further they are also working together in various space programs and are determined to cut the number of nuclear weapons which is a result of their Anti Proliferation deal.

8. Egypt


As a result of the United States government’s diplomatic pressure in the year 1956, France and Britain withdrew their troops from Egypt. They were making their move to seize the Suez Canal. This marked the beginning of the Egypt United States friendship. Despite going through some of the rough patches in their diplomatic relationship, both these countries have continued to fight against terrorism and have been focused on spreading peace. Each year the United States provides military and economic significant amount to Egypt in and helps in its progress.

7. Turkey


The relation between the United States and Turkey has been friendly since 1943 when the Second Cairo Conference was held. Their political relation declined in the last five years because of the Iraq War. According to the Turkey government the destabilization of Iraq resulted into troubles for Turkey and that is why they opposed the United States war against the Iraq. However this has not affected the collaboration of these two countries in other areas and they have worked together to meet their common goals. Recently the Prime Minister of Turkey, Receo Tayyip Erdogan visited the United States with the aim to straighten their ties.

6. Mexico


Mexico and United States are one of the most peaceful neighbours and they have been friend for such a long time now. Over the years both these countries have signed various treaties which have resulted into even stronger relationship between them. Both of these countries have similar culture and lifestyle. The North American Free Trade Agreement has resulted in a steep rise in trade between these two countries. So today United States is the largest trading partner of Mexico. Currently more than 1 million United States citizens are living in Mexico. They have been there for each other in need for an hour.

5. Israel


The relationship of the United States and Israel has a major impact on the policies of the American government in the Middle East. The government of both these countries has given huge importance to each other and are working together to spread peace and harmony in the Middle East. In the past Israel obtained substantial economic assistance from the United States. Currently the American government provides military assistance to them. This is the reason Israel has been successful in establishing itself as one of the powerful military nation. Israel was one of the two original non NATO allies of the United States which has now expanded to seven in the Middle East.

4. Germany


When we look at the Germany’s relation with the countries outside the European Council, the United States is at the top spot. They both have a transatlantic relation between them. These two countries have always respected the work ethics and have worked sincerely in fortifying their relationship. Both of them are the joint NATO members due to which they have a very strong military collaboration. The United States Army has one of its bases in Southern Germany. Their economic relation is important for both of them as it is a major source of employment in both the country. Germany’s 50% foreign investment goes to the US. The government of both these countries has co-operated with each other even in the field of academics and intelligence.

3. France


Considered as the oldest United States ally, France is at the number third spot. France stood by the United States and played a major role in the American Revolutionary War and this has been the major reason that the government of these two countries has always been keen on carrying forward this relationship. Both these countries have collaborated on various occasions with the result of which both of them have been benefitted. There were some matters on which their views were not on the same track but when Nicolas Sarkozy became president of France in the year 2007, the France government took the necessary step towards rebuilding a friendlier relation with the United States.

2. Great Britain

Great Britain

Great Britain and United States have been close to each other since a very long time. When you look at the history there was a time when Britain ruled over the colonies in the United States. And so they have very similar language, culture and the legal system. With the peacekeeping effort made by both the nations gradually their relationship has improved. In recent times, they are one of the major supporters of each other. According to the British Foreign Policy they term their relation with the United States as “Most Important Bilateral Relationship”. Today they co-operate each other in the field of trade, finance, military intelligence and technology. Together they have been carried out many peacekeeping missions in various parts of the world.

1. Canada


The top most United States ally is its neighbor country Canada. The strong relationship between them is more than two centuries old. Both these countries share the longest free border in the world. These two nations have always stood for each other and have supported one another in hard times. This relationship has been of mutual benefit. They both have allowed immense trade opportunities and that is why presently they are the largest trading partner in the world. This has resulted in improved economic conditions. Government of both these countries has been found working together on many issues such as the intelligence, security, technology and so on.


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