Top 10 Best Health Magazines in the World 2013

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Health is defined as physical or mental condition of a human being. Everyone wants to stay free from any injury and illness and to live his life peacefully. Everyone desires for a sound and illness free live. But that is only possible if we follow a healthy and hygienic routine. If a person stays healthy and remains away from sickness then we can concentrate on our work and can thus do our work more efficiently and with increased quality, we will be having more time to do things which we do not get time for like spending time with family or doing things which we like. Good health ultimately leads to longer life as we feel happy and fit. On the other hand, if someone often falls sick then he is not able to complete his work efficiently. Moreover, he becomes restless and gets irritated for small things. This behavior of his not only affects him but also leaves an impact on his family. All these things shorten the lifespan and is also the root of many life taking diseases.

So, we see here that everyone wants to live a healthy, tension free, fit and illness free life. Nowadays, there are many sources like internet, magazines, books, television shows and many more things which help us to live a healthy life by giving us tips of a healthy living. This article focuses on the health and fitness magazines that help us to stay fit and healthy and provides us with the tips to follow a healthy routine. Here is the list of the top 10 fitness magazines.



Fitness is a women’s magazine which was launched in 1992 and which not only provides us with tips to stay healthy and different types of exercise but also focuses on nutrition and provides us the recipes of the healthy meals. Ten magazines are published per year in United States by the Meredith Corporation and the editor in chief of the magazine is Betty Wong. The main concern of the Fitness magazine is on exercise, health, beauty and nutrition. Fitness magazine is also available online and it also conduct events based on fitness and health. The money raised from these events is donated in charity.



Shape magazine was started in 1981 by Weider Publications. It is a women’s magazine which was founded by Christine Maclntyre and is published bi – monthly per year that is six issues are published in a year in English language. Shape magazine’s prime focus is on healthy living, right eating, staying fit, looking great and thus shaping our life. Shape magazine not only provides us with latest exercise, nutrition and health news which includes nutritious food recipes, exercise tips and routines but, it also includes topics such as beauty, fashion, travel, spirit, sex, style, work and home. It also consists of a Readers Speak Out section in which we as readers can ask about our queries and can also comment about the previous issues of the magazine. It is published in United States but is also available online.



Prevention magazine was first issued in 1950 in English language in United States of America. It is published by Rodale Press and is one of the largest selling magazines with the total circulation of around 2.9 million in the world. It is a monthly magazine which has around 1 million readers. It lays emphasis on many different sections which includes nutrition, food, workouts, cooking and beauty. This magazine which focuses on healthy lifestyle is also owns an online website. Prevention magazine also conducts surveys to enhance the issues and to make the magazine even better.



Health magazine is a women’s magazine which was launched in 1981 and ten issues of the magazine are published every year. It is a United States based magazine. It focuses on the issues such as fashion, diet, nutritious food recipes and also life related problems such as how to deal with depression, stress, tension, grief and many more. It also highlights the top skincare products for its readers. Moreover, we can also have a glimpse of cover stories of different celebrities in Health magazine at occasional basis. Health magazine also maintains a website online and is thus available worldwide for everyone.


womens health

Women’s Health magazine, as the name suggests, is a women’s magazine which was first issued in 2005. 10 issues of the magazine are published per year in United States by Rodale and is available globally. It mostly has the issues related to lifestyle, sex, health, fitness and nutrition.  It consists of six sections namely, weight loss, sex and love, beauty and style, fitness, health and Eat This! The main objective of Women’s Health magazine is to provide a new approach to the women so that they can stay healthy and keep their lives organized and on track. It can also be accessed online.


mens health

Men’s health magazine is published in United States and is considered as the world’s largest most famous and men’s magazine which have 40 editions covering 47 countries worldwide. It was first released in 1987 and is published by Rodale Press. 10 issues of the magazine are published per year which covers topics such as fashion, sexuality, fitness and nutrition. It also maintains a website. Women’s health magazine is the sister concern of this magazine. It also has topics of men’s interest areas which include technology, travel, finance, relationships and fashion.



Oxygen magazine is a women’s health and fitness magazine which is published monthly. It covers four sections in the magazine which includes training, fat loss, nutrition and lifestyle. Under the training section one can get knowledge about different workout exercises and equipments. Nutrition section includes clean and healthy recipes and other healthy eating tips. Fat loss section consists of many weight loss strategies with success stories to boost up confidence in us. Lifestyle section includes fashion and style related news. Online availability of Oxygen magazine can be accessed through its website.



Self magazine is a women’s magazine that is published monthly by Conde Nast Publications and lays emphasis on nutrition, health, fitness, beauty and most importantly happiness. It has also been nominated for a National Magazine Awards for its outstanding issue in the year 2008. It was first released in January 1979. It is a United States based magazine which encourages women to make their life better and healthier. It is also available online where we can get access to workout videos, nutrition diaries, recipes and many more fitness and health tips.


mens fitness

Men’s fitness magazine was first released in 1988 by American Media in United States. It is a men’s magazine and 10 issues of this magazine are published per year. It is mainly for the male readers of the age from 21 years to 40 years. It includes articles on nutrition, fitness, sports, fashion advice, recipes, sex tips, surveys and interviews. Thus it has an additional column for careers that is not available in most of the magazines. Online website of this magazine is also available.


whole living

Whole living is a recent health magazine which was first released in 2010 in United States. 10 editions of the magazine are published annually which includes topics such as wellbeing of an individual, personal growth and natural health. In 1974, it was released as a New Age Journal. Then, in 2002, this magazine was first branded as Body & Soul and now, in 2010, it finally was launched by the brand Whole Living. It includes seven sections namely wellness, balance, healthy eating, fitness, beauty, live green and community. It has an additional section of live green which provide us with the tips that we should follow to keep the earth clean and green. It also has expert’s blogs, member’s blogs and discussion boards to enhance the issues of the magazine and to make it worth buying. It can also be accessed online.


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