Top 10 America’s Best Natural Water Falls

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Waterfalls are basically formed due to falling of water from a height or melting of icebergs and falling from height in a vertical position. They are usually found at high mountain regions. View of a waterfall is beautiful to watch and gives our eyes an immense pleasure and satisfaction. People often visit waterfalls to relax themselves or even for recreation. Some waterfalls even have myths behind their formation. United States of America is a very beautiful country and has many beautiful places which are worth visiting. It also has a lot of waterfalls which are just splendid to watch. This article will give a list of the top 10 most beautiful waterfalls that are situated in United States of America and also the information about the myths associated with them and facts and figures about them.


Marvel Cave

Marvel Cave Waterfall is located inside the Marvel Cave which is situated in Missouri. Marvel Caves consists of many rooms and passages which possess not only waterfalls but also lakes, low hanging clouds, different types of rocks, bats, and many more different varieties of flora and fauna species. Waterfalls can be found in the Spring Room and the Waterfall Room. Waterfalls in the Waterfall room originate from an underground stream which is called as the Lost River whereas the waterfalls which are in the Spring Room are considered as the holy falls whose water is assumed to be magical in nature and are thus considered as the Fountain of Youth. Falls in the Spring Room appears as if rain is falling from the top. Because of mythical beliefs the falls of the Marvel Caves are one among the best falls that are found in America.


Turner Falls in Oklahoma

Turner Falls are found in Oklahoma in USA and are considered as the tallest falls of the Oklahoma. These falls were discovered by Mazeppa Thomas Turner in 1878 and are thus named on him. Turner Falls Park has been built along with the Turner Falls and thus these falls now cascade into a natural pool which is inside the Turner Falls city park. This city park associated with the falls make these falls as one of the most popular tourist attractions. With the relaxing view of the falls, the advantage of a recreation park is also associated with the falls which thus makes these falls as one among the top 10 best falls that are worth seeing in America.


Multnomah Falls near the Columbus River, Oregon, USA

Multnomah Falls are situated in Oregon in United States of America. These falls travel through two steps while falling and thus have a total height of 189 m or 620 feet which is indeed very high and thus makes these falls as the tallest in Oregon and the second year round tallest waterfall in United States of America. Source of water of the Multnomah waterfall is either underground springs or rainwater. There is even a tunnel and a rest area under the road which makes it possible for the tourist to take the splendid view of the falls. Because of the location and view, these falls are popular tourist spot and are thus counted among the top best falls of USA.


malchite falls

Malachite Falls are located in Washington in USA. These falls are 600 feet in height and the source of water from which they are formed is of Malachite Lake and copper Lake. The primary form in which these falls fall is of a horsetail which is visible even from miles away from the location of the waterfall. These falls are best viewed from May to August as during these months their flow is considered as the best of all times. Because of the stunning and beautiful location Malachite waterfall is considered as one of the best in the northwest which also makes this fall one among the top best waterfalls of America at any time of the year.


havasupai falls

Havasupai Falls are so called as they are situated one and a half mile from Supai in Arizona, United States of America. They are also referred to as Havasu Falls and are one of the most popular and most viewed falls which thus makes them a famous tourist destination. Havasu Falls are famous for the natural pools which are created by them due to mineralization. The color of the falls is varying and is usually of the shades of green and blue. These falls make a good picnic spot as people can also swim in these falls and the pools created by them. It even has a small shelter behind it which makes it all the more astonishing and thus one of the best waterfalls of America.


bridal veil falls

Bridalveil Falls are located in Yosemite Valley in California in USA. The height of the waterfall is around 188 meters. There are many myths associated with these falls. One of them states that these falls are home to a spirit whose name was Pohono and who guarded the entry area of the valley. Also there is a myth that one should not see directly into the fall else that person will be cursed. It is also believed that if one would inhale the mist of these falls then there are improved chances of that person’s marriage. Source of water of these falls is Ostrander Lake. Beautiful location of Yosemite National Park and various myths related with these falls make them a popular tourist spot and thus one of the best among many falls that are found in America.


yosemite falls

Yosemite falls are found in the Yosemite National Park in California. They are 2,425 feet in height and thus are the highest waterfall found in North America and secures the sixth position of the tallest falls in the world. These falls have two steps and are thus divided in three sections known as Upper Falls, Middle Cascades and Lower Falls. There are also many legends related with these falls which states that the pool situated at the base of the falls is haunted with spirits of many witches. These myths and the location of the falls within the Yosemite National Park help them to secure its place among the best counted falls of United States of America.



McWay Falls are situated in California in USA. These falls is one among the very few falls that are emptied directly into the sea. The height of these falls is not very tall and is only 80 feet. Since these falls are located at the beach, so it makes them even more popular among tourists. Since the base of these falls is an ocean so it is not possible for the people to reach them from bottom as there is no availability of land but the waterfall can be viewed from the top. However, tourists can visit the bottom through boat is they want. Because of the astonishing and eye catching location of the falls, they are the most visited and thus one of the best known falls of USA.


yellow stones lower falls

Yellowstone’s Lower Falls are situated in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA. They are 308 feet in height and the source of water of these falls is Yellowstone River. These falls can be viewed from many points of the Yellowstone National Park. Thus because of the beautiful surroundings of these falls, they are very popular and are thus considered as one of the best waterfalls of USA.



Niagara Falls consists of three falls which are the Horseshoe Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and the American Falls. These are glacial falls and are very wide since they are formed collectively by three falls. They are situated at the border of Ontario, Canada and New York in United States of America. They are not only considered as a recreational spot because of its beauty but are also used to generate power. Because of its commercial, recreational and industrial uses they are considered as the best waterfalls of United States of America.


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