Top 10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate your Wedding Anniversary

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It doesn’t matter whether your spouse or you are romantic or not, celebrating wedding anniversary is one of the most exciting and fun ways to spice up your marriage. Happy or not, when you are married you ought to make an effort to resemble perfection. Regardless of whether you want it a private affair or the one involving huge pomp and show, the celebration of your anniversary is the celebration of the love between you and your spouse. To renew it you will have to make him/her feel special. What lies more is the immense trust and happiness which will strengthen your marital bonds. Sometimes you are slammed with work, your boss beats the shit out of you and you find it almost impossible to spend time with your better half. There is some obvious stuff which you have been doing since years. It’s time to change for better. Lately if you’re creative juices are not flowing, take a look into this article for some awesome and unique ways to replenish that old love and have your spouse fall over for you once again.

10. Mix CD


You can make each other a CD with songs depicting your love story. The first song when you met, dated, danced or had a dinner date. The playlist will narrate about your feelings to your partner when you fell in love, got married and how you feel about them now. The CD will be a reminder for the days you spent time together and the days you fought like cats and dogs. It will also help in coping with the hard times of your marriage. Nonetheless you will have a good collection of music with both yours and your partner’s favorites.

9. Write love letters


Write to each other a letter every day till the date of your anniversary. Then exchange them on the auspicious day. Read them aloud to each other and try to feel the love. You can also go for scrolls. They are a wonderful way to bring a smile on your partner’s face. You can write about all your memories leading up to the day. Tell them how you feel and appreciate their presence in your lives. There may be pretty little things which you find hard to confess. Write them down on a colorful paper, put it in the envelope, seal it with a kiss and deliver it to your love. It is time to get back to the 80s.

8. Renew your vows


If you didn’t have a grand ceremony for your reception, don’t worry. For you can repeat your wedding vows over a dinner party or a private affair just with your friends and closed-ones. Promising each other a happy life ahead full of love and respect for each other is a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary. A candle-lit dinner and exchange of vows over it sounds for a perfect getaway from the busy and clamorous schedule of life. If you want peace and romance, go for it.

7. Decorate your house


It’s the place where you two took off. Renovate it, redesign it together. If you wish to splurge, try on something useful. This is one of the most practical ways to spend your wedding anniversary together. You will celebrate not only the day but a whole week. If you are too busy for it, try it only on your love-nest, the bedroom. Sometimes a redesign can make your love look ages younger. When we get wrinkles, we go for facial. On similar lines, when your love life is not going so hot after all, reinvent your house. You will be able to spend some quality time together and experience the in sync approach towards your lives.

6. Movie time


Rent your favorite movies and hop in for a movie-a-thon. Don’t forget to include your wedding video in the list. Give your spouse a surprise by showing it to her. He/she will be abashed to see that you still remember the reminiscences of your marriage and have not forgotten the memories. Hold on an all-night video-a-thon. If your eyes get tired don’t put yourself in the trouble of watching more movies just for the sake of it. Sleep off in the arms of your better half. If all other ideas sound a little ambitious for your taste, have your partner pick some movies. In between the movies, discuss what you liked and where you wanted to cry. The flicks would give a hands-on experience and add a nice, thoughtful touch to your night.

5. Hometown tour


What better than childhood memories? Take your spouse to your hometown; go to the nearby park and the school you attended together. The college, the gardens and the food joints will be registered in his/her mind. Swing by the homes, share memories, both good and bad. The childhood memories are never rotten. After the swing, take your partner to the food joint you used to hang out together when young. Order the pizza you used to have, the sundae you two loved to make each other eat and the cocktails over which you shared your deepest secrets. The adventure will help you and your partner better understand the places, people and the experience that defined you.

4. Share it with the kids


Over the afternoon meal, share your love story with your kids. Tell them about the first time you met their dad and how he proposed. Those college days which enhanced your love can be a story of your kids as well. They would love to know about their mom and dad’s sweet sneak out into the college garden and the run offs to the local hangouts. Don’t go about the entire day narrating the how’s and why’s of your relationship status. Give them and yourself a break. Call for a sitter or drop them at your in-laws. After all for your love story to continue, it is important to make time just for the two of you.

3. Hot air balloon ride


When was the last time you did something for the first time? A hot air balloon is on the similar lines. Just the two of you would be scaling the heights, moving through the clouds and holding hands to enjoy the landscape. The hot air balloon rides have become quite common. It wont be a big trouble to get hold on such a place where you can enjoy your time high up in the air with your soul mate. There is no feeling like quite it, nothing on earth can match the magic of floating in air. The sense of being at one with the sky with your life partner beside you and the world gazing up at you is inexpressible.

2. Drive-in movie theater


A big enough yards waiting to be put in use is a perfect sneak out. Nobody will get a whiff of where you are and why are you spending the most beautiful day of your life in such an unromantic manner. Get a projector and a relatively small screen is to be set up in the yard. Pull up your car. Have food and popcorn and candy ready. If there is enough space in your yard, you can even invite other couples or family members to join you in the night out. Or if you want it to be completely personal and private, switch off your cellular, drop your kids at your relatives’ and get in the car.

1. Outdoors


There is a reason why so many couples want to go out on an abroad tour on account of their wedding anniversaries. There are many things in the world which are waiting to be seen and the joy of seeing them together with your spouse will double the fun. It will bring you closer and the memories imprinted will last the rest of your lives. You can sit below the fully bloomed cherry trees of Tokyo, go on an evening stroll around the Eiffel tower, have lunch at the Rodin gardens in Paris or get enchanted by the marble beauty of Taj Mahal in India.


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