Top 10 Best Stand Up Comedians in India

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Laughter is the medicine that can let us forget all our worries and fears. Smile can improve the state of mind and let us go away from all our tensions. But these days people find it very hard to laugh and have a good relaxing session. There are many advantages of being happy and cheerful. Giggling and laughing can bring you contentment, pleasure and gladness. Currently, Comical TV programs serve the purpose. One person can surely relax while watching these shows. They are one of the main sources of laughter, enjoyment and delight. These comedians let you chill out and to have a break from the routine life. So people should take out time from their hectic lives, to watch the performance of these standup comedians. So below is the list of the best standup comedians in the country that make us laugh and giggle.


10) VIP:


A very talented man that is amongst the top ten standup comedians is V.I.P. His full name is ‘Vijay Ishwarlal Pawar’. He along with his partner Juhi achieved the 1st prize in the TV comical competition –‘Comedy Circus’ during the year of 2008. He is very much cherished for his exceptional humor timming and he possesses mastery in comedy and amusement. He very well knows how to amuse and entertain the watchers. He was lately observed in Hindi film-‘Bol Bachchan’ in the year 2012. He is too famous and eminent for his impersonation and impression.


9) Saloni Daini:


The very much treasured and adored ‘Gangubai’ of india, Saloni Daini is another one in the list. Gangubai has taken away many hearts. The freshest one among all the standup comedians is Saloni Daini but still she is not behind of any. She has proven that kids can do anything. She has come from Pune. She has been performing from the time when she was just 3 years old. She has participated in many comedy shows such as ‘Chothe Miyan’. By watching this lively and bouncy little girl performs, one can be easily carried away. She has been watched acting in the films too.


8) Ahsaan Qureshi:


A very renowned standup comedian of India, Ahsaan Qureshi has got the eighth position in the list. He has done a fantastic job of making people laugh and giggle. His birth place is Seoni which is in the state of Madhya Pradesh. He was one of the finalists in a very famous and enjoyed television program-‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ during the year of 2005. He was also seen performing roles in the films like ’Bombay to Goa’. His sense of humor is extraordinary and exceptional. His most of the witticisms involved political affairs and the societal subjects and matters. The kind of humor and wit that he brings out earned him respect and love from the people all around the country.


7) Sunil Pal:


The champ of ‘The great Indian Laughter Challenge’ in the year of 2005 was Sunil Pal and he has got 7th spot in the list. A comical movie ‘Bhavnao Ko Samjho’ where Sunil Pal performed as a director as well as a writer. Since the childhood he was very much interested in the comedy stuff and during those days he was in practice to copy his masters. He received so much of love and positive reception because of his ability to simulate many Bollywood actors. Presently he is also seen playing little characters in the Hindi films and there are total of 7 such movies in which he has been already watched performing.


6) Krushna Abhishek:


Krushna is a very popular personality in the country and is next in this list. He is a very renowned performer, an artist and his birth place is Mumbai. He has played characters in many movies and is a well-known comedian. The Indian Cinema star Govinda is related to him, he is Krushna’s maternal uncle. Even after performing in many films he got the main recognition and fame as a comedian. He was very much appreciated and liked by the watchers when he was team up with Sudesh on the television comedy programs. The television celebrity Kashmira Shah is his wife. He also participated in many dance reality programs on television and earned a lot of fame and eminence.


5) Bharti Singh:


Bharti a very famous comedian and very much admired by the audience got the next position. The list would have been incomplete without including this bubbly and vivacious performer. Amritsar in Punjab is her hometown and she has been watched performing in many movies now a days. She is the ideal of amusement world. She always astounds and amazes the viewers with her comic control and mastery.  She was also one of the finalists in the season four of –‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’.  She got the recognition in the country as ‘lalli’ the infant role that she performs. She also received many awards for out casting her talent to the whole country.


4) Kapil Sharma:


Another extraordinary comedian who has managed to occupy the 4th position in this list is Kapil Sharma. He has come from Amritsar and is very fine actor too. The champ of -‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ was Kapil Sharma during its third season. He also won many other comical TV shows and properly exhibited his talent and is a quite prominent competitor. From these comical TV programs, he began his profession. He also received the opportunity to present a program –‘Chote Miyan’ on colors channel and many other TV programs too along with Award ceremonies. It is also been heard that he is going to act some character in many forthcoming movies too.  He also produced a television program-‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’.


3) Shakeel Siddiqui:


Shakeel belongs from Pakistan and is a brilliant standup comic and is next in this list. His funniness and hilarity reached indian hearts when he participated in a TV show ‘comedy circus’ and because of his popularity he was also assigned as a compere in the same show. Because of his fame and admiration he was also invited as a guest reviewer in many TV programs. He is famous as ‘teeli’ in his own country. Now a day he is presented on many channels in his country to spread hilarity and amusement all over the country.


2) Sudesh Lehri:


Sudesh is another personality who has received huge success as a comedian and is very much loved by the audience and he is the next one who has captured the 2nd position in this list. He is from Amritsar in Punjab. He is a multitalented personality who has played many roles in movies too like ‘Ready’. He took the first step in his profession with the film ‘Wagah’. His fame and recognition touched the heights when he was paired up with krushna in a very prevalent comic TV program-‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’. He was also among the topmost qualifier in one of its season. Currently he has participated in a program ‘Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe’. No one can get away from his charm and magic. He is very talented in his work and hence very much adored by the people.


1) Raju Srivastava :


Raju Srivastava has earned a great reputation and recognition in the country as a brilliant comedian who makes the watchers giggle and chuckle with his comicality and he is the first one in this list. He is so much appreciated because of his lovely comic control and the way he describes the everyday incidents with a lot of humor and fun. His birth place is Kanpur. Since the infanthood he aspired to become a comic. He was in habit to impersonate his masters in the course of his school times. Moreover he did some minor character in many movies of Indian cinema. He was also rewarded as the runner up in the very popular comic show ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’. And hence, he is one of the greatest standup comedians in India.


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