Top 10 Best Magicians Ever Born on Earth

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We are attracted to the word “magic” right from our childhood. We feel so enthusiastic when it is going to be performed. But many few of us get attracted to magic in deep sense, and the one who go deeper and deeper to gain the knowledge of it they are the most admired and successful magicians of the world. You must have known many famous magicians who are great in their work but today I am going to list out the names of some world famous magicians ever born on earth! So get ready to know top ten of them and go on a magical and unbelievable ride which the people watching them enjoyed.

10. Jonathan & Charlotte Pendragon.

Jonathan & Charlotte Pendragon.

The couple met in University of California, where Jonathan was learning theater and Charlotte pursuing lessons as a gymnast and dancer then soon they got married. The fusion of both personalities’ skills helped them to create illusions, and soon they started performing magic. Their famous act’s include “The Interlude” where a woman crawls through a man’s chest and they were the first ones to perform it also they won a place in “Guinness Book of world records” for this illusion. Also more of their acts include, “Clearly impossible”, which was designed by Jonathan where a transparent box was fit to show the body of Charlotte from head to toe where he cut her into half. Also in a show they made 25 show girls vanish and then again reappear in front of live audience.

9. Dante ( From 1883- 1995)

Dante ( From 1883- 1995)

He was the very early magician when his talents were known to other magicians they took him in their work. After his death, it was said that, there was “end of golden era of magic”, he had that much influence of his magic skills on people. He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark on 3rd October, 1883 and died a mysterious death on 15th June 1995 in North ridge, California, USA although some say the reason was “heart attack”. His real name was “Harry august Jensen”. He used the words, “sim sala bim” whenever he did performances of magic to add fantasy to the shows later this saying was copied by many illusionists and magicians. He toured the world performing with a pack of 24 to 35 artists with him. He was well known as “Dante the magician” and was the greatest magician in the world at his time.

8. Harry Blackstone Sr. ( From 1885- 1965)

Harry Blackstone Sr. ( From 1885- 1965)

Mr. Harry Blackstone born on 27th September, 1885 in Chicago was the one to design most famous and world renowned techniques and designs of magic like “sawing any person in half”, “making cage vanish”. Some of his famous magic’s at that time were, “garden of flowers”, were he filled the stage with countless bouquets of flowers appearing from nowhere, also one more famous trick that he created was “the floating bulb”, where the bulb was been lighted and then he would make it roam around the whole theater above the heads of audience and the children’s enjoyed his performances. He was also known as “The Great Blackstone”.

7. Cyril Takayama ( From 1973 till present)

Cyril Takayama ( From 1973 till present)

He was born on 27th September, 1973, in Hollywood, California. But well known in Japan for his magical performances, though he has gained a wide popularity trough websites, videos and YouTube. In fact he is the one magician to get so much publicity on cyber. Some of his Magic tricks include, Hamburger in the menu, making his head fall off his shoulders, Card through window, which he invented himself. He was inspired by a magic show in LA where a woman was cut into half. Also he started his magic career at the age of 12, by entering in junior program at magic castle in Hollywood.

6. Penn and Teller (Penn: From 1955 & Teller: From 1948)

Penn and Teller (Penn From 1955 and Teller From 1948)

“Penn Fraser Jillette & Raymond Joseph Teller” also famous as a duo, in the world of magic is a very fantastic pair, who has properly fed the people with delicacy of comedy plus magic. Penn and teller both have performed some dangerous magic tricks but that too in humorous way which include, hanging over cushion of spikes with straitjacket, submerging in a huge container, etc. Also both have made many T.V shows and performed in many, written books, etc. Both are known mostly for their comedy careers.

5. David Blaine ( From 1973 till present)

David Blaine ( From 1973 till present)

David. Blain. White, an entertaining and world famous magician was born on 4th April, 1973 in Brooklyn, New York. He was inspired by a street performer, and was raised by his single mother who passed away in 1994 because of cancer when David was 21. From then onwards he started taking more efforts in his magic career. He sent his tape of performance to a show “ABC”, from where he got famous and soon his show “David Blaine: street magic” and then “David Blaine: magic man” got huge response. His some of the world famous stunts include, “Frozen in time”, where he was been frozen in block of ice for 72 hours, the other stunt “vertigo” where he stood on 100 foot pillar for 35 hours, In “Above the below”, it was world T.V coverage where he was suspended in glass box by River Thames for 44 days without food and many more.

