Top 10 Best Commercial Aircrafts in the World

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Want to go to Hawaii on a holiday? Want to go to California for shopping? Want to go to Stanford for studies? Sorry! But your car, your bike, your bus doesn’t help you out here. Aircraft or Flight as we call it is the only option you have. And yes! You want to go abroad in the world’s best flight! What does a best aircraft mean? The esteem, the comfort, the pride, the speed! It all matters. Here, we will help you know the various things you will have to discuss before rating an aircraft. We start off with the history of the aircraft and stop at its future. We consider the speed, the size, the comfort, the cockpit and off course the travel tariff. Listed below are our Top 10 Best Commercial Aircrafts in the World:

10. McDonnell Douglas DC-10


The McDonnell Douglas DC – 10 is a wide body Jet Airliner currently in service mainly as a Cargo Flight. It is a three engine jetliner manufactured by ‘McDonnell Douglas’. This ‘machine’ is capable of carrying a maximum of 380 passengers. It was first built in the year 1968 and had its first flight in operation in the year 1970. It is a low-wing cantilever plane, has a better landing mechanism and provides large cargo and baggage storage space. A tanker version of McDonnell Douglas DC-10 was also developed which was used for aerial refueling. Northwest Airlines and American Airlines made use of this ‘machine’ as a commercial passenger flight. This aircraft is also famous for its services as a ‘Flying Eye Hospital’ (2009) and as a ‘Water Dropper (Air Tanker – Defence)’. At present, it is in service with commercial operators FedEx Express, Biman Bangladesh Airlines. DC-10 was involved in 52 aviation accidents and incidents which resulted in lots of loss in life and property. This ‘unfavorable reputation’ lead to its commercial passenger services being abandoned. This particular reason and the aircrafts’ reputation of having large cargo space promoted it as a ‘Cargo Aircraft’. The cargo spacing is quite organized and can carry tremendous loads, hence taking it to the Top 10 Best Commercial Aircrafts list. It has also bought in lots of Glory to ‘McDonnell Douglas – the company’ with its disciplined and efficient cargo operations.

9. Airbus A320


The Airbus A320 is a commercial passenger Jet airliner manufactured by Airbus. The airbus can accommodate up to 220 passengers and has a ‘range’ of 3100 to 12000Km. It was first produced in 1987 and had its first flight in 1988 with ‘Air France’. This aircraft pioneered the use of digital ‘Fly by wire flight control systems’ technology. This technology helped to reduce the aircraft weight and production cost, making it a ‘Budget Aircraft’, hence increasing the company’s profit. It also uses ‘Prop fan’ technology’. This technology replaces the conventional propellers with ‘turbofans’. These ‘turbofans’ offer the same speed of that of the propellers at an economic cost. This ‘machine’ was tested thoroughly before being used for commercial purpose. The current model of Airbus A320 has undergone lots of refinements when compared to the first model. The refinements are in terms of weight, cockpit design and wing design. It did undergo a ‘makeover’ several times and is currently one of the most preferred ‘economy class’ commercial aircraft. The fact that ‘the number of aircrafts A320 being produced every year is on a steeping rise’ indicates the quality of this particular ‘machine’. It is currently in service for established operators like US Airways and Easy Jet.

8. Airbus A330


Airbus A330 is a wide-body twin engine jet airliner manufactured by Airbus. This aircraft can accommodate around 335 passengers and has a range up to 14000Km. This ‘machine’ can also be used as a cargo aircraft wherein it can carry loads up to 70 tonnes.  It was first produced in the year 1992 and had its first commercial flight in the year 1994 with ‘Air Inter’. The earlier models of A330 served the US Air force (were used for defence purpose). This aircraft had a very ‘stable’ design and had a design which could be considered aerodynamically efficient. Improvements in technology lead to the improvement of its ‘engine’ as well. This improvements lead to the development of a ‘powerful machine’. Various technical tests were carried out before the aircraft had its first commercial flight. The aircraft was certified on various aspects after the testing process. It did face a few problems during testing and therefore the modifications in its design and operation.  Currently, it has one of the better technical ‘aspects’ in the ‘aircraft industry’. It also has one of the finest seating, interiors, facilities and service. Due to all these factors, it has a high ‘travel tariff’ and hence considered a High Class or Business Class Aircraft. But, the ‘ticket cost’ is worth the travel. All these factors make Airbus A330 force its way into the Top 10 Best Commercial Aircrafts List. It is currently in service for ‘Air China’ and ‘Delta Air Lines’.

