Top 10 Awesome Actors Who Didn’t Win an Oscar

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The Oscars can send shiver down the spines of many actors who anticipate a nomination every year for this coveted award that is a lifetime achievement to be remembered in the pages of history.  Initiated in 1929, The Academy Awards or infamously known as The Oscars is a globally recognised award for cinematic achievements. Winning an Oscar needs the winner to literally be an embodiment of impressive skills in the eyes of the very tough jury. However, it is sad that inspite of all its considerations, the Oscars definitely have played slump when it has come to answering questions as to why some of the world renowned actors failed to bag one.

Does ‘The Oscars’ see favouritism-peeked jury reviews? Is talent going unnoticed? If so, who are those well-deserved names that the hall of fame of The Oscars has failed to recognise? The controversy of Mahatma Gandhi not having received a Nobel Prize never died down and will never do for his name is taken with a sense of awe and respect across global communities. Similar is the case for some actors who haven’t made it to the elite club. Let us look at some of them who need be applauded for their contribution to the cinema industry.

10. Kiera Knightley

Kiera Knightley

Being the only Non-American in the list of high-paid actresses sure calls for some appreciation at the least.  Kiera Knightley is best known for her performance in the global blockbuster ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ that earned her an Academy Award Nomination but she lost it. She has had a long acting career since childhood, appearing on many commercials through agents, working on short films before entering the cinema world.  She achieved critical recognition after her performance in The Hole and Bend It Like Beckham. Her performances run across many genres of films like romantic drama, chronicles, period dramas, etc.

9. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

For over 25 years he has been one of the megastars of the movie world that unfortunately has not been tall enough to grab an Oscar. Tom Cruise is synonymous with great ‘greats’ ever born in the cinema industry. He rose to fame with the movie ‘Top Gun’ and is well known for the ‘Mission Impossible’ series. Nominated for 3 Academy awards and having won 3 Golden Globe awards the actor is yet to taste the glory of winning an Oscar and with numerous blockbusters to his name, this should not have been impossible up until now.  As an actor and a producer, Tom Cruise has made his stand in the global film industry and let’s just wait for the big guy to receive an Oscar soon enough.

8. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

It is said that Leonardo DiCaprio was named so because his mother for the first time felt his kick in her womb as she was watching the portrayal of Leonardo Da Vinci at a museum in Italy.  And thus was born the starrer of colossal blockbusters like Titanic and Inception. He entered the film world acting through soap operas.  If Titanic is still fresh in our minds, then Leonardo’s performance only embellishes our memory.  His brilliant performance in Inception and the Great Gatsby proves that it is time the actor be acknowledged with an Oscar.  Nominated 3 times for the Academy Awards, the actor is yet to reap success in snatching it from the tough jury.

7. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey

One of the best comedians ever, Jim Carrey’s performance in The Mask, Liar Liar and Bruce Almighty are commendable pieces of work for which an Academy Award should have landed in his hands which apparently has not.  The Canadian Actor is regarded as one of the high profile performers of Hollywood. ‘The Truman Show’ was an international success and inspite of expectations that he would win an Oscar for his remarkable character portrayal, he did not receive one.

6. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Frequently noted as one of the most attractive man of the age, the actor is short of an Oscar having being nominated four times. His movies namely ‘Seven’ and ‘12 Monkeys’ are among the critically acclaimed blockbusters. He also owns a production company, Plan B Entertainment that produced his Academy Award nominated movie, Moneyball and Troy, the biggest financial success in his career. Brad Pitt is married to Angelina Jolie. He has received 4 Academy Award nominations and also 5 Golden Globe nominations, winning one.

5. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Born on June 1, 1926 Marilyn Monroe is often seen as one of the classic sex symbols of the American film industry. She made her career into films through modelling before making a notable performance in All About Eve in the year 1950. She also had received Golden Globe Award for the film Some Like it Hot. Although her strong portrayal of seductiveness was hailed as an effort of great acting skills, she never really conjured an Academy Award nomination, let alone an Academy Award. Even though so, she is ranked 6th in the list of all time great female stars by the American Film Institute.

4. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Who possibly is not a fan of Captain Jack Sparrow from the worldwide blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean? One of the big budget movie series ever made, Johnny Depp was a vital part of its success with his acting beyond ordinary imagination. His roles in ‘Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street’ and ‘Finding Neverland’ are some of his other standpoint successes that built the foundation for his recognition as an esteemed actor of the 21st century, worldwide. The actor is known to be very selective of his movies. He has acted in various genres especially The Chocolate Factory and his latest release The Lone Ranger. He also plans to return to a fifth installment of The Pirates of the Caribbean series. The 50 year old actor is yet to receive an Oscar for his distinguished performances over the years. He is also considered the sexiest man alive by fan bases across the world.

BTW Did you know Johnny Depp is one of the richest actors in the world?

3.  Glenn Close

Glenn Close

Six Academy Award nominations waved by her as Glenn Close holds a record for most nominations without a win in the female category.  She was nominated for Dangerous Liaisons, Fatal Attraction and Albert Nobbs. Her 1984 appearance in Something About Amelia garnered positive response. She is also well known for her TV series roles such as in The Shield. Having a long list of nominations namely 14 Emmy nominations and 13 Golden Globe nominations, she is one of the most versatile actors Hollywood has ever seen.

2. Peter O’Toole

Peter O Toole

Probably, one of the most talented actors of the bygone century, Peter O’Toole will always be remembered for his performance in “Lawrence of Arabia” which is considered by a vast majority of critics the best movie ever to be made in the film history. Peter O’Toole holds the record for the most number of Academy Award nominations without a win which clearly proves that an Oscar sometimes just slips by, by a slip of fate. His nominations include performances in The Lion in Winter, Venus, My Favourite Year, etc. He also has under his name four Golden Globe Awards. The Irish actor however received an Honorary Academy Award for his unmatched contribution to theatre, drama and film industries and still considers himself to be in the game.

1.  Richard Burton

Richard Burton

Being nominated 7 times , 6 of them being for the role of a lead actor and still not winning one – Well, that’s how it all ended with Richard Burton, a man who inspite of no professional training  as an actor was one of the highest paid actors of his time. He made his entry into the film industry with ‘My Cousin Rachel’ that caught the eye of critics. He also featured in ‘The Desert Rats’ and ‘The Robe’ which were critically acclaimed. He was also equally interested in studio performances although the Welsh actor later discontinued it to focus on films. It is said that he once cited that his off-the-line comments on Hollywood during the shooting of ‘The Robe’ could be a reason he was never awarded with an Oscar.


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