4. ‘Magic Babe’ Ning ( From 1982 till present)

‘Magic Babe’ Ning ( From 1982 till present)

She is the one also rewarded as the “South East Asia’s First Professional Female Magician” by all main newspaper’s and magazines. She is been inspired by “David Copperfield” by watching his shows when she was 5 years old.  Ning doesn’t like that the females are made to perform in magic acts by giving submissive roles to the male’s performing magic acts, which makes her enthusiastic towards her work. Now she performs with J C Sum in their illusion show across Asia. Ning performed South East Asia’s first ever mega escape called “The Impalement cage” on 5 July 2008, where she escaped from the handcuffs, locks, shackles and chains to free herself from a steel cage with a bed of 13 stainless steel spikes, timed to crash down on her in 90 seconds, also here she was blind folded and all this was done in live show in front of audience on large number. Also a show “The Impossible Journey” was staged by her were 3 people’s were shifted across the river in front of all people. The most famous one includes “The Impossible record” where on 27 June 2009; Ning & J C set a new world record with their performance of 15 grand illusions performed in 5 minutes.

3. Criss Angel ( From 1967- present)

Criss Angel ( From 1967- present)

Criss Angel was born on December 19, 1967 in East Meadow, New York. His real name is “Christopher. Nicholas. Sarantakos”. Many of you must be expecting Criss angel’s name on the first position but no he has acquired 3rd position on my list. You can say he is the most admired and famous magician of 21st century. His television show, “Criss Angel: Mind freak” has got much popularity among today’s youths. He decided magic as his career after attending college. Some of his awesome magic’s include, floating between two buildings, making a Lamborghini to disappear, surviving in an exploding C4 Crate, cutting himself in half in full view of an audience and getting run over by a steamroller while lying on a bed of broken glass. However he was injured in one of his stunts during shooting of 3rd season but soon was recovered.

2. David Copperfield  (From 1956- present)

David Copperfield  (From 1956- present)

“David. Seth. Kotkin” with stage name as “David Copperfield”, was a very famous and wealthy personality as a magician, T.V personality and also an illusionist. He was born on 16th September, 1956 in Metuchen, New Jersey. He started his magic career when he was 12 years old, when he got admission in society of American magicians not only this at the age of 16 he was teaching a magic course at New York University. He has been awarded with 21 Emmy Awards & also been names as “Magician of century” and “magician of millennium”. Some of his incredible magic’s from his career include, “Walking through the great wall of china”, making the statue of liberty get vanished, Escaping from a flaming raft on Niagara waterfalls, death saw and many more. He owns “International Museum and Library of the Conjuring Arts in LA, Nevada, which is specially founded by him to preserve different arts and magic works.

1. Harry Houdini (From 1874 – 1926)

Harry Houdini ( From 1874- 1926)

Harry. Houdini, a magician also well-known as “escape artist” was born on 24th march, 1874 in Budapest, Hungary. He has been very famous and the modern day magicians are all known after his name like “modern day Houdini”. His real name was “Erich Weiss”. His one of the most famous magic’s included escaping from lockup’s and the most famous act of “Chinese water cell”.  He used to challenge the cop’s to put him in shackles and lockup in jails this included local police and he would be escaped by his magic. These shows of him soon became huge sensation and he became highest paid in America. Also his magic’s included escaping from Water filled tanks and sealed milk cans. Meanwhile he was also known as the “Handcuff King”. He would free himself from handcuffs, straitjackets, ropes, jails etc. Although, he cleared that he didn’t have any supernatural powers but some simple techniques to be followed, some of them are revealed in his book called, “The Handcuffs secret” 1909. Some of his most remarkable stunts included, “Mirror challenge”, “overboard box escape” & “Buried alive” stunt.


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    Great list but I would also like to mention another couple great & famous magicians that didn’t make this list. Lance Burton – one of the greatest stage magicians of all time. Derren Brown & Banachek – two amazing mentalists.

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