Top 10 Awesome Super Powers we Wish we had

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It is said that all powers emanate from one source! What if the powers distributed were supernatural and magical!

Superpowers! They are all  slendered to comics, books, magazines, movies and TV shows as the key attribute of a superhero!

Admit it! Once in your life you must have dreamt of being shaktimaan! The powers that he possessed and the world of fantasy he lived in! Well these abnormal powers are the dream of every person.There’s something fascinating about superheros that make them very much popular  and captures the imagination of the young and the old alike! Not only one can make his dreams come true, but also make the entire world revolve on his fingertip, using these super powers.

Super powers usually are not possessed through any technical or scientific means; it is certainly not natural and baffles ordinary people.  Many forms of fiction feature characters attributed with superhuman, supernatural and paranormal activities have been an inseparable part and tradition of the comics, video games and the TV shows! But to perceive it in practical world is beyond imagination!

Super powers are divided into psychic or magical and spiritual according to the conscious of the individual through whom they are expressing. Ancient cultures have numerous citations where humans have had complete control over their mind and body and the practice continues! Stories of capturing divine and abnormal powers are still audible and the tale goes on and on. To array these powers would certainly be a mind tricking task! The list below has top 10 supernatural powers that a human always wished to boast off.

10. Omnilingualism

Omnilingualism is the ability to understand any form of language. How comfortable it would be to move around the world understanding all the people! The major barrier would be solved and you will be able to ace in all the language subjects! Translation of one’s native language without any effort can realize your dream of a world trip. This super power allows you to communicate your intentions to others without the obligation of a translator or the prerequisite of that specific language!

9. Time Manipulation

Also known as Chronokinesis! It is the ability of a person to control one’s perception of time and may be the time itself through one’s mind! Ever thought of bringing back the gone time! Time manipulation allows you to do so! This superpower would allow good things to last long and awkward and embarrassing things would vanish quickly. Envisage the realm where you can accelerate, slow, stop, rewind and even  loop or rewind! Since time and space are interrelated to each other, by manipulation of time, one can easily distort space accordingly.

8. Astral Projection

This form of power is an interpretation of out of body experience that assumes the existence of an astral body separate from the physical body capable of travelling outside. With this power you would be able to travel vast distances with the mind alone. It is a spiritual ability. It can be reported as an apparitional experience where the spiritual traveler leaves his physical body and travels his subtle body to higher realms ! This kind of practice has been reported in anthropological or ethnographic literature  in classical philosophy and in various myths and religious scriptures.

7. Force Field

Force field is a barrier that would serve the primary aim of protection against intrusions or attacks! It would be great for people who value privacy and their personal space! People would never try to mess up with you because of the shielding that you possess. This power would be ideal during those times when you want to be all alone! Maintaining a force field around you will always threat your enemies and prevent all inappreciable surroundings.

6. Precognition

Life would be at ease with this precognition power! It is the ability to foresee events and predict about them. The famous American Psychic Jeane Dixon was famous for such predictions who allegedly predicted the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Such skill will power you up to sense the danger and save the day by pesky villains before their diabolical plans take root. This is a type of extra sensory perception that would involve the acquisition or effect of future information that cannot be deduced from presently available and normally acquired sense-based information.

5.  Psychometry

It is the alleged psychic ability of retrieving and ‘reading’ information from objects.  Garnering information from a watch or belt without any news of its owner can certainly bring you to limelight and bestow upon you lots of appreciation. Relevant associations from an object with unknown history can certainly help you clue out most of the evidences and you will master all the arts of a detective!  The super power of psychometry has left its traces in the history ! Many people wish to retrieve information about any object they want to! Stories and fairy tales have mentioned the use of psychometry in revealing the true culprit! News and stories of the present surroundings still echo with this power and this  can never be denied that the power is still said to be claimed by many people in the present world!

4. Pyrokinesis

Pyro kinesis is the ability of a person to ignite and extinguish fire with the mind. People who believe in parapsychology have faith in such super natural power. This supernatural power will help you sprint away from peril. You can easily penalize those who have helped you to make your life unyielding. Just think of the heroic moment when you will be the one quenching fire and saving hundreds of life with the help of this power!


Well to communicate through eyes and facial expressions are very common! But what if you possess the power of telepathy! It is the process of communicating with other people with the mind. Such power will aid in preventing danger. Any source of menace to loved ones would easily be communicated to people. You can also carry secret information along with you without any one  knowing. Such information seems to come in different forms like dreams, visions, mental images, hallucination etc. Tales of telepathy between animals and human beings are also common.

2. Invisibility

Imagine you can disappear after committing a notorious task! No one would be able to get hold of you and all police work would be in vain. It would be so adventurous if someone can withhold this power. The most famous invisible cloak was that of Harry Potter! How easy it would be to sneak out of the houses and play pranks on friends and neighbors! Who can forget the escapades and the howling in the famous Bollywood movie Mr. India where the major thrill was the invisibility of Anil Kapoor!

1. Flying

It is the dream of every child to wave high above in the sky just like birds! The aspiration is inculcated in the little as well as elder minds from the very moment they see their favorite comic and cartoon characters. Un-tethered to real world gravity and other physical restraints, the world would seem incredible to us. The flying carpet of Aladdin when realized in real life will be a boon to many people.   It seems marvelous to imagine a world with no traffic jams and where one can easily penetrate the world with a bird’s eye.


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