Top 10 Best Black Actors of all time

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As the years have passed, the human race has split itself into many components; depending on cultures, traditions, customs and religions, humans have now formed thousands of separate nations. Despite so many foundation stone, the biggest difference that exists is of the color, which is having black skin or white skin. The difference in color unfortunately happens to be largest wall in between the human society, the whites have always been considered as the superiors while the blacks have always suffered from the stigma of being inferior. The fight between the human races has been going on for centuries, if we slant a look on the pages of history then we see that the whites have always been favored whereas on contrary the blacks have always been neglected and ignored.

Having black skin does not stop you from being creative or genius, as the golden book has witnessed the injustice being done to the blacks, it has also seen some great black people who have managed to create a very separate and distinguished identity only on the basis of their sheer talent, hard work, determinations and skills. Over past few years, the black have succeeded in proving that they are not inferior to anyone. They have acquired excellence in every aspect of life, they have managed to acquire their rights, security and above all respect. Today they are esteemed and appreciated equally as the whites in the society.

The blacks are equally talented as whites, where they have proved themselves in all the spheres they have also perceived a very preeminent position in the glamour world. The acting Society is brimmed with many amazing and outstanding black actors, the hold of blacks on the glamour world is such that a movie remains incomplete until or unless it has a black actor in it. They are not only appreciated but also loved by the people, for the past many decades black actors have rules the curtains. All this happened because of some amazingly talented black actors, whose work was so breathtaking it left the viewers with no choice to remain mesmerized. The top 10 best black actors of all time are:

10. Cuba Gooding Jr.:

Cuba Gooding was born in 1968, both his parents were singers and he is named after his father. He first appeared on the screen as a break dancer and after that continued to appear in several movies in the name of guest appearance. He is an American actor who made his big debut at the book office with the movie “boyz n the hood” in the year 1991, this was a very big hit at the cinema. Next year he triggered another hit with the movie “A few good men”. He then showed his brilliant acting skills in the movie “lighting Jack” followed by “Out break”. The real big fame game begins with the release of the movie “as good as it gets” in 1997. He has received awards for plenty of best supporting actor and the funniest supporting actors.

9. Don Cheadle:


Don Cheadle is an American Actor and producer, the characters which he plays in the movies are absolutely stunning and amazing, he made his debut with the movie “hotel Rwanda” and received the nomination for the best actor due to this performance in this movie. He appeared in the movie “the devil in the blue dress” which won him the best supporting actor award. He has played his part in the movies Iron man and iron man 2. He has also won a golden globe award.

8. Forest Whitaker:

Forest Whitaker is an American actor who was born in July 15, 1961. He made his first big debut with the movie “bird” in which he played the role of musician. The most appealing thing about forest Whitaker is that he completely absorbs himself into the character while playing it. He has received a golden globe award as well BAFTA, he has also received the best actor award due to his movie “last king of Scotland” in 1988.

7. Jamie Foxx:

Born Eric Marlon bishop on 13 December 1967, he is an American Actor and a standup comedian. He was a remarkable student who started to demonstrate his comedy skills from school. He made his debut in the year 1992 with the film “toy”. He has appeared in the movie “collateral” alongside Tom cruise. He is among the best comedy actors the history has ever produced. His other movies include “ray”, “Django unchained” and “Law abiding citizen”.

6. Danny Glover:

Danny Glover is an American Actor; he was born on July 22, 1946. He has been serving the film industry for more than 24 years and has appeared in uncountable movies. His big hits include “SAW”, “witness”, “the color purple” and “predator 2”. Apart from his acting skills he is also well known for his efforts on humanitarian causes.

5. Will Smith:

Will smith is an American actor who was born on 25 1968, he is regarded as the most powerful actor in Hollywood. His specialty is fictional movies, and his role in those movies is worth appreciation. Call him good luck charm or what so ever but most of the movies in which he appeared did marvelous business at the box office. He has always received the Oscar best actor nomination. His most captivating movies include bad boys, men in black and the movie “independence day” which has done the second highest grossing business at the box office ever in the history.

4. Eddie Murphy:

Eddie Murphy is an American standup comedian and Actor; he is the most brilliant, well established and second highest grossing actors in Hollywood. He has given many hits which include “Beverly hills Cop series”, “trading places”. His big screen debut was in 1982 with the movie 48 hrs. His big hit was “Harlem nights”

3. Samuel L. Jackson:

Samuel L. Jackson was born on 21 December 1948; he has been serving the film industry for past many years and has contributed a number of more than 100 movies. His most famous movies include “ True romance” , “ Jurassic park” , “unbreakable” , “ The incredible” , “kill bill vol 2” , “Jackie Brown”. He got a portion of his fame from the role of nick furry which he played in numerous movies iron man, iron man 2, thor, captain America, Avengers etc.

2. Denzel Washington:

Denzel Washington was born on the 28th of December 1954. He is an American actor. He made his acting debut in 1977 for a television film “Wilma Purple”. He then appeared in the movie “Carbon Copy” followed by his appearance in the drama “St. Elsewhere” which made him everyone’s favorite. His big glory came with the movie “Mighty Quinn”. He then appeared in numerous movies including “Black Nationalist” and “Philadelphia” both of them were a major hit at the box office. Another of his major hits include “Remember the Titans” and “He got gain”.

1. Morgan Freeman:

This American actor was born on 1st June, 1937. In his early career he appeared on various stage shows and after that he was seen as an extra in the couple of movies but over the past years he has established himself as one of the most esteemed actor. He has also managed to prove himself as one of the most brilliant actors.  His most prominent movies include “Robin Hood”, “Prince of Thieves”, “Unforgiven”, and “Seven Deep Impact”. The components of his success include “The Dark Night Rises”, “Red” etc. He has receives a life time achievement award along with Golden Globe awards and many more.


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