Top 10 Best Computer Hardware Brands 2013

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Computers and their use have become so common that almost every individual knows the basic about them. To start with, let me elaborate two essential components of computer at the very grass root level. These two components are called Hardware and Software. Hardware is the comprehensive term for all the physical parts of the computer. It is on which the computer software runs. Keyboards, Mouse, printer, scanner, wireless communication methodology are some of the examples of computer hardware. There are many companies which manufacture computer and also along with manufacture computer hardware peripherals and provide support and services. In fact these hardware offering and services sometimes serve as distinguishable factor between companies. The reason for this is better the hardware, better is the reliability of the customer. Every aspect is directly proportional in this business and because of such a great impact many companies are researching and evolving more in the computer hardware domain.

10. Alcatel Lucent

Alcatel Lucent

Alcatel Lucent provides a perfect blend of market and technology. Scientists, researchers and engineers work together and provide excellent technological innovations to market. It is a very dynamic enterprise with a vision of exploring and delivering innovative product ideas and components. A French company which holds Bell labs, one of the largest innovation and research and development houses in the communications industry. Bell Labs employees are the recipient of many Nobel prizes. Recently they have been successful in developing lightRadio, a technology to reduce the size of cell towers to tiny cubes. Alcatel Lucent has been one of the major contributors in transforming the information technology research future.

9. XEROX Corporation

XEROX Corporation

I know it might be a surprise to many, that there is a company named Xerox. Don’t be surprised more when I tell you that the Xerox machine which we use to make copy of a paper got its name from this company name. XEROX Corporation laid its roots in 1906 in Rochester. Computer mouse, graphic interface, desktop computing are the outcomes of the minds if the hardware and software designers of Xerox. They have invented very essential elements of personal computing. Along with this Xerox Corporation is also into manufacturing of printers, scanners, fax machines and digital printing and publishing systems

8. Ericsson


Ericsson is one of few companies who have given a breakthrough in the telecommunication industry. It was the inventor of the Bluetooth short range wireless technology. It is also has a feather of installing the largest manual telephone exchange consisting of 60,000l lines. Based in Sweden, it is continuously increasing it’s world market. It has evolving through constant improvement and research. With its constant efforts, Ericsson now is the major player in the networking market. Over 1000 networks in more than 180 countries use networking equipment and more than 40 percent of the world’s networking traffic pass through Ericsson networks. It is one of the leading manufacturers of wireless products and semiconductors.

7. NEC Corporation

NEC corporation

Originally Nippon Electric Company and later named as NEC corporation, it is a Japanese makers of information technology products and services. It is one of those companies which has given its efforts to modernize Japan’s communications infrastructure by being the main supplier of equipment to Japan’s ministry of communication. NEC successfully established the first telephone communication between Japan and China in 1930. The company has been into constant research and innovation. NEC has put hands into many devices like storage systems, peripherals and many others. Its research has also been successful in many domains. It markets more than 15,000 products in 140 countries. The only reason NEC has been successful and is still ruling the information technology market is its strategy of integration of computers and communication.

6. Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems emerge out of a very simple need in 1984 – a need to email each across campus and also a way to connect networks. To satisfy this need they modified and improved the code from the first router at Stanford. The developer of the router went to work with Sun Microsystems but this couple opened a young company Cisco Systems. Though started with controversy, the company has acquired more than 140 companies till 1993. In 2006, Cisco acquired Scientific Atlanta of Lawrenceville, a leading provider of set-top boxes, end to end video distribution networks and video systems integration, The acquisition allows Cusco to offer a world class end to end data voice video and mobility solution for carrier networks and digital home It is into business of selling everything from networking devices, software, services. Cisco has shown its mark in core of internet and home network. AMR Research has put Cisco as number five on its World’s Top 25 Supply Chains List.

