Top 10 Best Cricket Fielders Ever

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Cricket is known as gentlemen’s game. It is a game known for its prowess batting, breathtaking fast bowling, twirling spin  bowling and my dear folks…fielding has never lost its glory, remember catches win the matches. The fielding in Cricket adds an extra thrill.

Fielders play a key role in deciding the team’s faith. But so far there are no special fielders as such who are only dedicated for fielding purpose in the game. None the less, the world cricket has produced quite a few astonishing fielders who could turn the numerical figures of the game and change the shape of the result. Here are top 10 best fielders ever in cricket.

10) Mohammed Kaif and Yuvraj Singh (India):

Kaif and Yuvraj

The two pillars of Indian team when it comes to fielding. Now, here is a tie between these two amazing fielders. Both show sparkling moves on field and extremely easeful body language. They are all time electrified, when given any position on the field. Comparing these two, Kaif has an edge and remembered for his great fielding ability. Though not known for his batting abilities but he is always been reckoned for his great fielding.  He was never that handy with bat not so handy with bat but he has always been best reckoned for his fielding as he has saved countless number of boundaries for India.

On the other hand, Yuvraj impresses all fans both with his bat and on filed. His athletic moves on field always awed the cricket critics. His fielding along mixed with gymnastic is a great scene that one can dare to miss it. The best duo fielders of “Team India”

9) Mark Waugh (Australia):

Mark Waugh

He is the best Aussie player who has blessed with excellent anticipation on the field. He is one among the best slip fielders who hardly dropped the edge catches ever. The classy diving is his best asset. Being light on feet, cool and charged up on field is his most gifted skill.  He can be regarded as the all time best slip fielder. 181 catches in ODI and 108 in Tests are in his record pockets being a non wicket keeper. His contribution complemented the solid bowling of Aussie bowlers. And he was always been there at the slips and never dropped any serious catches as per the records.

8) Tilakratne Dilshan (Sri Lanka):

Sri Lanka's Tillakaratne Dilshan dives to stop the ball during their Twenty20 World Cup cricket match against New Zealand in Pallekele

He is famously known as an all rounder and also for his “Dil Scoop” shot! But when it comes to fielding he Tilakratne Dilshan safeguards his position very well. He is the best fielder in the Asian cricket playing these days along with some Indian fielders. He is the leader of the Sri Lankan fielding department.  His famous and loved positions are mid wicket for spinners and backward point for seem bowlers. Dilshan has done a lot when it comes to sending the opposite batsmen to the pavilion through his electrifying fielding.  He has taken some jaw dropping return/ reaction catches when he himself did the bowling as well.

7) AB De Villiers (South Africa):

A B Divilliers

If it’s South Africa it is definitely known for its fielding along with their all round performance. Hence De Villiers holds the special mention for his exception commitment on field.  He can play both the roles both as a fielder as well as wicket keeper. He is handy both the ways. He is watchable for his gymnastic jump in the mission to catch the ball. He is calm cool man on field who just hits the wicket right way! As a wicket keeper he has been there for South Africa at all times when needed and has taken some key catches.

6) Michael Clarke (Australia):

Michael Clarke

He is the crazy fielder of Australia. He bats with right hand, bowls with left hand, but fields with both the hands.  Make him stand at any position, his main and sole target are stumps and one can dare to take away their eyes when he fields and throws the bowl directly to the stumps. He has a kind of tight grip on field and hold on ball when he dives.

5) Andrew Symonds (Australia):


He is a middle order batsmen, medium pace bowler, and spinner at times. He deserves to be at 5th spot undoubtedly. He body is well trained and well armed. He has immense strength and grace in his movements on field. And he is also a wonderful athletic. He is quick, fast and aggressive at field. He has saved many runs for Australian Cricket in many crucial matches, countless run outs. Some of his performances were match turning and match winning as well. When he is fielding the opponents are on high alert. But sadly he don’t play for Australia anymore.

4) Herschelle Gibbs (South Africa):

H Gibbs

He is considered as the successor of the great Jonty Rhodes. He is a former Rugby player and that is how he is something special on field. He is also a cool fielder, sometimes a little lethargic in throwing the ball. But he is still outstanding when it comes to the overall fielding he is an outstanding fielder. He has the ability to the momentum of the game through his catches and sharp fielding and he has done it many times as well.  Due to some serious reasons he never toss up the ball once he takes the catch. This is because of the Headingly league match in 1999 world cup.

3) Paul Collingwood (England):

England's Paul Collingwood attempts to c

He is the one and only England fielder in Top 10. He is an amazing English fielder. He is surprisingly very well in fielding compared to his batting and bowling. He has impressive and innovative run outs for England Cricket team.  When it comes to fielding, how can one miss the name of Paul Collingwood? He is amazing English fielder. His entry in Cricket was late and he got minimal chances to play, but whenever he played he made the mark as the best England fielder with his brilliance if fielding and bowling as well.

2) Ricky Ponting (Australia):

Ricky ponting

How can there be a list of best fielders with the Punter. Ricky is brilliant in all the field placements. Generally some fielders are well versed for some spots and positions, but Punter is an universal fielder who can field at all places. He is very scary and fast at the inner ring.He is a gifted player of all time who can field brilliantly and take run outs and wonderful catches as well.  In ODI’s he grabs 160 catches and in tests he grabs 194 catches under his record belt.

He hits the stumps directly and takes catch very easily. Recently, IPL 6 also he was one nominee among the best 3 catches category. That shows how free and reflexive he is even at this age. Here are the Kudos to the Punter who is a hunter of catches, run outs and runs.

1) Jhonty Rhodes(South Africa) :

Johnty rodes

If there is an award for best fielding. The one and only one man who deserves it dominantly is Jhonty Rhodes. There is always confusion in deciding best batsmen and best bowler but when it comes to fielder it’s unanimously Rhodes. He fielding is something unbelievable and spine chilling to all the spectators. He stands out for his diving power, catching power and even throwing power. He is first and last player who holds the record of 5 catches in a single match. Even though he was a handy batsman, it is his fielding which took him to next level and wondered all the cricket lovers. 1992 World cup’s Inzamam run out is recorded as all time best run out! He is the best fielder ever the world cricket can witness and still he is very down to earth.

Detailing about this run out shares the following:

“Swooping onto a ball from his position at backward point, Rhodes raced Inzamam ul-Haq, who had ventured down the pitch, to the crease, beating him, with his right arm holding the ball and extended like Superman, with a dive that knocked all three stumps out of the ground. The pictures were shown around the world to prove that  a fielding legend was born.” The above picture is the visual of this description. .

Conclusion: There are many more fielders both in younger generation and the older generation who are best on field. But these are the cream of fielders who are the best at all times. Now Raina and Kohli from India are giving their best fielding works and no sooner they can be one among this list as all most none of these players are playing for their team anymore except de villiers . The young players are well trained in fielding department and ready to prove their fielding vigor. Let us wait and watch for some more punters and Rhodes to hail the world of cricket through their fielding unlike just batting and bowling.


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