Top 10 Banana’s Benefits for Health

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A simple fruit with a yellow coat and white body inside has a great influence on us. The fruit is adapted in so many ways, right from cool ice creams to the fried chips. The fruit that can be carried very easily and the fruit that is so smooth and soft to eat and last but not least it is a poor man’s fruit as well. Yes, it is the Banana fruit. Every part of banana plant is very useful. And it is even treated as the holy fruit which is used everywhere, be it in temples, festivals, rituals and customs of India.

Not only the banana fruit but the leaves of that plant are used as natural plates in our country. It is an auspicious thing that is widely seen in major parts of India. Where banana leaves are used as a dining leaf and even in many grand restaurants as well. Hence there are so many advantages when it comes to Banana. It is a simple fruit which is available for all kinds of people. This fruit is widely seen in God’s own city “Kerala” and this fruit is widely distributed to many states of India and exported to many other countries as well. Apart from all these, banana has abundant number of health benefits which everyone has to know. By eating this small sweet fruit one can improve their health and living habits. Therefore, here are the Top 10 Banana’s Benefits for Health.

10) Want to quit smoking? Have a banana:

smoking banana

Smoking has become a habit and an addiction for many people, the one who even want to give it up are facing a lot of hurdles to overcome smoking and go away from the smoking addiction. There are many places to get rid of smoking, drugs, alcohol etc. But why do we have to go elsewhere? Instead opt for a natural diet. To quit smoking eating banana is the best way.

Just like some get addicted to chewing gum to give up smoking one can take a natural alternative by eating banana. How can banana stop smoking? Smoking is the effect of nicotine addiction. The best way to eliminate the smoking habit is to eat bananas. The medical and nutritional content B6 and B12 present in bananas helps to neutralize the effect of nicotine. That is how you can get rid of smoking and get activated to banana eating.

9) Cures skin diseases:

banana cures skin diseases

Skin problem is very often to all of us and it is also said that the medicines used to heal skin diseases are very costly and induces sleep as well. And for the people of the middle age that can stop worrying about the skin changes and starting of winkles for them. Banana has made it easier for many anti-aging cream products.  But did you all know that the bananas are considered as anti-aging fruit? Yes they are as they have all the right ingredients to help our skin look young and fresh. As said, Bananas are rich in vitamin A, B and E that is usually used in anti-aging cream which they claim it very proudly.  So instead of buying those creams one can go for natural ways and have bananas in every meal.

8) Gets out of the constipation:


When our stop is full packed and the food inside is not digested it directly leads to constipation. It is very unhealthy symptom and very bad if our excretory system fails to function. The main problem of this is improper function of bowel system. So here comes the weapon again, the banana which gets out of this constipation, the fruit contains dietary fibre that aids the maintenance of the bowel system of our body.

7) Banana is the secret of our energy:

energy banana

There is no time restriction for eating bananas. But it is good if we have it after lunch for good digestion. But some dieticians say that one has to have min of 2 huge bananas after gym work outs, yoga etc. Remember, bananas are beneficial anytime of the day but eating it after work outs gives the better results because, banana has the ability to boost up the energy instantly. The energy drinks and sports drinks are utter waste instead replacing it with two big bananas is the right consumption. It re fuels the body in a natural way. Hence, banana is the secret of our energy.

6) Banana treats mosquito bites:

mosquito banana

It is not just that fruit which benefits the health but even the peel which is considered as waste also helps us. It is mainly used to treat mosquito bites. So peel out the banana and eat it then instead of throwing the peel into the dustbin. Take the peel and again hold it tightly so that the inside part of the peel is open up then keep it aside. Then apply water and sanitize the part of body that is affected by the mosquito bite. Then take this peel and rub on the wound for 10-15 min softly. The itching sensation is gone and slowly the wound is healed as well. The scars, swells and itching are cured completely by using this method. Many have done it and got same experience so why late you can have a try as mosquito bites are common.

5) Depression suppressor:


The banana has a protein called Tryptophan that  improves the mood and gives a feeling of relaxation and happiness. Banana always controls blood glucose levels through vitamin B6; it affects the individual’s mood. This chemical helps relax the eater of banana’s brain. After this the person starts to feel happy and comfortable. It is declared through different researches that eating a banana helps patients to get out of depression.

It is known that some foods like chocolate just make you happier. But none the less banana is available everywhere, the flavour is one unlike chocolates but the result is double the chocolates.

4) Banana’s Potassium power:

potassium banana

Banana has high content of potassium, which helps in circulation of air and blood to the brain, so it results in prevention of heart strokes and maintains regular heartbeat. It also maintains balance in body’s water level. It controls both  ulcers and muscle cramps as well. It do has high iron level in it.

3) Banana is a pain killer:


You heard me right. From young girls to menopause stage women everyone has a pain during their monthly periods. That pain is unbearable and at that time they are very weak as well. So instead of going for tablets, tonics etc go for natural medicine, banana. Have 2 bananas it will heal you pain.  Use this natural medicine to heal this natural pain. Even pregnant eat this fruit to overcome the morning sickness.

2) Good for eye sight: 

eye sight

 One banana contains minimum of 10 micro grams of Vitamin A. They also contain some Alpha and beta components which finally converts to Vitamin A. This Vitamin A keeps eyes very healthy. Generally carrot is considered as the eye caring vegetable. But when it comes to vegetable it is the banana which keeps our eyes strong healthy with good vision. Banana also prevents many retinal diseases. Hence, many old people are always recommended to have banana in their diet for its heath merits.

1) Ideal food for digestion and dieting:


Banana is the ideal food for both digestion and diet. The fruit consists of 108 calories, and the fibre content lowers the over eating habits. So during fasting, they eat banana milk shake which hold the appetite and reduces the hunger at the same time fulfils the stomach.

Not only potassium, even Calcium levels are high in banana which results for healthy bones. There is a pro-biotic bacterium present in banana that helps in absorbing calcium and increases.

The digestion is very smooth. It produces liquid acid so that the food is easily perished and digested. Banana by keeping a perfect diet keeps your brain active. Apparently, there was a study conducted on students where in they were instructed to eat banana 3 times a day for 30 days. After that the students were more active, sharp and intelligent in classes compared to their previous level.

Conclusion: Banana is the natural remedy for so many disorders and diseases. Compared with all other fruits, banana wins the race ultimately with many features and factors. Banana is available to all and it has so many good things in it. Banana can be rated the best fruit and healthiest fruit. Just giving an extension to the old proverb “an apple a day keeps a doctor away” a banana a day brings the happiness and good health every day.



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