Top 10 Best Car Companies in the World 2013

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Having a Car seems to be a thing of Past.But what matters today is the Brand of the Car which you owns. And I’m sure you are truly satisfied with my opinion. Almost all people before purchasing a new car prejudge the Company to which the Car Belong. “Most Luxurious People owns the Most Luxury Car” and that’s why some Companies like Ferrari, Porsche target only the Rich Business class,whereas other manufactures cars that can be easily purchased by Common people.

Cars are the most convenient transport that is used Worldwide. With the Increasing Demand of Cars,tons of Companies are emerging with the latest model and newest Technology embedded in manufacturing of Car. But among these Companies, Only few are able to win the hearts of ours and Fulfill our needs(the common people) and that’s why they are able to sustain their position among the list of Top Car Companies.We Trust these Companies and that’s why forgetting about their features and price, we blindly purchased the Product/Car they sell. But as I say, We are just attracted by the Brand name, The Question again arises that what makes them Special and Top and why People are Willing to buy their products?

Here is the list of top 10 Car Companies in the World which I had made by Analyzing all the major Factors regarding the Quality of the Company and the Profit it makes. The List includes all the broad Categories of Cars from Classic to Sports hatch back, Sedan, MVP’s and SUV’s.


Chevrolet is a Brand name of a vehicle produced and designed by General Motors.General Motors sell it’s Cars With Various Brand names around the World. One such is Chevrolet, the Brand which is much Popular in India. Corvette Stringer,ZR1, Camaro and Chevrolet Beat are the most popular Cars Manufactured by the Company. Chevrolet Motors is founded by Louis Chevrolet and is popularly pronounced as “Chevy”. The Chevrolet cars are more preferable as compared to others due to its gas mileage, better Comfort and Better ride.



Bugatti Cars are known for their Powerful Speed and astonishing design. “Bugatti Veryon” The Fastest and the Most expensive car in the World with a speed of more than 1200 kph is designed by the Company. With one such car the Company has claimed huge Identity among its Competitors. But Today Bugatti name is owned by the Automobile giant Volkswagen. The Company doesn’t have produced enough number of Cars but what it has provided in the market is Luxury, Speed and Style where other Automobile Company stands far away.



Porsche Company is Headquartered in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg Germany and is owned by Porsche Family. Porsche 911, Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Panamera are the Best Cars of Porsche automobile Company. In 2012,Volkswagen has completely taken over the Porsche with an agreement that it would retain the same name as before. It has almost all type of Cars like SUV’s, Sports, Classics and the Hybrids and the latest Porsche 911 gt-3 has just made the World crazy with the all new Perfectly Engineered design.

7.Rolls Royce


As i believe, The Rolls Royce range of Car are incredible. Rolls Royce is an English Manufacturer of  Luxury Cars which is Headquartered in West Sussex, England. It is totally a subsidiary of the Automotive giant BMW. The Company is founded by the two Britishers namely Henry Royce and Charles Stewart Rolls. Rolls Royce Phantom and Ghost are the two most Popular Cars of the Company. Rolls Royce all cars are high class cars afforded mostly by Businessman and Celebrities and the cars are only manufactured on an Specific order.



As everyone believes and you too(i think so), Lamborghini Cars are the Sexiest cars in the World. The Company Produces the Sport luxury car Segments and its Headquarters are located in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy. Lamborghini Aventador,Reventon and Gallardo are the Top Cars of the company. Murcielago R-GT,1990 Lotus 102 are two other racing Cars of Lamborghini that are Featured in Formula one Racing. Ferruccio Lamborghini was the Founder of Lamborghini S.P.A and now its a part of Volkswagen group with its subsidiary Audi.



Ford is the Oldest car Company in the World. The first car in the World is invented by Henry Ford,the Founder of the Company. Ford Motor Company is Headquartered in Micigen,US. Ford has a wide range of Classic as well as Luxury cars.Aston Martin and Lincoln are the two Sub Brands of the Company. Ford is mostly used by the people due it’s comfort and cheap price. The Most Popular Cars of Ford are Lincoln MKS,Ford Mustang GT,Ford Fulcon V8 Supercar and Ford Focus. Among these Fort Mustang is the highly praised car and which i always use whenever i play NFS 😕 . With Ford you can get “Luxury at a reasonable rate”.

