Top 10 Best Cake Flavors

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Being an enormous foodie inclining towards being a sweet tooth, I know the struggle of walking past a good cake shop. They aren’t just the ones that put up scrumptious looking beautiful cakes on display to lure you in, you can sniff the scintillating aromas of a combination of cake fragrances wafting through the glass doors.

Then comes the real struggle: walking into the store and not wanting to buy every cake on the mantel. Because every cake comes with its USP (and only ever cake glutton can recognize a cake’s USP!).

If you’re about the aesthetics, the little figurines on the top made of some crispy thin material that you don’t want to bite off because it’s just that beautiful (that’s the problem with aesthetic cakes, not wanting to ruin them by eating them).

If you’re about actual sampling, a little experimentation is necessary. A cake might be deceptively good looking on the outside and disappointing when you take a bite. The Cheesecake factory is every cake glutton’s ultimate delight, with your insatiable desire for experiment being catered to with a gazillion (not literally) different flavors.

It’s also every fitness freak’s horror for all the calories. A compilation of classic cakes with a modern twist, we bring you a compilation from various different sources of Top 10 Best Cake Flavors:


#10: Tiramisu 

Let’s start with classic tiramisu, a coffee-flavored Italian dessert, commonly seen in most restaurants that aren’t exclusively known for their desserts. But who’s complaining?

It originally dates back to the recipe from the 1960s at the restaurant “Le Beccherie” in Treviso, Italy.

“In traditional pastry Tiramisu has similarities with cakes in addition to the above Zuppa Inglese, in particular with the Charlotte, composed of a Bavarian cream surrounded by a crown of ladyfingers and covered by a sweet cream; the Turin cake, consisting of ladyfingers soaked in rosolio and alchermes with a spread made of butter, egg yolks, sugar, milk and dark chocolate; and the Bavarese Lombarda, with is similar in the preparation and the presence of certain ingredients such as ladyfingers and egg yolks (albeit cooked ones). In Bavarese butter and rosolio (or alchermes) are also used, but not mascarpone cream nor coffee”


#9: Russian grandmothers apple pie cake 

For a slight homemade feel that makes you miss your granny. A combination of a classic American pie with a Russian twist on it, this recipe is labeled as a “pie-cake” due to an apple mixture being sandwiched between two layers of crust (very pie-like) and the crust itself being more of a shortbread-cakey crust than a flaky pastry crust. 

Other ideas with the ingredients for the same are individual turnovers or ramekins. The options are endless with this one!


#8: Red velvet

Red velvet cake is a cake with either a dark red, bright red or red-brown color. It is traditionally prepared as a layer cake topped with creme cheese or cooked roux icing. 

In recent years, red velvet cake and red velvet cupcakes have become increasingly popular in the US and many European countries. Traditionally, the cake is iced with a French-style butter roux icing (also called ermine icing), which is very light and fluffy but time-consuming to prepare.

Cream cheese frosting and buttercream frosting are variations which have increased in popularity.


#7: Pineapple upside down cake

 The resulting cake is moist with a tender crumb and a rich flavor, almost melting in your mouth. The pineapples and brown sugar/butter topping provide a great contrasting sweetness, but are not overpowering.

It is the perfect balance of flavors and textures and a wonderful dessert that can transform another weeknight dinner into something special.


#6: Perfect party cake

Brown eyed baker says: “The recipe gives the option of using the paddle or whisk attachment of the stand mixer, and I opted for the whisk as I figured it would infuse even more air and fluff into the cake, and whether it was the whisk or not, the resulting cake was perfectly moist and fluffy.

The flavors complemented each other perfectly and the result was an extremely moist and fluffy cake with both a light taste and texture. I couldn’t think of a better cake for a spring or summer special occasion!”


#5: New York style crumb cake

Because what’s better than the exotic flavor of New York City in your mouth (if you’re not in New York?).

Cook’s illustrated side-note for this recipe is: Don’t be tempted to substitute all-purpose flour for the cake flour, as doing so will make a dry, tough cake. If you can’t find buttermilk, you can substitute an equal amount of plain, low-fat yogurt. When topping the cake, take care to not push the crumbs into the batter. 


#4: Hidden Berry Cream Cheesecake

The crust is a thick shortbread-butter-type crust (pure heaven for a girl in love with crust!), with a layer of berry jam (I used red raspberry) spread over it, and topped with a cream cheese filling.

Aside from being delicious, this also has a very elegant look and would be a perfect dessert choice for a dinner party or special occasion.


#3: Fig and almond cheesecake

Brown eyed baker says: “The shortbread crust that I made was a little more crisp than the cheesecake at the restaurant; the one there was thicker and softer. 

It was beyond the best cheesecake I had ever had. And we quickly agreed that I needed to take copious notes so that I could recreate it back home. Enter this cheesecake.”


#2: Carrot cake

This cake is perfection in its trifle form.

The cake was meant to be a three-layer cake with sweet cream cheese frosting between each layer and on top of the cake.


#1: Hershey’s Perfectly Chocolate Cake

Waiting for the ultimate chocolate cake recipe, weren’t you? It’s made it to top of the list, mostly because of my bias for chocolate flavor in general (which is indispensably my weakness).

The basic recipe for this is: Melt butter. Stir in cocoa. Alternately add powdered sugar and milk, beating on medium speed to spreading consistency. Add small additional amount of milk, if necessary. 

How simplicity goes a long way in creating perfection is what this cake demonstrates.

For further recipes for most of these cakes listed, I highly recommend Brown Eyed Baker’s recipes! Enjoy your sugar high!


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