7. Concorde


The Concorde is a turbojet powered supersonic passenger airliner jointly developed and produced by Aerospatiale and British Aircraft Corporation. It was first produced in the year 1969 and had its first commercial flight in the year 1976 for the operator ‘British Airways’. These aircrafts were built very less in number (only 20). The word ‘Concorde’ means an engineering marvel but this particular ‘marvel’ couldn’t last long and it retired in the year 2003 due to a few reasons. ‘Making of Concorde’ was a collaborative project taken up by two companies (one a U.K based company and the other, a France based company) supported financially by the government of both the nations. The design of this ‘machine’ is a peculiar one formed after the combined efforts of the design teams of both the ‘nations’. Its design supports ‘low ratio delta wings’ which enables the flight to fly at tremendously high speeds.  After the production, the aircraft had to go through various issues, one of them being the problems with Sonic Boom take off noise (pollution). Ultimately, it could find potential buyers in Britain, Iran, China and France based companies. The aircraft had four Olympus Engines, digital computer controlled engine air intake system, Super cruise capability and droop nose section for better landing. It also had the greatest supersonic range among all the aircrafts. But ‘heating issues’, ‘structural issues’ (large unwanted forces being applied whenever the aircraft took a turn) and radiation concerns (passengers receiving jolts at high altitudes) lead to its downfall. Several efforts were put-in to eliminate these issues but these efforts did not work out. Ultimately, a huge Air-Crash due to the above mentioned reasons and a mind boggling terror attack lead to its retirement. It did serve ‘British Airways’ and ‘Air France’. Though it had design problems, though only 20 Concorde aircrafts were manufactured, though it had passenger health concerns, it still makes it to the Top 10 Best Commercial Aircrafts List because it was the fastest commercial passenger flight ever and every passenger who travelled in Concorde did experience the ‘joy’ and has a story to tell.

6. MD-11


MD – 11 is a three engine jetliner, manufactured initially by McDonnell Douglas and then by Boeing Commercial Planes. It is the improved version of MD – 10. Its features include a stretched fuselage, increased wingspan, refined airfoils, smaller tail plane, new advanced engines and increased use of composite materials. The engines are compactly placed at critical points. It also has a ’all digital glass cockpit’ and eliminates the necessity of a ‘flight engineer’ in the Cockpit. It was first produced in the year 1990 and had its first commercial flight with ‘Finn air’ in the same year itself. It also has special features like ‘hydraulic fuses’ which prevent loss of control in event of a hydraulic failure. It also possesses a spacious and a safe ‘Cargo Den’. It is currently in service for various operators like FedEx Express, UPS Airlines and World Airways. It did have a few safety concerns and very few accidents. But its high technicality, control and ‘sophistication’ see to it that it stands at number ‘6’. It is a well known ‘economy passenger’ and ‘cargo’ aircraft.

5. Boeing 787

 boe 787

Boeing 787 is a twin engine Jet Airliner developed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It can accommodate up to 330 passengers. It is a ‘fuel-efficient’ airliner and is the world’s only aircraft to use composite materials as primary material in its construction. Its features include ‘electrical flight system’, a four panel windshield, ‘Engine Noise Reducers’ and a user friendly cockpit design. It holds a record of ‘maximum number of orders placed’. It has collaboration with lots of companies which design its components individually at various places and the assembly happens at Boeing’s Assembly Factory. It serves the maximum number of customers (operators) than any other commercial aircraft in the world. It was first manufactured in the year 2009 and had its first service flight in the year 2011 for All Nippon Airways. However it did face a few problems with noticeable incidents (fire) happening at Lithium Ion battery boards. But each time it faced a problem, it came back strong with a new innovation and a solution. It also did face a few ‘production – delay’ issues but they were sorted out in no time. The interiors are classic, innovative air-conditioning always keeps the temperatures ideal, the lighting (LED) is pleasant and the seating is super comfortable. With high level of innovation and technology, level of comfort it provides to an ‘economy passenger’, its ability to strike back soon whenever there is an issue and the machine’s never ending demand make this aircraft to stand at No. 5 in our list. Air India, United Airlines and Japan Airlines are some of its many operators.

