Top 10 Best American Tourist Destinations

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It can be said for sure that the United States of America is an iconic country in this world. This one nation has been the trend setter for almost everything. The nation hosts the best educational institutes, the best of the industries producing the leading brands, supreme infrastructures and other man made and natural marvels. Due to all this America attracts people from all over the world. Not only for work opportunities USA is also the land for tourists and offers all that a tourist can ever ask for. With a large area divided into 50 states and expanding over several time zones with different climatic conditions the nation is a perfect center to fulfill all your fantasies. Be it nature lovers or adventurers; the country will surely never disappoint you. Let your interest be in history or architectural marvels America will surely impress you with some of the best museums and sky scrapers and bridges in the world. The beaches here are legendary and so is the world’s oldest studio- Hollywood. It is next to impossible to shortlist the tourist destinations here to a mere 10 because every place is having its significance that makes it better than the others. But there are a few places here that are so popular that they almost symbolize America. The moment you think of America you immediately picture these places or destinations or vice verse. Therefore the following are the top 10 places in America the you must never miss.

10. Yellow Stone national park – Wyoming

As I mentioned earlier America is a hub for nature lovers. Yellow Stone national park is one of the UNESCO heritage sights in the country. It was created in the year 1872 and therefore is considered as the first ever national park in the world. The most spectacular feature of this park is the geothermal activity that is observed here. Due to volcanic activity there are hundreds of natural geysers and pools here. The most famous of them is the Old Faithful Geyser that shoots up to a height of 32 to 56 meters every 91 minutes. The Eco system here is largely intact and undisturbed which makes it very important for archaeologist and biologists. It attracts millions of visitors each year who come to witness the true marvel of nature with their own eyes.

9. Freedom Trail – Boston

Freedom trail is a path largely in red bricks that connects 17 historical sights in Boston. It is one of the most visited tourists destinations in America and was ranked number 4 by Forbes traveler in 2008. The most popular destination for the people on this trail is the Faneuil Hall which is a market place and also a political center  It has its own historical significance that makes it a must see for history lovers. Another prominent destination on the trail is the USS constitution which is the oldest navy vessel around launched in the year 1797 and still in use. Each destination on the trail opens a new page of the history of this nation. It receives around 4 to 5 million visitors each year.

8. White house- Washington DC

It wont be wrong to say that this monument symbolizes America for most of the people in the world. You think of America and White house has to strike your mind. This monument built toward the end of the 17th century is almost 220 years old today. It is the Presidential house since 1800. Currently it houses President Barack Obama. Earlier it was open to the people for viewing but now due to security issues only few people are given access to the interior of the building with a prior permission from the US ambassador of the particular country. It is built Aquia Creek sandstone painted in white and is one of the most admired architecture by the country. It ranked 2nd in the year 2007 on the list of America’s favorite architecture. It still remains on of the most prominent tourist destinations in the country.

7. Hawaiian islands- Hawaii

Hawaii islands are in all eight islands which are actually peaks of mountain emerging from the sea. It is renowned world wide for its exotic beaches and live volcano activities. Many movies have been shot here one of them being the Pirates of the Carribean- on stranger tides. There are numerous beaches here which are crowded by tourists for most part of the year. It enjoys a tropical climate and so is visited almost any part of the year by millions of tourists.

6. Mt. Rushmore National Memorial- South Dakota

Mt Rushmore National Memorial is one of the most iconic features of the country. It gets its name from Mt. Rushmore that is located in South Dakota. The sculptor Gutzon in order to give the monument a national feel decided to immortalize 4 most influential presidents in the history of America. The monument exhibits 60 feet carved heads of President – George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson. It is protected by the National Park Service. The memorial achieved the purpose it was created for. Every year around 3 to 4 million people come to see this sculpture.

5. Las Vegas Strip- South Boulevard

It must be noted here that Las Vegas Strip is not a part of Las Vegas. It is located to the south of LA and intersects Boulevard. This strip which is around 7 km long is one of the most exotic tourist locations for the people. It has luxurious resorts , hotels , malls and some of the biggest casinos. The hotels on this strip together have to offer 62,000 rooms. The strip today has become more friendly to the pedestrians. There are various attractions for the people along the strip which enchant the people to walk in. The Bellagio fountains are world famous due to the musical water dance and fascinating light shows. Millions of people come here every year to try their luck at the world renowned casinos.

4. Statue of Liberty- New York

This iconic statute of a robed woman is located on the Liberty Island in New York and thus get its name. This statue was gifted by France to America when the declaration of Independence was signed. The Tablet that the statue holds in one hand has this date carved on it- 4th July 1776. The statue is around 151 feet tall while from the ground its torch is at a height of around 300 meters It symbolizes freedom of this nation and so is highly valued by the people of America. There is an observatory on the top of the statue which gives breath taking view of the ocean and the city of New York.

3. Disneyland Park- California

Disneyland Park is the biggest theme park in the world. The park was started in the year 1955 and till then has been renovated several times. The park exhibits almost every fairy tale character brought to life by Walt Disney. It still fulfills the aim of providing families a place where they can have healthy fun together. There are several rides and also an adventure park that came up in 2001. The Disney carnival is the most awaited segment of this theme park. In this carnival all the characters mickey mouse, goofy , Pluto  snow white, sleeping beauty, Alice, Little mermaid , Rapunzel etc put up a show for the people. The brilliantly displayed carnival is breath taking and a dream come true for every child. These characters are also seen wandering throughout the park and interacting with visitors and kids. The park in 2011 had a total of 16 million visitors making it one of the most adored tourist destinations in America.

2. Grand Canyon – Arizona

Grand Canyon since long has been acclaimed as one of the natural wonders of the world. This canyon is formed entirely due to the mighty flow of the Colorado river and its tributaries. This place is of extreme importance for the geologists and archaeologist as it offers geological samples of around 2 billion years old. Its scenic beauty is breath taking and attracts around 5 to 6 million visitors each year. Apart from sight seeing there are also water sports, hiking , climbing etc. Thus it attracts a lot of adventurers from all over the world. There are helicopter rides that leave you ecstatic.

1.Niagara Falls- New York

It might interest you to know that Niagara falls is actually a collection of three different water falls namely – Horse shoe falls, American fall and Bridal veil fall. It might also interest you to know that this fall is on the American – Canadian border with the Horse shoe fall located in Canada and American Fall in New York City. The Niagara Falls offer a breath taking view with a 165 feet high speed fall that looks like mist as it makes it way down to the river below. The major attraction here is The ferry called Maid of the mist that offers a tour of the fall. The estimated visitors for the year 2009 was around 29 millions and is bound to increase further.


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