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There are many types of music, all types are equally adored and esteemed. Jazz being one of those types is known worldwide, not only known but it has become a very important part of the culture. Jazz music has its origin from the early 20th century and over the period of 100 years it has become the most popular type of Music in America. Jazz basically has its elements from the British music but components of the music have been stimulated according to the taste of African Americans. This is the point where the origin of the Jazz music begins. Thought Jazz music has been created by the amalgamation of two different cultures but after covering a journey of nearly a century, Jazz Music has given birth to many roots. Depending on the way the music is being played, Jazz music has many types for example New Orleans Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Kansas City jazz, Bebop etc.

Music is a very important part of life, music has the power to change a person’s mood in a blink of an eye, it is capable of making you smile, and it is also capable of making a person cry. Music can bring a person back to life, it can make you enthusiastic, and it can inspire you. Music has become a very important part of your culture, it is a must in our every ceremony, be it a birthday, a wedding, any event, it remains incomplete without music.

Jazz being one of the most famous kinds of Jazz music is very peculiar and captivating. It is often said to be the true form of the American music. Jazz was originally derived from another type of music but as the years have passed, it has managed to create a very distinct identity of its own. It is one of the most effective and beautiful way of expressing your feelings, the Jazz musicians who create master pieces of Jazz music are very much esteemed by the Jazz lover. Top 10 most famous Jazz musicians are:

10. Charles Mingus:

Charles Mingus was born on 22 April 1922; he was an American composer, bassist and singer. He had his own style of composing music, often merging the Jazz with classical and creating an erotic third type of music. He died on January 5th 1979 and is still remembered as one of the greatest musicians.

9. John Coltrane:

John William Coltrane, also called “Trane” was born on the 23rd of September in 1926 and died on 17th of July in 1967. This American Jazz Saxophonist and composer worked in the bebop and hard idioms in his early career. Around fifty recording sessions were recorded with this leader and appeared as a sideman in many other albums as well. As his career progressed from time to time, an increasingly spiritual dimension was achieved my him and his work. This talented personality won numerous awards during his life time achievement be it the Puliticer Prize Special Citation or posthumous awards, he proved his talent as a great success.

8. Miles Devis:

MileS Dewery Davis was born on May 26, 1926 and was an American Jazz musician, trumpeter, band leader and a composer. On 7th October 1954, his album “Kind of Blue”, received its fourth platinum certification from the recording industry. He died on the 28th of September in 1991.

7. Thelonious Monk:

He was born on 10 October 1917; he was an American jazz musician and pianist. He is regarded as the pillar of American Music, he as an extraordinary singer and musician. He holds the record for second most recordings. He is one of the only five musicians whose face has appeared on the Times magazine.

6. Billie Holiday:

Billie Holiday was born on 7 April 1915; she is the greatest singer the history has ever seen. She had a very powerful and influential voice, she was a singer who has set standards in the past and no one has yet become able of breaking them.  She was an African American song writer and singer. Though each song of her was a masterpiece but her best songs includes “strange fruit”, “Fine & mellow”, “don’t explain”, “God bless the child”. She died on 17th July 1959 at the age of 44 because of heart failure due to heavy drinking and drugs.

5. Nat King Cole:

Nathaniel Adams Coles was born on 17th march 1919; he was an American Musician and Singer. He was very famous for his unique and pulchritudinous soft voice. He spent his entire life creating music, his first performance was when he was 4 years old, and he performed at a church. He took proper music lesson when he turned 12. His masterpieces include “Send for me”, “Looking Back”, “Pretend”, “Ramblin’ Rose”. He was a very heavy smoker and he dies on 15th February 1965 due to lungs cancer.

4. Duke Ellington:

Duke Ellington, born Edward Kennedy in 29th April 1899 was an American pianist and composer. He led his own orchestra and was the leader. His career in Jazz music spanned for nearly 50 years, from 1914 till death parted him from Jazz. He has a very important position when it comes to Jazz, he wrote more than 1,000 compositions in his life time. He dies on 24th may 1974, his respect got multiplied after his death and he is still remembered as one of the most extraordinary Jazz musician.

3. Benny Goodman:

Benny Goodman is among the most respectable and famous Jazz musician, he is esteemed at such an extent that his clarinet is among the world’s most expensive musical instruments today. He was born on 30 may 1909, and showed interest in music at quite an early age, he came to New York in his youth and led one of the most popular Music band of his times in America. He is among those people who have devoted their entire lives to music; he was a dynamic Jazz musician and an expert Clarinetist. His concerts are remembered till today as one of the most thrilling and captivating concerts. His devotion to music was such deep that at the age of 18 he recorded his first song. His famous records include Bugle Call Rag, Swimming in the Rockies, Exactly like you, Sweet Georgia brown, etc. He died on June 13th 1986; he was included in the Jazz fame of hall in 1957.


2. Charlie Parker:

Charlie parker is among the world’s best jazz musician, without him Jazz music would not have been where it is today. He was born on 29th august 1920 in the city of Kansas; he was an American composer and Saxophonist. He contributed a great deal in bebop and introduces many other techniques in Jazz. He is also very famous for composing music by combining jazz with other genre of music such as classical. He dies on drug on 12th march 1955. He was given Grammy life time achievement award in 1984; he was also introduced to Ring band and Jazz hall of fame on 1979. His famous songs include Indiana, Red Cross, Groovin High, Dizzy atmosphere and cover man.

1. Louis Armstrong:

Louis Armstrong was born on 4th august; he is the man who happens to be the God father of Jazz, his popularity started in the 1920s. He belonged to a very poor family, deprived of affection of a father he started to struggle from a very early age. His father left his family when he was an infant. He is the most influential singer in the history of jazz; actually he is one who laid down the foundations of Jazz music. He is the first African American who has managed to attain such an extreme level of popularity. He has the most compelling voice; he was also a master of Scat singing. He was very famous for his skills at trumpet. Often called as the king of swing, he died on 6 July 1971. His most famous songs are “star dust”, “La via En Rose” and “what a beautiful world is”. Even after so many years after his death, he remains alive in the heart of the jazz lovers as a mentor.


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