4. Boeing 737

 boe 737

Boeing 737 is a twin engine narrow body Jet Airliner. It has a capability of carrying up to 215 passengers. It was first produced in the year 1967 and had its debut flight in the year 1968 with Lufthansa. Improvements in technology lead to the incorporation of turbofan engines with wing improvements. The advanced new features also included a redesigned wing, a updated cockpit and new interior. Boeing 737 is the best selling airliner in the history of aviation. Stats say that there are maximum numbers of Boeing 737s airborne all across the world at a given point of time. A Boeing 737 departs or lands across the world for every five seconds. Boeing 737 ‘took off’ only after critical testing and certification. The engine deployed is ‘silent’ and powerful. This ‘machine’ has also been used for ‘Army’ purpose apart from commercial activities. It did face a few accidents and incidents but the number is negligible. Though there has been strict competition from various other contemporary aircrafts, Boeing 737 has emerged a winner and justifies its No. 4 position. It currently serves giant operators like United Airlines and American Airlines.

3. Airbus A380


The Airbus A380 is a double deck, four engine jetliner. It is the world’s largest passenger airliner. Many airports have upgraded their facilities to accommodate this particular ‘wonder machine’.  It was first produced in the year 2005 and had its first commercial flight in 2007 with Singapore Airlines. The cabin provides seating to 525 people with a typical ‘three class’ accommodation. It can also accommodate around 830 people if it is a single ‘economy class’ accommodation. Its wide body facilitates the upper deck. Its peculiar design makes it spacious and comfortable for the passengers. It has a range of 15700Km and can cruise at an astonishing speed of 900Km/hr. Being a ‘huge machine’; one expected its orders to be less in number but to the surprise of the ‘Air World’, Airbus had received more than 250 Airbus A380 orders till date and number is increasing with time. Special workshops had to be built for the construction of this ‘mean machine’ and technical giants like Rolls Royce, General Electric and United Technologies played their part in the aircrafts’ making. The development cost of one A380 went up to €11 billion. Before its first commercial flight, it went through a stepwise thorough testing procedure. Design and operation suggestions given by experts were taken up seriously and all the minute defects were eliminated. After ‘killing’ the production delay, the ‘superjumbo’ took off from the ‘Singapore International Airport’ in ‘Singapore Airlines’ colors. The engines employed were super powerful and the fuel used was a ‘mixture’ to increase fuel efficiency. This aircraft underwent ‘Post Testing’ even after the start of its operations to enable ‘Safe and a happy journey always’. The best materials and the best technologies in the world were used for its manufacturing.  This is the only aircraft that can boast of never having a major accident/incident in its history.  Airbus A380, the machine with no practical ‘competition’ is at No.3. It serves Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa and Qantas.

2. Boeing 777

 boe 777

The Boeing 777 is a long range twin engine jetliner manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It has a seating capacity of up to 450 passengers and a range of 17500Km. Its distinct features include largest diameter turbofan engines, six wheels on each main landing gear, a circular fuselage and a blade shaped tail cone. It has complete Computer – Mediated Controls and is also the first entirely computer designed commercial aircraft. It has powerful engines developed by Rolls Royce and holds the record of travelling more than halfway round the globe on a stretch (largest range). It was first produced in the year 1994 and had its first commercial flight in the year 1995 for United Airlines. Its production also happens on a large scale supporting its increasing number of orders. It also holds the record of the ‘Safest Flight’ considering the long hours of travel it makes. It is Boeing’s best selling models and gives a stiff competition to its competitors. Advancements in technology have lead to the refinement of Boeing 777 resulting in a finer and a better fuel efficient ‘machine’. Its fuel efficient nature have given Boeing a freedom to reduce the travel tariff, hence attracting more number of passengers and leading to an increased ‘Company Annual Turnover’. The computer system is designed by ‘IBM’ and the aerodynamic design by ‘Rolls Royce’. These companies – the best in their field are on course of making ‘Boeing’, the best in the field of avionics. Production updates are being made on ‘777’ from time to time and the ‘machine’ goes on getting powerful. The interiors are carefully, professionally designed give the passenger (economy), the feel of a 5 star hotel. With so many ‘Best Tags’ linked with the aircraft, it stands at No.2 position in our list. It serves Emirates, United Airlines, Air France and Singapore Airlines.  

