Top 10 Best Hollywood Comedies till date

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Designed to elicit scores of laughter or even a mere grin on the faces of the audience, comedies are pure entertainment for any disheartened or even not so disheartened souls. What better social connector than some good hearty laughs sitting at comfort to watch a trail of pictures play before you. Movies made out of pure drama merely to amuse one’s good sense. With the upcoming comedy hybrid genres like the horror comedy or the sci-fi comedy, let’s explore some of the best and the funniest Hollywood movies of all times.  After all it is said, ‘Laughter is the best medicine’.

10.  Mr. Bean’s Holiday

Mr.Beans Holiday


The cartoon show adaption of Mr. Bean, this movie starring Rowan Atkinson with a complicated drama packed comedic plot has kept things simple and subtle. It is centred on the careless and self-absorbed Mr. Bean and uses the means of gag and slapstick comedy to arouse laughter. The Plot is around Mr. Bean winning a raffle ticket of a free trip to the Cannes beaches. Thus follows a journey from his place to the Cannes, along with a small lost boy and a lady who joins along during the trip, needless to say by all by accident. Not as good as a showcase of moral character, the funniest part is when Mr. Atkinson and the boy perform as a pantomime in a tragic opera. This extraordinary journey is filled with ‘keep on your toe’ moments and a beautiful ending with Mr. Bean singing the French Riviera.

9. Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda

This animated wonder movie of a Panda, who goes on to become a Master of Martial Art, is a must watch for all animation movie lovers. With its mix sense of humour, swift martial arts action and colourful animation it makes for a winning entertainment. Panda, a mere commoner who works at his father’s noodle shop transforms into a lethal fighting machine with the help of the famous Five legends Tigress (Jolie), Crane (David Cross), Mantis (Seth Rogen), Viper (Lucy Liu), Moneky (Chan) and their wise Sensei, Master Shifu (Hoffman). As the ancient prophecy shall come true, Po shall become a hero and save the people at the time of its darkest hour. Directed by Angelina Jolie and John Stevenson, the movie is voice of a secret power within us all, apart from its humorous actions and some adventure packed comedy.

8.  Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore poster

Adam Sandler’s in born talent to take up to most unusual of the characters and space himself comfortably and humorously in the same old plot, is amazing. He draws some usual tricks and cracks up his audience in the events that follow up during the course of his game. Happy Gilmore is the most untalented yet raw and determined hockey player who goes on to surprise all by winning the ultimate golf championship in order to rescue his grandmother from a $270,000 debt.  He starts with small tournaments and pulls drives of the kind no one has seen before. Just turn this on and see Adam Sandler do the magic. Guiding him on his quest is a whimsical retired pro and an attractive public relations woman charmed by Happy’s antics.

7. Borat


Borat is journey of a man from Kazakhstan to New York City. He is send by the ministry of his country to get a better understanding of this Hegemonic state and is accompanied by his faithful producer Azamat. Portrayal of ‘typical’ Americans and his meeting with small screen siren Pamela Anderson, and interview with Alan Keyes, is all that you’ll assume to be true to America. This satire from a gleeful character is funny in the most possible ways. In this trek to learn more about this apparent strange nation he dredges up your seamy underbelly with humour only few can appreciate as non-sexist or Semitic.

6. The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebwski

Yes, he’s the dude. The Coen brothers’ surreal masterpiece is a comedy thriller and a must watch. Jeff Bridges, The Dude, lands himself in a mishap for sharing the same name Lebowski as the local millionaire, whose wife gets kidnapped. When Jeff is mistaken as the millionaire Lebowski, two thugs urinate on his rug to coerce him into paying a debt he knows nothing about.  He then accepts a one time job with high pay off to recompense his wealthy counterpart. Deception leads to trouble which now seems like every one from the porn tycoons to nihilists want something of the ‘The Dude’. This maniacal artist with its whimsical dialogues and its surreal moments is simply remarkable. The Coen brothers have replicated some of the finest moments and instilled in us the sense to never forget the redeeming power of love ever again.

5.  Dumb and Dumber

Dumb Dumber

This Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels starrer is likeliest to be one of the funniest movies. Jim Carrey (Llyod Christmas) goes bonkers and the other title actor Jeff (Harry Dunne) seems to keep up with an admirable performance. They both are intellectually challenged people who try to fit themselves in the nasty world. Llyod works as a limo driver at Rhode Island and falls head over heels for his customer Mary, who leaves a suitcase at the airport. In order to return the suitcase and win her heart the pair turn to search her all across Aspen, only to realize that the suitcase was left deliberately as a ransom to free her husband. The funniest moment in the film is when they’re driving down the road and they have the conversation with respect to the movie scene Llyod uses to save their lives..

4. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Nonstop hilarity and some bawdy humour this movie has something to knock your sense of humour most definitely. The jokes, the gags and even the actors all score to make this comedy movie a hit. The plot is, God- animated and annoyed- wants Arthur and his men to find the Holy Grail, so they set foot on their journey to which starts from facing killer rabbits, randy vestal virgins, rounding Frenchmen, a bloodthirsty torso, and other silly characters on their not-so-epic classic vice quest. Arthur and his knights trot along sans horses while a subject makes galloping noises with two coconuts. Even with the sound of it, you must feel like watching this legend reel over in a comic form.

3. Hangover


Directed by Todd Phillip, it is the first film of the Hangover franchise and none of its sequels have repeated the magic it had. The story is of Phil, Stu and Alan, who travel to Las Vegas for a bachelor party to celebrate their friend Doug’s marriage. However, Doug is lost and the rest three presumable are hung-over and can’t remember a thing from last night. But they must find their friend before it’s too late. The movie won several awards and grossed over $467 million. It is hilarious, often criticized to be vulgar but keeping apart all of that, its the funniest movie of all times comfortably securing its position on third.

2.  Airplane


With the new research airplane scored “laugh a minute’ score of 3 and ranked at the top for the funniest movies in Hollywood. This spoof disaster movie pulls out all the clichés from the comedy films present way back 20 years ago. The movie starring Robert Hays and Julia Hagerty, is a parody of the film ‘zero hour’ airplane disaster. Airplane’s reputation has grown substantially, reoccurring at the top 100 list of the ‘Greatest Comedy Films’ of all times. The film is known for its use of absurd and slapstick comedy, including visual and verbal puns and gags, as quoted by Wikipedia.

1) The Kid

The Kid

The Kid (1921) was written, produced and directed by Charlie Chaplin, the maestro of Comedy. The film is notable for combining comedy and drama and deftly elicits a variety of emotions from his audiences blending slapstick and pathos. This silent dramedy is a relationship between a child (Coogan) and this stranger(Chaplin) and how things change over the course of their incredible yet matter-of-fate meeting. Chaplin and Coogan often run close calls with the law and run into fights, fleeing and escaping surveillance of all. It’s a masterpiece from the ‘Man Of Master’ himself. The kid was selected for preservation by Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant”


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