Top 10 Best Sports Related Movies

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Movies are something that almost everyone loves to watch. May it be a comedy, a romance, a horror. It engages us for 3 hours that it lasts and leaves us feeling happy or sad or sometimes frustrated that we spent so much money on such a bad movie. Movies are a great way to spread a message across a large number of people because people will come and watch movies even if it is out of plain boredom. The various genres of movies that are available make sure that there are movies for each and every one of us. We all have at least one movie that we connect to the best and which we can any number of times. For girls this usually lies in the genre of romantic or romantic-comedy movies. For long it was thought that as a parallel for girl’s rom-coms, the boys have horror movies. But this was proved wrong when another, more significant genre of movies became known. This genre is none other than sports movies. These sports movies are made with the central idea and focus on a sport and the story is based around this one sport. These movies are very high on morals and they talk about how one must never give up and how winning is not everything. The movies which have been made under this genre are very well-received and have made a huge impact on a lot of people’s lives. So let us go through the list of top 10 sports related movies ever made.

10. The Blind Side

blind side

The Blind Side is a true awe-spiring story of Baltimore Raven’s offensive left tackle Michael Oher. Michael is a poor, homeless teenager whose mom is a drug-addict and his dad is never there. Leigh Anne Tuohy is a mom of one of the boys in Michael’s school. She finds him sleeping on the bench outside school one night, in the rains, and decides to take him home. She soon grows very attached to the boy. She helps him with his studies, and she enrolls him into the school’s baseball team. Michael shines in the baseball team. Soon, he gets offers from 3 universities for further education and he chooses the university which Leigh Anne and her husband Sean had attended. This sparks off controversies saying that they used him for the benefit for their university. But he wins a match for them and proves that he is the one who made that decision and goes to study and play for that university. This movie has beautiful rags to riches story of a humble man who went on to achieve great things, making it one of the most loved sports film.

9. Seabiscuit


Seabiscuit is an American Biopic on a horse named Seabiscuit whose surprising win at the derby made him a legend in America. It is a true story set in the time of the Great Depression, and Charles Howard has a tragic incidences in his life. With his wife by his side, he goes into horse racing and gets a weak, undersized and overlooked horse Seabiscuit for the race. Seabiscuit limps due to an injury. But with training, Seabiscuit has a great winning streak. This was a very important movie as in the Great Depression, everyone wanted a hero and many people got it in the life and ways of Seabiscuit.

8. Rudy


Rudy is the story of a young boy, Rudy Ruettiger who has always dreamed of going to the Notre Dame University and playing on the Fighting Irish football team. But he cannot afford to go there as his father is poor man. With the help of a priest, he gets into a nearby Holy Cross and the next year, goes to Notre Dame by transferring after getting good grades. In the university he studies very hard and works extremely hard into the football team. Just as he is about to reach his goal, the coach changes, crushing Rudy’s dream. The journey from there onward is what the movie is all about.

7. Remember The Titans

remember the titans

Also based on a true story like most sports movies, Remember The Titans takes place in 1971 in a Virginia High School. Coach Boone has just been appointed as the coach of the football team. He faces a lot of problems because of his skin colour. The white kids in the football team won’t play under a black coach, the assistant coach won’t be of any help, and this creates a rift between the white and black kids in the team. The coach sends all of them to a 2 week training camp where he hopes they will bond. Things only get worse. After a moving speech from the coach, the team unites and goes on to win the football league. This movie is a brilliant example of team effort.

6. Green Street Hooligans

green street hooligans

Not all sports movies are about the good things to be learnt from sports. Green Street Hooligans is a British movie about football and the hooliganism that comes with it. Matt Buckner comes to England from the US to stay at his cousin’s house and is introduced to football, especially West Ham United. He gets involved in the post match rows and is tested for his loyalty to the club. This leads to violence after an important match, changing everyone’s life forever. This movie shows us how real hooliganism can get when your devotion over a sports team takes over your life.

5. Rocky


Everyone has seen or at least heard the name Rocky Balboa. Rocky is a small time boxer who mostly works for a loan shark. He is disregarded and is called a bum by everyone. He works day in and day out and earns hardly any money and his life seems to be going nowhere. When the world heavy-weight champion Apollo Creed randomly announces Rocky’s name for a title fight, Rocky gets a chance to prove that he is not worthless. He works hard and fights for his self-respect.

4. Brian’s Song


Gayle Sayers is a young boy who has come to play as a runner back in the Chicago Bears. He is befriended by another boy named Brian Piccolo. Ther friendship hits off with a rough patch as they are both competing for the same position on the team and there are a lot of problems as Brian is white and Gayle is black. Brian is an over-achieving person and often lets this get in between his proper judgement. Brian and Gayle become roommates and inspite of a lot of hurdles, become really good friends. Their friendship strengthens when Gayle is badly injured and Brain helps him with his injury. They discover that Brain has cancer and both them, and their respective wives have to deal with his cancer. The movie revolves around how the sport has helped built and break many strong friendships.

3. Million Dollar Baby


Maggie is a 31 year old waitress at a diner. Frankie is a boxing gym owner. Maggie decides to pursue her age old dream becoming a boxer. Frankie has trained many great boxers, but he hasn’t taken any to the title bout. When Maggie approaches him, he is reluctant to take in a woman boxer but he does. She is a natural and wins a lot until one day she injures herself and become a quadriplegic. She urges him to help her die, but he doesn’t and eventually disappears. This movie is all about hard-work and sentiments that are involved in a sport.

2. Hoosiers


Hoosiers is inspired by the true story of the 1954 Milan High School basketball team that won the Indiana State Championship. Milan was a very small high school in a rural, southern Indiana town. This is the story about how the team goes on to win the state championship despite the various problems faced by the team like having only seven members on the squad because of the guidance of the coach Norman Dale. His motivational speeches help the team gets all its loose ends tied and they win every game after almost facing elimination. Norman Dale’s motivational speeches in the movie are still remembered and are used very often in real life.

1. Raging Bull


Jake LaMotta is a champion of the boxing ring. When he comes in the ring, you just know he is the winner. But the only problem is that he treats his interpersonal relations with family and friends as opponents too. He is inherently a caring and a loving person but he doesn’t know to express his love well enough.  He is paranoid, insecure and jealous. This kind of rage helped make him a champ, but in real life,he is left alone without any love. This movie is an Oscar winner for it’s portrayal of realistic emotions and depth in the story line.


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