1. Boeing 747

 boe 747

Boeing 747 is a commercial airliner and cargo transport aircraft manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It is often referred to as ‘Jumbo Jet’. Boeing 747 held the ‘passenger capacity’ record until recently. It has a double deck configuration for half of its length. It can accommodate around 420 passengers in a ‘three class’ system. It’s quite flexible and its seats can be removed and it can be used to transport Cargo. More than 1500 Boeing 747’s have been built till date and lot many are in verge of production. It was first built in 1969 and had its first operational flight in 1970 with Pam Am. It had also been a part of US Air Force Cargo Team. It makes use of high bypass turbofan engine which is capable of delivering more power with less fuel. It also makes use of hydraulic system for various purposes (gear and dual control).  It has a unique design with a high ‘sweep angle’, effective seating and raised ‘hump’ cockpit. Its design facilitates maximum take off range and multiple structural redundancy. It possesses brilliant interiors, effective utilization of aircraft space and also holds reasonable travel fare. It was first produced in a huge 780 acre plant at Paine Field, Washington. After undergoing part to part testing, analysis and action, it was first christened by the First Lady of USA at Washington Dulles international airport. This machine gets developed and updated from time to time. Its flexibility, high technicality, effective safety measures, the comfort level and timely development make it Top our list of Commercial Aircrafts. This Aircraft has something for everyone in it and never fails to satisfy anyone. Its primary users include British Airways, Lufthansa and KLM.


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  1. Richard Lutz

    January 22, 2016 9:18 am

    The later Airbus aircraft use a side-stick controller ( rather than a center stick ( like all the Boeings. If you were a pilot which would you rather use and which do you think is inherently safer?

    Look at the Airbus A380 cockpit ( and you will see that the side-stick for the left pilot seat is mounted to the left side of the cockpit for use by the left hand, while the side-stick for the right pilot seat is mounted to the right side of the cockpit for use by the right hand. Are you left or right handed and which seat will you sit in when piloting it? Do you see the problem? Whenever humanly possible I fly in Boeings rather than Airbus aircraft. Not merely for safety purposes, but because I think the side-stick amounts to a big FU to pilots.

    • William Fall

      August 29, 2017 1:48 pm

      That’s completely false – no-one has both hands on the yoke simultaneously – the captain would have his left on the yoke and his right on the throttles and the FO the other way round. Therefore it is not a problem and just an optimisation of cockpit space.

      • Richard Lutz

        August 31, 2017 3:55 am

        Completely wrong, but that is to be expected from a deluded Airbus fanboy. I never suggested that a pilot would be using both joysticks at the same time.

        • William Fall

          August 31, 2017 6:20 am

          Unfortunately you misunderstood what I said. In a Boeing cockpit, they have yokes (not side sticks) which I refer to: I say that yes, it is possible to have both hands on the yoke in a Boeing, but it just isn’t ever used like this because of the need to have the other hand on the throttles. That means a Boeing Captain would only ever have his left hand on the yoke anyway, with their right hand on the throttles – the exact same as in an Airbus, except his left hand would be on the side stick not the yoke. Therefore, in both Boeing and Airbus aircraft, the attitude of the aircraft is only ever controlled by one hand. Airbus recognise this and so have made their control input (side stick) adapted suitably for purpose – for only one hand, since that’s all that’s required.
          Also, let’s not make personal attacks. I don’t commit my enthusiasm to one manufacturer – rather I prefer to be rational and look at the plane’s features – which is the better plane? For example I think the 777-300 is better than the a330-300(ceo) but the a350-1000 and -900 is better than the 777-200 and -300.

          • Richard Lutz

            September 1, 2017 9:03 am

            Feel free to dig yourself a deeper hole. The 787 is what Airbus would like to make but doesn’t. Sad to hear about the A380 which few people now want, in no small part as Airbus was too stupid to introduce a cargo or combo variant. Good thing racist Europeans don’t like to buy Boeings and provide Airbus with massive taxpayer subsidies or it would have fallen over years ago.

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