Top 10 Baby Essentials

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Almost every one of us is fond of babies. We all love to play with babies and we like all the stuff they do. Babies look very cute but it is not at all easy to handle these cute infants. You need many things to handle them and without these things, it is very difficult of you to handle them.  Therefore, if you are planning to have a baby then this article will help you a lot. Here we have the list of top 10 baby essentials. This article will prepare you will all the things which is essential for a baby.

10. Milk bottle and cover

Milk bottle is something which you will need every third second. Milk bottle has a nipple, which makes it easier for the infant to drink milk from it. The bottle cover is also necessary; it facilitates proper handling of the bottles. Additionally it will help in maintain the temperature of the milk inside the bottle.

9. Plastic sheets

Plastic sheets are very useful because infants can pee anywhere. You can make use of plastic sheets to protect your clothes and bedding  Plastic sheets will not let the liquid penetrate through them. And once the plastic sheet is filled with liquid you can immediately use it again. You just have to wipe the plastic sheet before using it again.

8. Potty seat

Potty seat is very essential for babies and it is very comfortable for babies. Apart from being comfortable potty seats encompasses many attached toys and is equipped with a safety harness.

7. Cushion corners

Cushion corners enhance the safety of an infant when he is playing in a particular area. This is particularly useful when your baby has started crawling. If you leave your baby in an area to play then make sure you make a boundary of cushions around him. This cushion boundary will save him from being injured.

 6. Car seat

Car seat is very important baby stuff. In long journeys, you can use car seat to make the journey more comfortable.  The car seat is not just comfortable for the infant but is also very safe. There is a safety harness present in the car seat, which assures the safety of the infant.

5. Strollers

Strollers are useful when you go somewhere along with your baby. The strollers’ removes the headache of carrying the baby in your hand. When you are going in market, you want your hands to be free so that you can manage all the things. However, if you have baby in your hand then all the things seems to be quite unmanageable. So you should use a stroller while going out.

4. Cradle

Cradle is something, which can give your baby a sound sleep. Since you cannot always carry your baby while he is sleeping so, you need something, which can take your place. Cradle is something with makes the baby feel that he is sleeping in his mother’s arms.  Large varieties of cradle are available in the market. You can select anyone of them according to your need and choice. Additionally cradle is better than bed because bed is unsafe for the babies. While sleeping, Babies have the tendency of turning and spinning, and since beds do not have any margin so they are unsafe.

3. High chairs

High chair is another very important thing you need. It helps you and your infant is alone at home. If you are alone along with your baby and you have a lot of work to do then high chairs will help you. High chairs are very comfortable and safe. You can make your baby sit on high chair while you do your work. This high chair encompasses all mom friendly features like waterproof seat pad, adjustable position tray, detachable toys to play, and a safety harness.

2. Mother bag

Whenever you go somewhere with your baby, you need to carry some diapers along with him. Apart from diapers, there are some other things, which are necessary for the infant like milk bottle, extra clothing and water bottle. For all this, you need a mother bag. Mother bag are available in the market in different sizes and shapes. You can choose a mother bag according to your need.  Mother bags are specifically customized to put in all the baby stuff. The mother bag is bifurcated in different section to make in more manageable.

1. Diapers

Disposable diapers are the most important thing, which is essential when you are handling an infant. There is no count on the number of diapers, which you need. You should keep ample amount of diapers with you. Diapers make your work easier and less problematic.  Large varieties of diapers are available in the market these days. Diapers today are more absorbents and they are customized, according to the need of an infant. Therefore, you can use diapers because they hardly have any side effects. Additionally these diapers are environment friendly and they do not create any sort of pollution.


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