Top 10 Best Shampoos for Women

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Our hair is an important part of our appearance and keeping it well groomed has always been a priority. Having said that, picking the right kind of a shampoo to suit our needs is an uphill task, given that we all have different hair types and our hair requires different things. Picking the right shampoo has always been a trial and error method, has it not? We’re constantly depending on references made by friends, advertisements, and the pharmacist’s advice and so on. It’s understandable to take all the effort and go the extra mile to keep our tresses happy; after all, they mean so much to us. After much consideration and research (and personal experiences) here comes a list of ten shampoos that are sure to not leave you disappointed again. However, do keep in mind that shampoos are very much a subjective matter, so you may like some and some you may dislike.

10. L’oreal Paris

loreal shampoo

L’oreal is one name that has really established itself in the cosmetic market and perhaps in the shampoo market too. It is kind of heavy on the pocket, however it is expected of it as the company that produces it is elitist. The shampoo is pretty effective as it can soften easily, hair that is made harsh by the environment and by callous hair-care. It also strengthens the hair from the roots and really cuts down hair loss, which is a major problem faced by many today. However the problem with the shampoo is that it sort of leaves the problems of dry scalp untreated, and that can prove to be a major disadvantage if you’re looking for something that can seriously sort you out. However, if your hair needs a boost on its quality, just rely on L’oreal to weigh heavy on your pockets but return you a favour by making your tresses shine like gold.

9. Head and Shoulders

Head and shoulders

One of the most effective shampoos in the area that it specializes in, Head and Shoulders is the shampoo that you are looking for if dry scalp and the resultant dandruff are your bone of contention. It is absolutely unacceptable to have flakes of your dry scalp falling off on your shoulder when you plan to don that black business suit for the meeting next week. Dandruff is the result of stress, and dandruff can cause damage to your skin. You have to get rid of dandruff and not let the problem aggravate further. Head and Shoulders is literally the answer to your problem. It is a strong shampoo and it is indeed very effective. It works its way through and cleanses your scalp visibly from the very first wash, leaving your hair effectively dandruff free. Continued usage will lead your hair to be completely rid of dandruff. The shampoo is a pretty strong one, with a quantity of chemicals enough to ensure your hair is rid of problems, however many find the shampoo a bit too harsh and it may also result in dryness in some cases. So, the advice is obviously that you try it for a week, and if it suits your hair type and it rids you of your dandruff, you know you’re good to go.

8. Sunsilk


Sunsilk has been around in the shampoo market for a while and it has captured a sizeable number of consumers. In the past decade alone, Sunsilk revolutionized their products by tying up with professional hair-stylists and hair-experts and creating different products for different hair types. This means that you’re going to have to identify your hair type and then go for the shampoo that has been custom made for your hair type. Personally, I had the opportunity to once try Sunsilk Thermashine and it was a pretty good experience. It worked to boost the volume of my hair and my hair did feel way smoother than earlier, but the problem I faced with the shampoo was that it kind of left my curly tresses feeling a bit too tangled. However, you should really just pick yourself a sachet of Sunsilk and give its products a try and decide for yourself if you should pick an entire bottle or not.

7. Clinic Plus

Clinic Plus

Clinic Plus may not be the ideal glamorous shampoo, but it’s one that delivers. It can sort out your hair problems, especially if you have really dense hair that is prone to head lice and dandruff. It works for the kind of hair that needs to be treated, and not just quality treatment, but also a treatment from the very scalp. This is for those school going girls whose hair are so easily prone to damage and infestation by lice. Clinic Plus is the shampoo that really works from the foundation level to solve your hair problems and leave you with problem free voluminous hair. Just like you’ve always dreamed.


6. Herbal Essences

Herbal Essences

Shampoos usually contain a lot of chemicals that aren’t exactly good for you in the long run. Chemicals essentially cause more damage than good and it’s always best to resort to something that doesn’t pack in too many chemicals, you always want something that can strike the right chord of balance. In this regard, Herbal Essences works so well. They have the widest range of shampoos, each specifically designed for a particular hair type. I happen to have curly locks and I am myself very faithful to their shampoo that is specially made for curls. If you have unruly curly here, I direct you to Herbal Essences. The shampoo and the conditioner can really get your hair to behave. Their range of shampoos and conditioners is a must try, and hopefully, you will have found the perfect mate for your hair.