5. Fujitsu


Fujitsu is a leading Japanese computer firm committed to development of its own information and communication technological expertise. It develops all its solutions and services keeping the demands of both customer (clients) and also the data which the client has to handle using their services. One of the products of Fujitsu S2 sets the new SPC-2 Benchmark record in cost efficiency and all round performance. To simplify the technological terms, SPC 2 Benchmark result confirms superior large file processing, large database query and video on demand workload profiles. This had a direct impact on the performance of the company because the speed with which the companies access and retrieve information directly affects business operations. Volumes of data need to fetched by company on daily basis, such offering by Fujitsu were able to boost speed to large extent. Fujitsu products have been able to set new records in cost efficiency and overall processing capability.

4. Dell Inc.

Dell Inc.

Step in any house or office you are sure to find one of the Dell offerings of Personal Computers. Almost everyone who has sat down to use a computer has likely used a Dell at some point in time. Millions of individuals, libraries and business use Dell computers to get tasks accomplished on a daily basis. Started with just $1000, Michael Dell has brought his company as number one supplier to U.S businesses both large and small for 10 years. This includes the 10 largest U.S companies the top six internet service companies and top five U.S commercial banks all of whom use Dell computers. Dell is a company which does business with all the companies ranked among the fortune 500 and its own ranking is 33. Dell was the first company to equip corporate systems with the Red Hat Linux. With leading technology and competitive pricing, Dell is the best in class service and support.

3. Samsung


Samsung – a word considered synonym to the Smartphone. This is how well Samsung has established in telecommunication industry. But very few know that along with smart phones, Samsung is also a very well-known brand in computers, laptops, and its hardware components. The success of Samsung has been very surprising and completely contradictory to the style of success and failure usually seen in the graph chart of companies. They focus on handful of products and emerge as winners. Samsung has been into 80 different businesses since its inception in 1938. They make skyscrapers, big ships, television, refrigerators to name a few. Burj Khalifa the tallest building in world which is in Dubai is the product of Samsung construction division. In the computer domain, they have been the leading producer of memory chips since 1993. The reason for such a tremendous success of Samsung is hard work, commitment and desire for perfection.

2. Apple


Apple is one of the most admired companies even by its own competitors. They have proved themselves a challenger to convention. It is the company which has changed the people expectation from consumer electronics. In 2011, Apple made and sold 70 million iPhones, 30 million iPads, and 59 million other products. Last year Apple sold 40 million iPhones. If you can’t imagine it, let me break it for you. 40 million phones per year means 110,000 iPhones sold every day, further, 76 iPhones per minute. I suppose now you can imagine the revenue the company is generating and the position company enjoys in the technology market. Each iPhone contains hundreds of parts: semiconductors from Germany and Taiway, memory from Korea and Japan, display panels and circuitry from Korea and Taiwan, chipsets from Europe and rare metals from Africa and Asia. And all of that is assembled in China. Apple made the first mass market color digital camera which could be connected to Mac via a serial cable. In the current market , and also in the future Apple is going to be the most valuable technology company in the world and would definitely be called digital powerhouse.

1. Hewlett Packard (HP)


From the day the word desktops or computers came into existence and people started using it, I think from that day we are very well known with the name Hewlett Packard better known as HP. From desktops to touch screen laptops they have been ruling since a very long time. They are managing 200 data centers, 380,000 servers, 5.4 million desktops and 17 million IP addresses. One out of every three servers shipped worldwide is from HP. Such a big company had a very small start with just $538 capital including the equipment by Stanford graduates William Hewlett and David Packard. Many few would know that one of the early customers of this company was Walt Disney studios. They used HP oscillators to make the film Fantasia. They brought in first mass-market laser printer was brought to market in 1989 by HP. Mergers with Compaq and EDS helped HP grown enormously. Another domain where HP Company has emerged a innovator is the management style and employment facilities. Casual work culture, On site recreational facilities, health insurance plans and other different benefits were provided to HP employees which started the trend. HP has been and still retains its number one position in the market of computers.


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