Top 10 Anniversary Gift Ideas for your Wife

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An anniversary, a birthday, a valentine, are the special days in a woman’s life. A man may not value these days so much as his better half will. A woman is always particular of these days. These are her special days, days that she wants to spend with her beloved, her family. She wants to make these days special, and she is easily upset if her expectations are not met. A woman’s life is a collage of little things, and anniversaries are one of those little things that make her collage complete. Making her day memorable is certainly not cakewalk, one needs to put in some labors. But why not? She is after all the most essential part of a man’s life. Gift her, make her happy, and mark her day with your love and care. But, when celebrations are round the corner, men often get confused and frustrated with what to do for their lady love. Gifts and surprise are not a man’s cup of tea.

Below are Top Ten Anniversary Gift Ideas for your Wife – 

10. Cook for her/ Candle light dinner

cook for her or candle light dinner

Cooking is always associated with women. Why not get into her shoes for a day and prepare meals for her. A man, who can cook for his wife, can perhaps do the greatest thing to make her happy. Cook for her yourself, or arrange a candle light dinner outside. The gift lies in entering in what is her domain conventionally. If a man takes charge of food for one day, only one time, he gives sufficient happiness to his wife. Take her to some far off, beautiful place, for a romantic candle light date, or create that ambiance within the house, and cook yourself. This is one really amazing anniversary gift for your wife, that is romantic, considerate and adorable.

9. Perfume / Fragrance

perfume or fragrance

Add to her dressing table and make her happy. Gift a nice perfume. Perfumes are magically effective as a gift. Take care of her choice in fragrances, some women like strong smelling fragrance while others prefer sweet and mild ones. Buy her a sophisticated, pleasant perfume and aromatize her day. Perfumes are no doubts a wonderful gift. Whenever she wears it, its scent will remind you of her and bring you closer.

8. Surprise party

surprise party

Surprise your wife. Make her happy. Call her relatives and friends and add grandeur to the event. Let her feel special. When you organize something really big and unpredictable, she will surely feel loved and valued. Let her suddenly into a party that is all for her. A surprise party is not easy to plan, for you have to hide things from her and manage everything individually. But eventually it is worth the effort.

7. Gadgets


Women are not mostly gadget freaks. But even if she is not, teach her how to use them. Buy her one latest gadget, with the most advanced features, and make her feel special. Men are often into gadgets, so this way you can help your lady feel more connected to you. Buy her the best phone or laptop or tablet or whatever and acquaint her with its feature. And if your wife is also tech savvy like you, it’s an icing to the cake, since then what can be better than gifting her a trendy gadget?

6. Get her portrait

get her portrait

Every woman is beautiful in her own way. Let your wife know this that you love her for what she looks like. If you are yourself an artist, it’s a boon, paint/sketch her. And if not, get a picture of her painted/sketched by an artist. It is one of the exotic gifts that can be given to your beloved. Frame her portrait and present it to her on your anniversary. It can be made lovelier if you get a couple portrait for her. A photograph too can serve this purpose, but the essence of art that a handmade picture will contain, can’t be substituted. This is a brilliant gift to show your love and admiration for your wife.

5. Outing/ vacation

outing or vacation

Women look after her home and family even if she is working outside. She never complains and gives selflessly. Certainly, only because she does not demand doesn’t mean she does not need. She really needs a change, a break. Your wife constantly looks after your requirements and puts her best to keep you happy. Gift her a break from this schedule. Take her out somewhere. A very nice anniversary gift can be to take your wife on an outing, for a day or two, or for a long vacation to some beautiful place. Spend time with her, love her, look after her, and reciprocate her love to you. Giving your time this way is one excellent manner to celebrate anniversary with your sweetheart.

4. New Clothes

new dress

A women’s closet is always close to her heart. It’s a crucial part of her life. What she wears is a mark of her personality and a definition of her character. Her clothes are integral to her. Gifting clothes to a woman can never be a fiasco. Gift your wife a new dress, try to figure out what is the latest cloth she wants and buy it for her. This will make her really pleased.  Gifting your wife with new clothes is one of the simplest yet most effective present.

3. Wrist watch

wrist watch

Accessories are other best friends of the females. A wrist watch is one classy, elegant and pretty thing to give your wife. Make her day special, by decorating her graceful arms with a wrist watch. It will undoubtedly make her happy. Select one for her yourself, women always want their partners to attempt choosing things for them and taking decisions. A little effort from you in the mall can really brighten up her day and make for a lovely anniversary gift.

2. Finger ring/ other jewelry

Finger ring or other jewelry

Jewelries are unbeatable gifts for a woman. If you have a fine budget, without another thought go buying her jewelry. The real beauty of a jewel shows up when worn by a woman. The best jewelry to gift your wife is a finger ring. Bend on your knees and make things typical. Add meaning to the anniversary by proposing her again with a ring. Other than that, a beautiful pendant or an elegant necklace set can also be gifted. She will always cherish this jewel more than any other.

1. Marry her again

marry her again

Marriage is undoubtedly the most important and special event of every person’s life. But it is always a little more important for a woman. For a lady, it is more significant for many reasons. Marriage in her life is relevant in an absolutely unique way. A man resumes his previous life only with an addition of a person that is her wife. With this addition, his life is only made simpler and more organized. But a woman leaves behind her previous life and enters a new life where she lives for her husband. Her life becomes entirely devoted to her other half. Marriage is always remarkable and memorable for her. It becomes an inevitable change in her life. Recreating that day in her life is the most wonderful way to gift her. On an anniversary, the best way to celebrate is to respect your wife by marrying her again. If you offer to marry her once again, it will reflect how you have fallen in love with that woman all over again, how much you respect her and appreciate her position in your life. For women, these immaterial happiness are the most valuable and exceptional ones. Marry her again, in no matter a big or small ceremony, the grandness of a remarriage to the same person lies in that very fact. Invite a few close ones and marry her with all traditions, or make it as grand as the original day, both are equally adorable.


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  1. Marcie Clayton

    April 1, 2014 6:05 pm

    Dreamlines anniversary gift is one of my favorite gifts to have ever received. They sketched my wedding dress and bouquet. My husband did great! They really helped him through the whole process. He was so excited to give this to me.

  2. KevinWasHere

    March 16, 2015 7:32 pm

    Very cute and thoughtful! Only thing missing if I were to add to this top 10 would be some luxurious underwear from “The Enclosed”. They offer a monthly subscription of beautifully wrapped panties in a bed of flowers.

  3. Bonnie

    April 21, 2015 3:57 pm

    An anniversary sundial is also a good idea…my husband got me one that sits on the window sill and makes rainbows in the room when the sun shines. It was made just for me by the guy who designed it, and he put a special date line on it that the sun shadow follows on our anniverasary each year – I love it!

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