5. Dove

Dove Shampoo

Dove manages to capture your attention with very captivating and real advertisement campaigns. Their most recent advertisement on self-perception and beauty really did a lot of us thinking, and questioning how we perceive ourselves. Well, their selling point is one that natural beauty is real beauty, and we are more beautiful than we think we are. Their hair products too, work on the same foundation as their other line of products. Their product does not seek to change your hair; it really does want you to keep your hair as it is, wearing it as naturally, but only more confidently. Their range of shampoos just seeks to make your hair smoother and shinier, therefore handing you that bit of extra confidence you need when you’re ready to step out. Dove’s shampoos are not harsh in any way and the chemical used are in fact restricted to minimum therefore making it the best option as an everyday shampoo. However, if your hair is really damaged and needs a lot of repair, Dove alone may not be able to help. I’d ideally recommend Dove to all those who need a shampoo to use every day and they need to add to their hair that extra smoothness and shine.

4. Tresemme


Keratin based shampoos are the solution to deep rooted hair problems that are to do with bad maintenance of the hair or high exposure to elements that may cause degradation of your hair. Tresemme is of one of the few really good Keratin based shampoos that are available currently in the Indian market. The shampoo will ensure that you won’t end up coughing up large sums of money in a salon hair therapy, which is much needed for your hair, by the way. Hair loss, roughness, dry hair, split ends should not be on your list of worries, because if they are it only means that your hair is in really bad shape and you need to do something about it as soon as possible. Tresemme, being a keratin based shampoo basically just supplies your hair with the much needed proteins, thereby reducing your hair problems by a significant amount. It’s one of those few shampoos that work brilliantly on most hair types, but as always, there is an exception. So make it a point to find out if the shampoo suits your hair and your needs before you spend a lot on one.

3. Pantene

Pantene Pro V

Pantene Pro Vitamin is one of the better Vitamin induced shampoos in the market and it really does improve the volume of your hair. Pantene’s products generally work wonders on the ends of your hair, which we all usually tend to neglect. They have different products that work on different problem areas, and well, you again have to undertake the task of identifying your hair type and then going for the shampoo that is right for your hair. The shampoo promises to thoroughly cleanse and strengthen your hair, and since it has been in the market for a long time, one can only hope that it delivers what it promises too. In India atleast, you have famous celebrity actors vouching for the effectiveness of the product. However, all that remains to be seen by you. As for me, it is a pretty good product and I’d recommend it to all those with problems to do with volume.

 2. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo

Think this is absurd? Well, I’m sorry you think so because the baby hair shampoo is an increasing favourites among a large section of the society that is getting increasingly tired of the chemical laced shampoos that fail to deliver visible results. Many of us, including myself, have suffered over years with your multitudes of hair problems that don’t seem to disappear even with changing shampoos. Having curly, unruly hair is difficult, and it’s all the more difficult when my texture gets messed up and rough. Johnson’s baby shampoo has been my go to for over three years now, really improving the quality of my hair with the least amount of chemicals possible. It is necessary to alternate between complex chemical laden shampoos and this innocent hair care product that has been designed for baby hair. Our hair is delicate, and it’s necessary to treat our delicate hair with something that was created keeping the word delicate in mind. If you’re still in shock, I suggest you stop being in shock and start being proactive instead. If nobody else can solve your hair problems, a baby shampoo probably can.

1. Matrix Biolage

Matrix Biolage

Matrix has a pretty fine range of shampoos that have been considerably effective, but this shampoo is most popular with how lovely it can leave your hair smelling. If you’re someone who has to travel a lot leading your scalp to sweat and as a result emit some foul smell, you should really try Matrix. It has a really nice smell that it leaves your hair with. It’s a shampoo that’s meant to repair the damage that is caused to the texture of your hair by pollution and dust. It essentially works to improve that texture and help strengthen and improve the quality of your hair. Instead of spending on really pricey hair treatments, you should really invest in this shampoo because it can change the feel of your hair in a couple of weeks and help you curb that hair loss problem that is so common these days.


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