Top 10 Best Comedy Shows on TV

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“Why won’t anybody put up a program that we could actually watch?”

“They do, Norbert! We just don’t get time to watch any.”

“Oh, and why is that, may I ask? Why don’t we get time to watch any?”

“Well, you know, there’s a lot to do….”

“Yes, oh yes, when you are a 25 year old unemployed bachelor, still living with his parents, there is a lot to do…”

“Not hit your daily quota of sarcasm yet, eh Norbert? You do realize that if I did in fact get a job, it would be the end of you?”

“The end of me and the end of this awe-inspiring kinship!”


“Umm…no Mom! And stop listening in to my conversations. And yeah, stop screaming from two rooms away!  Keep it down Norbert! Mom can hear you!”

“Hey Mister! That clearly isn’t my fault! Why can’t you think quietly like normal people?”

“Do you really want to go there Norbert? My normal behavior invites an existential crisis for you! Shush, Norbert! We have readers!  ”

 Hey folks, let me introduce you to Norbert, my best friend, people say he is a figment of my imagination, I haven’t sought a professional medical opinion yet, but I know how that ball rolls! Norbert isn’t my imaginary friend! Norbert is what I call my conscience. I Am Not a Freak, okay!

“Hey there folks, I am Norbert and it’s a pleasure to meet you all.”

“Shut up Norb, you are creeping out the readers…  ”

“Right because a jobless 25 year old who talks aloud to his conscience isn’t a creepy thing at all…”

“Well…any way, like I was saying Norb, there are programs we would watch , if only I had the time. Oh here’s the TV remote, let me show you some…  ”

“It’s 9am, Larry! Don’t you have things to do? Places to be? Trains to take? ”

“Oh sweet, Norb, these are the perks of being a 25 year old unemployed bachelor! Now allow me to enlighten you, dear Norbert, today you get to be on the  roller coaster called –10 most watchable comedy sitcoms on TV!  ”

“Let the good times roll, brother….”

10. Whitney


Take a witty, independent woman with contemporary views on relationships and marriage add a whimsical group of friends, season it with a boyfriend who is smart, suitable and equally witty, you would think you had the recipe for the perfect show? Well, in spite of its well-timed laughs and peppy script, Whitney is quite definitively the most underappreciated of shows.

It is a good show! It breaks the run-of-the-mill comedy show notion and brings something refreshing to the table and that too in a Live Audience format. I suggest you catch it!

9.  Parks & Recreation



For a change this show doesn’t come with a brood of friends that fuel rib tickling comedy. What we have instead is Captain Humourpants in the Government! The show tells the story of Leslie Knope, a mid-level bureaucrat working for the Parks department in the town of Pawnee (fictional) and her quirky co-workers, and unconcerned but whimsical superior.

The show chronicles Leslie’s quest as she tries to revolutionize parks in Pawnee, the hurdles she faces and how she overcomes them (not always). The show mocks the inefficient, forever procrastinating government employees, tedious government protocols and the omnipresent red tape bureaucracy; all of which provides good fodder for tons of laughs. Everybody loves a political satire. George Orwell would have been proud!

8. Friends


There really is no reason why you shouldn’t have heard of this sitcom, but if you still do, be warned that whatever your excuse- We Aren’t Buying It! F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is one of the most ubiquitous shows on TV. It ran for a total of 10 seasons before ending in a trough of emotional outbursts, mostly by fans of the show.

The show revolved around 6 friends living in New York- The cleanliness freak cum chef Monica Gellar, fashion enthusiast and Monica’s best friend Rachel Greene, the eccentric Phoebe who is a masseuse and a self-taught musician, Monica’s older brother and paleontologist Ross Gellar, the man with the ‘Sarcasm Stick’ Chandler Bing, an actor cum glutton cum womanizer Joey Tribbiani. This show had an extensive impact on the culture and fashions of its time. Moreover, it gave us two irreplaceable milestones- Smelly Cat (the song) and Central Perk (the café).

7. How I Met Your Mother


Yet again we have a group of 5 friends living and working in New York, Manhattan and the central theme of the show revolves around the love crusades of Ted Mosby, helped by his best friend Marshall Erickson and his girl friend and subsequent wife Lily Aldrin, and new friends that join their troupe Robin Scherbatsky and Barney Stinson.

It is a very fresh take on storytelling and each episode starts off with Ted narrating to his kids the story of – How I Met Your Mother! Yes, the show is a play book, till date it has enlightened players on the Lemon Law,  the Three Days rule, the ever-so-handy Hot/Crazy Scale ,it has also helped re-establish the Bro code, while steadily contributing to the Culture of Dating ,all this from the stable of Barney Stinson. If that wasn’t enough the show has reeled in audiences with the Mystery Mother – Who is the Mother? – A question answered in  the latest episode ( shh no spoilers). This show is “Legen”, wait for it, “Dary”! Legendary indeed!

