Top 10 Beauty Myths Busted

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From the old granny to the current friends, we never were in dearth of beauty tips to doll ourselves. For face we found umpteen options and remedies to cure our open pores and pimples. For hair, we were spoilt for choices as to whose tip would make our hair shine bright like the glimmering river. And also in the present society, we always need to look presentable and at our best. We can’t just afford to lose our best knock on the door to someone more pretty. But in the midst of all these tactics to groom ourselves, we inadvertently follow and believe some stupid myths that need to be at its end.

10.Hiding yellow nails with more nail art:

We often are encountered with pale yellow nails and we find no time for them. So better color them with another paint to confine its look to itself. Else hide their paleness with a nail art sticker. But when your skin dries out, do you search for new skin? No… Same is for nails. They need air to breathe in and some warm water to soak in before it grows.

9.Washing your hair daily:

Gone are the days when our mothers used to oil our mane before donning a perfect braid. It used to be a Sunday when we washed our hair after a hectic school week days. But today we need everything in blink of a second. Our hair often looks dull and frizz, so we prefer to wash it every day so that we get smooth locks blowing over our foreheads. But daily of this job can strip the hair of its natural oils and in no time, our strong mane will turn out to be the fragile ones.

8.Donning latest trend is always a safe bet:

Never ever follow any trend blindly!! Trends are meant to be the constant change. They will change eventually but we don’t have to follow them until we know it looks good on us. Everyone is different and so are different types of tastes. Some will discard it, some will accept. Do not trust by the latest fashion style until you know you can carry it well.

7.Using a different product every other hour:

Do I really need to use a wake up face wash, then a day cream, evening scrub and a night face wash followed by another night cream?

It would be insane of me to follow every advertisement cropping up the idiot box. Companies just barge into the ad agency with huge money to show case the perfect cure for our minute pores. And next we believe what they show through the sophisticated technology and exotic elements in the cream.

6.Applying more of a conditioner will make our hair strong and silkier:

Over use of straighteners and blow dryers leave our hair with no air to breathe in. So is the result, dull and frizzy hair. And to combat them, we pour the conditioner onto our hair. They are no substitute to oil. New hairs are healthier so they don’t need much of it. Just apply some on the tips which have weared out a little.

5.Moisturizer makes oily skin oilier:

Moisturizer was never meant to be the substitute for the skin’s natural oil. It just makes our skin more supple and hydrate it. Due to our hectic schedules, we are left with no care for skin, so we use moisturizers. Applying the cream near after the moisturizer will of course cake out the cream. You need to wait for the moisturizer to be soaked in the skin before applying further makeup.

4.Simply tying a scarf can shoo away all pollutants from face:

To get rid of sun tans and toxic gases to our sensitive skin, we use scarves and gloves. But they can just slow down the penetration of UV rays. They cannot wave their course and act as a protective shield. For that you need to constantly apply sunscreens and wash, scrub your skin for a fresh new glowing skin.

3.Tanned or Uneven skin tone? Cake them with more cream:

Due to the sultry weather, we neither feel like wearing full clothes or putting on sunscreens. It is actually the worst decision ever. Uneven skin tone is the result of this. And more of the fairness cream won’t ward off the devil. It will flake off in no time giving a messed up look. Better stick to sunscreen lotions every time you step off from your house.

2.Expensive one, reliable one:

By far this is the most avid myth among all and sundry. People are enamored by the stars that show their pores getting concealed in no time. Even they swear by the brands that give has given them silky smooth hair after a mere week. But the insides sing different version. It is not mandatory that expensive brands will provide you the best solution. Watch out for the ingredients rather than the brand names.

1.Anti ageing creams can turn you into a 25 year old damsel:

And here is another fad from the advertising world. Anti ageing cream cannot wave away your wrinkles and fine creases. They just can cover your spots for a moment. But the over use of it can disturb the natural balance of the skin. Ageing is a inevitable and natural process for all. To age with grace is possibly the best solution for one and all.


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