4. Mercedes Benz


I don’t have enough words to describe the look of the Cars designed by  Mercedes Benz  as one can easily predict the status of the man sitting inside in his Mercedes. Mercedes Benz is Headquartered in Baden-Württemberg, Germany and is Best among the Branded Cars in the World. Most popular Cars Series manufactured by Company is Mercedes Benz CLS Class,Mercedes Benz C and E Class and Mercedes Benz CLS AMG Black Series. The Company is founded by Karl Benz and is Famous for the most Expensive Luxury Cars. It Produces Sports,MVP’s, Sedan and Luxury Coupe Car segments. Mercedes Benz Cars are much popular among the Business Class People.

4. Audi


Audi also is a German Company(Just like BMW and Mercedes) headquartered in Bavaria, Germany. The Four circles in the logo of the Audi represents the four companies that are bonded together to represent as a single automobile giant. Best Cars that are manufactured by the Company are Audi R8,Audi Q7(my favorite),Audi A6,Audi A8. The Company is founded by August Horch and it’s Slogan is “Vorsprung durch Technik”, meaning “Advancement through Technology”. Audi’s Stylish look and the amazing German technology used in the cars makes it the Top Car Companies in the World.

2. BMW


Bayerische Motoren Werke,generally known as BMW is the second most Popular Car Company in the World. BMW is headquartered  in Munich Germany. It is Famous for it’s Sports and Luxury Cars. BMW also owns the most famous luxurious designed Cars Rolls Royce. Best Cars that are manufactured by BMW are BMW Z4,X3,M6 and the complete BMW 5 Series. Along with the Top Quality Cars,Company also produces Bikes and Bicycles. It is one of the three Top car Manufacturing Company in Germany and it’s services is in the whole World.

1. Ferrari


Ferrari, An Automobile Company headquarters in Maranello Italy is Considered to be the Best Car Company in the world. You may have seen Ferrari Cars frequently in the Formula 1 Racing. Ferrari came up with the first Sport Car and is the only Company whose cars had been seen in the first Formula 1 Race. Some of the Best Cars that manufactured by the Company are Ferrari P4/4, Enzo, 612 Scaglietti Sessanta Edition and the 458 Italia. Concept Cars, Hybrid Cars and Super cars all the top 3 variants are designed by the company. I Personally believe that Hottest and Fastest Cars in the World are Manufactured by Ferrari. Ferrari Symbol itself represents the Speed, Luxury and Wealth and that’s why these cars can be seen driving only by the celebrities.

Hope your are Satisfied with the List that I had made for the top 10 Car Companies in the World. If you have anything that add value to this article, then do share with us in the Comments section Below. We Definitely had an interactive Session!!


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  1. Brian

    August 11, 2013 4:30 am

    Henry Ford did not develop the first modern automobile. That credit would be given to Carl Benz. Henry Ford does have the credit for developing the first assembly line making the automobile affordable to the masses. Although he did not create the first automobile, he not only changed the affordable price of a car, but he made an impact on every item that then went through the assembly line. Also Ford is not the oldest car company in the world. For an example Henry Ford worked with Cadillac before he went to create his own company (Ford). He left Cadillac because of the fact of financial issues. Although Cadillac is not the oldest car company in the world, it proves the fact that Ford is not.

  2. Worlds-Best-Designer

    August 17, 2013 3:16 am

    Henry Ford created The fist assembly line. He made mass production what it is today. Carl Benz made the first gas powered engined automobile. I reinvented electric cars but my idea was taken and now everyone is doing it wrong. If I had gotten an angel investor in 2002, everyone would be driving electric cars by now. I think it was a plot to slow me down. I won’t give up. I might get killed but I won’t give up my childhood dream.

  3. dknight xs

    January 21, 2016 9:57 am

    so this list has ford and Cheve in it but doesnt has Toyota or Honda or Nissan.
    i mean Toyota… is like the top dog when it comes to cars… they have innovated the car industry more than any other company.

    it was Honda’s NSX that made europe see how proper super cars should be built.

    pretty biased list i guess.. When was the last time ford built a car that didnt break down or had high quality materials used in it?

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