6. The Big Bang Theory


This show, like the name suggests, is about the evolution of our solar system. How the universe was formed after the explosion called the Big Bang. It outlines why we should be thankful for the explosion because it sowed seeds for the growth of planet Earth and eventually was instrumental in birthing the human race!


Don’t let the name fool you!  It is a falso amigo (false friend). The show chronicles the lives of 5 characters – scientists and roommates Leonard Hofstatder & Sheldon Cooper; their gorgeous neighbour Penny who is also an aspiring actress and their co-workers and friends Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali. This show is refreshing in the truest sense of the term. It is beautiful collaboration of humour and science and science in humour! This show has given us Sheldon Cooper- the egotistical Know-It-All with a complete lack of social skills and most important of all, it gave us Rock Paper Scissor version 2.0 a.k.a. Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock!

5. Community


Been there, seen that! You might say this has been done before, the story of a group of friends living in the same city, some of them roommates, some of them colleagues. In my opinion, this tried and tested formula reaffirms one’s faith in the idea that no good times can be had in the absence of friends! Community being yet another show that evidences the above!

The show talks about 7 adults who return to Community college-Greendale- to further the cause of their education. The whimsicality quotient is added by The Dean- who is a work of art in himself! The show cleverly juxtaposes the young with the old, college with adulthood, explores generation gaps, cultural disparities and ethnic diversity. What is even better is they do it with a snappy script and an array of likeable and relatable characters.

4. Modern Family


This show is reuniting us with our familial roots. It’s all about loving your family! It’s a show about three different but related families. The show takes a look at evolving cultures of our time and how the institution of Family has adopted itself to these new ideas; very apt and serious areas albeit beautifully presented with quality humour! So what we have are an old man, a divorcee with a young wife, we also have a same sex couple with an adopted, Vietnamese baby and then we have the conventional family-mom, dad and three kids!

The show redefines cultural stereotypes and does not shy away from presenting controversial ideas in a funny but forthright manner. Home is where the heart is; heart is where the family is. Truly!

3. The Office

The office

The Office is a well liked show that is presented in a documentary-reality style, quite similar to Modern Family! As is clear from the title, it is a show about the workings of an office. In essence it parodies the modern American office life.  It tells the tale of workers of Dunder Mifflin Paper Supply Company and largely focuses on Michael Scott, the regional manager, who tries painstakingly hard to be thought of as funny and yearns to be universally liked by his staff. This in turn results in hilarious antics and inappropriate behaviors coupled with wondrous prosaic of business wisdom!

It has an enviable star cast comprising of well known comedians and continues to be a sitcom “to watch out for” if you are a corporate suit looking for decent humour of the ‘water cooler’ kind! It’s a good dose of sarcasm in a suit!

2. Seinfeld


Now this show is a veteran. Although it wrapped up a long time ago, it has managed to carve a niche for itself and even raised boundaries around that niche and built a house in it! The show still manages to beat a whole host of new-age competitors and sits pretty on the 2nd place in this list!

The show has often been described as being about “nothing”! It would be really hard for anybody to give a synopsis of the show, because, like popular opinion says, it doesn’t have any! Simply put, the show is about Jerry Seinfeld and his friends, and their eccentric mutual friends as they go through life in a city. The stories were drawn from real life episodes and tailored to fit the lives of Jerry, Cosmo Kramer, George Costanza and Elaine Benes and hence give us on a platter experiences in the city ranging from downright strange to ridiculously funny! I could go “Yada, yada, yada“, about the show, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”!!

 1. The Simpsons


Why is this show in the spot marked Numero uno? Well “D’Oh!”, I hope that answers your question.

The Simpsons is all about the average American family with its weird histrionics and countless idiosyncrasies! Unlike other shows in the list, this show is animated and does not have a cast of actors but a cast of voice over artists. Another thing that sets it apart is the fact that it is the longest running sitcom of our time, totaling a whopping 24 seasons!

We have the Simpsons, a conventional family, there’s a mom, a short-tempered dad, a mischievous son, a genius daughter, a new born baby, and two pets-cat & dog! You would think it would make for a perfect family portrait and they would too if we factored in the lessons we learn from the proverb “Ignorance is bliss”! They are anything but harmless, capable of wrecking inimitable havoc which in turn fuels a truly indecent number of laughs per episode. If you are still not convinced about why this show was bestowed the number one honour, I suggest you go buy all seasons and watch them over and over till you are convinced!


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