Top 10 Awesome Gifts you can give your Girlfriend this Valentine’s Day

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Well , Valentine’s Day is celebrated in most parts of the world , on Feb 14th . Its history goes this way – It is celebrated in remembrance of a roman saint Valentine  who performed the weddings of war soldiers ,which was forbidden back then in the 3rd century. Where there is love , there is an accompanying emotion – hatred ,anger and jealousy. And so , he was jailed and martyred. While in the jail people  used to meet him secretly and bring him flowers. He fell in love with Julia , the jailer’s daughter and gave her eyesight. Day before  his execution, valentine wrote the first ‘ valentine ‘ card signed “your valentine ” to julia. That”s how giving greeting cards on valentines day came into action. she planted an almond tree on his grave , which now stands as a symbol of love , sacrifice and friendship.

Since then , every year lovers expressed their love for each other by giving flowers , greeting cards , chocolates as gifts to each other on this day. Basic symbols of valentine’s day are a heart shaped outline ,  doves and winged cupid.

One more dimension to the story is , to Christianize  Lupercalia , a fertility festival , church has modified it into Valentine’s day. Interestingly , the month of February is the time of the year when birds mate (funnily spoken of as the time when birds marry).It is said that in ancient Rome ,men and women drew names from a jar , to make couples on this day. In Ireland , a mysterious person called Jack  used to give treats – chocolates to kids on this day.

The church also provides optional right of “renewal of marriage vows” on this day.Traditionally Valentine’s day is celebrated to remember all your friends and not just loved ones/romantic love. Coming to the most awesome gifts you can give your girlfriend on this day – Any girl would just want you around her all day. But still , the list goes without saying :

10.    Key chain – key to my heart .

Giving your Love , the key to your heart sounds romantic doesn’t it ? If you have newly met your girlfriend , this could be a good way to tell her that you love her so much so that you can give her the entire room in your heart , after all the keys are hers J .

9.    Valentine pencil toppers  :


Men generally love funny , confident , stylish girls or whatever . So are you creative , innovative and artistic ? Then  this is the best way to tell her what all you feel for her . You can even give her similar articles like watches , pink heart sunglasses  , US love stamp , Moserbaer heart shaped pen-drive , books  of love , string of hearts , napkin rose , curtain of hearts. But mind you , In japan Men are expected to give a gift two or more times the gift received on valentine’s day. Not returning a gift , is considered as an act of superiority , even when excuses are made. Giving a gift of equal value is considered as a way of saying that you are cutting off the relationship.

8.    Jungle wrist bands – Valentine , I’m wild about you .

Bracelets , bangles , bands – are something almost every girl would sport . Estella , Peora , Rukhsaar , Zoey are among the most worn types of bands . But ever thought of this wild idea ? You could give your GF a jungle wrist band and then tag it with I ‘m wild about you . This would definitely bring a blush on her face J . She would definitely be crazy about you . Ahem Ahem , at-least to some extent .

7.   Valentine Card :

Guys , if you want your girlfriend to “ Answer  love on this day ” do give her a valentine card . You could further use an iota of your creativity and give her the  The write card – a pencil with a card – “you are just write (right 😉 ) for me ” . Or even a a scale with a card – “Valentine you rule” .

6.     Box of Chocolates and flowers

The tradition of giving chocolates  came into existence because of the advertisements given by candy manufacturing companies. Faulty ads as you can say have created a custom that  in China only men give chocolates to women. Similarly in Japan , only woman give white chocolates to men. Anyways , all women like chocolates at a lot. So if you want to give an awesome gift to your gf, give her a box full of Ferrero Rocher chocolates , a personal preference. A bunch of Roses would be a perfect combination.

5.    Jewelry: heart shaped pendent with chain

Girls in any country love jewelry. Jewelry symbolizes an undying love . Girls like to be surprised. They dream about being given meaningful gifts from loved ones and telling their friends it’s from you.  She may have a bunch of jewelry she never wears. But still 80% of the stuff is probably out of date, broken, and can’t be worn. Secondly, a woman can never have too much jewelry.Winks. A platinum chain with a heart shaped pendant is an awesome valentine’s day gift . Or if you are confident about  your relationship lasting forever , you could then venture to give her a ring .

4.       cozy cushions – Dimpy stuffed heart

Well , this is surely an expression of love . Girls generally are addicted to soft cushions. Be it working on the laptop , watching TV , having a chit chat with her friends in her room , or while texting – girls enjoy holding their cushions in their lap. They generally use cushions for sitting ,kneeling upon , to soften the hardness or angularity of a chair , use as fight pillows. Originally a cushion is one of the ancient contents of palaces and great houses of middle ages. Filled with wool , feather , fiber , sand it could be covered with leather too and a fancy patterned style. But this heart shaped dimpy cushion is a special one. So she would definitely cherish this Dimpy stuffed Heart cushion .

3.       Soft toys – Teddy bear :

Aww,  a teddy bear. She’ll love it. They’re cute and cuddly . Ever heard your gf call you “my teddy bear” ? thats right .They love Teddys so much so that they share all their emotions and deepest secrets with this soft toy . Girls love hugging their teddys every now and then . Trust me , it does act as a stress reliever  and a perfect hug everytime .Teddys come in different sizes. So small as in hangable in a car size , baby size , complete adult human size . Best way to impress your girlfriend is by giving her a big teddy.

 2.      scented candles .

You could present her a bunch of scented candles or personally arrange them in her room and create a romantic mood .Girls love the fragrance coming from the candles. You can even place the scented candles all around the bath tub. Scented candles come in a range of delicious fragrances. A few of my favorites include Butter Cream, Vineyard, Harvest, Macintosh, Pumpkin Pie, Tahitian Tiare Flower and Maple Pancakes and Fresh Mint. It makes the atmosphere inviting .

1.      Valentine’s day cake

The best surprise would be a “Happy valentine’s day cake” . Give it different shades of pink , white and red . And place tiny hearts all over it. You could also make a heart-shaped, chocolate buttercream-iced cake and decorate this Valentine’s cake with rosebuds in five shades of red. Trust me this valentine – inspired cake shouts of love. Wafers , Fondant pieces , fresh raspberries for an even more impressive presentation are a delight ! You could even add a crystal bf-gf holding hands and kissing each other , on top of it .


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